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Create Your First Funnel with Built-In Templates

A sales funnel starts with the landing page or the sales page. The goal of the sales page is to convince users to click on the button and make payment at checkout.

It makes a strong case for the product. With testimonials, images of the product, video, guarantee, it gives users all the information they need to convert in one place.

Let's learn how you can create a new funnel with built-in templates:

Step 1: Add a new funnel

Go to WooFunnels ⇨ Funnels and you will see the option to 'Add New'.

Add a new funnel

Enter the name of this funnel.

Name your funnel

Once done, click on Add.

Step 2: Select the funnel type to see templates

Select 'Sales Funnels' from the two options, i.e., sales and opt-in. This will sort the list of templates by the funnel type you choose.

Take a look:

Sales funnel templates and page builders to choose

Pick any template that you like to customize.

Step 3: Import a template in Elementor

Click on import to import a template that you like.

For every template stack, we have sales, checkout and one-click upsell pages.

To import a template just hit import and the process will start:

Import the presenter template

Step 4: View all the steps involved in your funnel

Once you have imported your template, you'll see all the pages in the funnel listed one below the other.

You can click on a step in the list below and edit it:

View all the steps involved in your funnel

The landing, checkout, upsell, and thank you pages can all be edited in Elementor.

For the order bump, we have a range of skins and styles to choose from. You don't need any external page builder to edit or code it.

Step 5: Add product to the checkout page

Add a product that you want to sell through your sales funnel, in the checkout section.

Once you click on the checkout page step, you will see the option to add a product to your checkout.

Add a product to the checkout page

You can add one or more products, configure discounts and quantities through this very intuitive interface:

Products added to the Checkout page

Navigate back to the funnel page by clicking on the Back button.

Step 6: Add an order bump

Now it's time to maximize your average order value with the order bump.

Select the option to add a bump:

Add order bump

After you hit the option to add a bump, you'll see the option add a title to the bump:

Name your order bump

Name your bump and hit Add.

You can also choose to clone a bump. Cloning will help you duplicate an order bump that you created for another sales funnel.

All the attributes of the bump like its appearance, product, discount will get duplicated.

Click on the order bump and you will see the option to add a product to the order bump:

Add a product as order bump

After adding a product to your order bump section, you can customize the design of the section.

We have a range of skins and styles available for you to make the order bump look on brand.

Step 7: Add One-Click upsell offers

You can create a one-click upsell offer tree such that you can decide which offer will be shown if the previous offer is accepted or rejected.

Edit the upsell page

In order for your one-click upsells to get triggered, you must add products.

Add a product as an upsell offer

After adding the product, you can configure discounts, set quantity, and more:

Product added to the upsell

That's it! You're all set to launch your first sales funnel!

Step 8: View your funnel and test it out

That's it. Your funnel is now ready to be viewed.

Click view to preview each of the pages in your sales funnel.

Final preview of your funnel

This is how you can easily create a new funnel with built-in templates!

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