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Thank you for your purchase. Congrats on getting the Funnel Builder for your business.

So let's quickly look at what you get with your purchase:

  1. Funnel Builder (Core plugin)
  2. Funnel Builder Pro

How to install the Funnel Builder on WordPress

You need to install the zip files of Funnel Builder for the product license you purchased.

For instance, if you've purchased the Funnel Builder Starter plan, then you need to install the products in the following order:

  • WooFunnels Funnel Builder
  • WooFunnels Funnel Builder Pro

You'll be able to download the zip files of the plugins from your WooFunnels account.

Follow the step-by-step process to install the WooFunnels Funnel Builder:

Step 1: Download the plugin files from your account

Go to your account and you'll see the following two files:

  • Funnel Builder
  • Funnel Builder Pro

Download both the files. The files will get downloaded on your system in a (.zip) format.

Step 2: Set up WooFunnels Funnel Builder on your website

Install the WooFunnels Funnel Builder (base plugin) on your WordPress website.

Go to the WordPress menu and click on Plugins → Add New.

Upload the plugin here and click on Install Now.

Once it gets installed, click on Activate Plugin to allow it to run on your website.

You have successfully installed the Funnel Builder base plugin!

Step 3: Install the Funnel Builder Pro plugin

Follow the same method and upload the Funnel Builder Pro plugin file you downloaded in Step 1.

Once you're done with the installation part, you'll be able to see both the plugins here:

Install the Funnel Builder Pro plugin

Let's now look at how to activate the license.

Activating the License

Activate the license for the Funnel Builder Pro.

Step 1: Go to your WooFunnels account and copy the activation code

Step 2: Paste the Activation Code and Activate

Go to WooFunnels ⇨ Settings and activate all the keys.

Once done, click on the Save Changes button.

That's it! You can start using WooFunnels now.

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