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Creating a Global Checkout Funnel

If you are creating a funnel for your storefront, you need a global checkout funnel.

A Global Checkout is the standard checkout that users see after they add items to the cart and proceed to the checkout

You can maximize your average order value by adding order bumps and one-click upsells to this funnel. 

In this doc, let’s learn how to create a global checkout funnel.

Step 1: Add new funnel

Click on add new button to start the process.

Add new funnel

Enter the name of your funnel.

Once done, click on Add.

Step 2: Choose build from scratch

In order to create a global checkout, you need to create your custom flow. Click on the Start from Scratch template:

Pick the funnel types, page builder and template of your choice

Step 3: Add a new step

As a new funnel builder opens, you’ll notice that it doesn’t have any default pages added to it.

 Click on Add New Step to add a page to the funnel.

Add new step on your funnel

From the options provided, select the Checkout page to create a global checkout page.

Add checkout step on the funnel

Step 4: Name the checkout page

A popup box will appear, asking you to name the page. Name the funnel as you wish and hit Add to get started.

Name your checkout page

This is how it will look:

Checkout page step created

Step 5: Add thank you page

Similar to the previous step, create a thank you page for this global checkout funnel as well. This will be shown after a customer places the order and makes the payment.

Add a new step to add a thank you page to the funnel.

Select Thank you page from the steps options this time.

Thank you page funnel step

Name the page as you want and hit Add to add the page to your global checkout funnel.

This is how the pages would look like in the funnel builder:

Step 6: Select a checkout page template

Now that the pages have been added to the funnel, let's customize the said pages to fit your brand.

To create the global checkout page, first, click on the pencil icon to begin editing the page.

Edit the checkout step

WooFunnels deeply integrates with Elementor and Divi. You may use your favorite page builder with the Custom options.

Choose the template you like, and import it with one-click.

Checkout page templates

After importing, click on Edit to begin editing the page in Elementor.

Edit the checkout page template

Tap the green Update button to apply the changes made to the page.

Step 7: Customize Thank You Page

After you’re happy with the checkout page, click on the funnel name from the breadcrumbs on top of the page, to go back to the main funnel builder page.

Design the thank you page to match the checkout page.

To begin, first, you need to click on the pencil icon next to the page name.

Edit the thank you step

Select a template you like in Elementor, or build from scratch, or use any other page builder you like in Custom.

Thank you page templates available

And that's it! Your thank you page is ready.

Step 8: Mark it as a Global Checkout 

When you’re done customizing the pages to fit your requirements and brand image, you can apply your newly created checkout page as the Global checkout page.

First, you need to go to the global funnel settings.

Select the checkout option to search and choose your checkout page to override the default WooCommerce Checkout Page.

Override default checkout page

Select the page from the drop-down click on Save Settings to apply this checkout page globally to your funnels.

And you’re done!

You can test that it's working as expected by adding any product to the cart and proceeding to the checkout.

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