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Add OrderBumps to Checkouts

An order bump is a relevant offer presented to the user on the checkout page. It is perfectly aligned with the main order and maximizes the value of the purchase. 

After adding the checkout page, you’ll see the option to add a bump. 

Step #1: Click on +Bump

On the steps bar of the global checkout funnel that you’ve created, you’ll see the option to add a bump to the checkout. 

Select it and add a title to your order bump. 

Step #2: Click on "Edit" to add a product to the order bump 

The next step is to add an item to the order bump. For this, click on the pencil icon next to the order bump. 

Here you will see the ‘Add product’ option. Click on it and choose the right item from the drop down. 

That’s it, the product has been added to the order bump. 

Step #3 Add a discount to the product

You can add a discount amount to the item and even increase the quantity to create a lucrative deal on the checkout page. 

Step #3: Click on the Design tab to choose the OrderBump skin and add content

Go to the design tab to configure the design of the order bump. You can customize the skin, content and style of the bump element. 

To learn more about the Design tab, click here to read more

Step #4: Configure the rules (optional)

If you want the order bump to be shown to users who have a specific product in their cart, a certain cart total, items category and more - you can do that from the rules tab. 

To learn more about Order Bumps and all the features available to you, click here.

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