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Checkout Pages


You can add a specific product(s) to your checkout page to create a product-specific checkout form.

But if you want to create a global checkout then you do not have to add a product. You can set it up without adding a product.

Use the products tab to add specific product(s) to your checkout page.

You can do one of the following:

  • Let users buy one of the added products
  • Choose multiple items on the checkout page
  • Buy all products (Mandatory)

So you have to add product(s) only in case of product-specific checkout pages or what we also call order forms.

You can give your users the option to:

  • Adjust the number of items
  • Delete an item & recover an accidentally deleted item on the checkout

This makes your cart page redundant, hence reducing one extra step in the process.

Feel free to direct traffic to these product-specific pages for direct conversions. Every order page has a unique URL.

There are different templates under Customizer, Elementor, and Custom tab to create order forms.

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