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One Click Upsells


Use the Design tab to build gorgeous upsell pages.

On the left side, you’ll see your offers lined one after the other.

And on the right, you’ll see three tabs - Customizer, Elementor, and Custom Page.

You get a pack of pre-made templates to design your upsell offer pages.

Let’s explore the three tabs one-by-one.


The built-in Customizer lets you build beautiful upsell offer pages without relying on any other page builders.

It’s a very flexible and versatile alternative to the page builders for creating offer pages.

There are many pre-built templates for different needs in the Customizer section - 2 for single-product offers and 2 for multi-product offers.


WooFunnels one-click upsells deeply integrate with Elementor.

Under the Elementor tab, you’ll find a collection of 6 gorgeous templates to build your upsell page - for both single-product and multi-product offers.

These templates are professionally-designed using Elementor and are fully customizable.

Apart from that, you can also choose to build your upsell page from scratch using Elementor.

There are a few widgets in Elementor; we're built to help you create your upsell page and make it look the way you want.

Take a look:

Custom Page

If you don’t want to use the Customizer or Elementor, you can use any third party-page builder to build your upsell pages.

You can then link to that page.

Here are some of the most popular third-party page builders that work WooFunnels flawlessly:

Click here to check the full list of available shortcodes to create custom designs for your upsell pages.

By default, the ‘Product Upsell’ template of the in-built Customizer is applied.

You can always select the one which you like the most and one-click import it.

That's all about the 'Design' tab.

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