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One Click Upsells

Special PayPal Settings & Reference Transactions Requirement


WooFunnels works with standard WooCommerce PayPal Gateway & PayPal Express Checkout.

PayPal Standard

If you are using PayPal Standard please ensure that API Signature Username and Password are added in your standard PayPal gateway.

Go to WooCommerce > Settings > Payments > Paypal to add these details.

API signature username and password


PayPal Express Checkout


**Important Note: ** From Version 1.6.0 onward you can one click upsells without reference transactions. Learn more about it here

How To Enabling PayPal Reference Transactions For One Click Upsells?

What are Reference Transactions?

Reference Transactions allows you to set a Billing Agreement between a merchant and customer at the time of checkout. This Billing Agreement with the customer allows you to charge the customer at a later time.

Why does WooFunnels need Reference Transactions?

To run true "One Click" Upsell, WooFunnels uses Reference Transactions to enable One Click Upsells after checkout. It utilizes a Billing agreement between you and your customer and charges the customer if the offer is accepted.

Can I run upsells if the reference transaction is off in my PayPal account?

Yes! You can run up-sells even if reference transactions are off. The only change in flow that it would need, one additional confirmation from PayPal to process the payment. So it's two-click up-sells. To understand the difference in detail, read this guide.

How easy is it to enable Reference Transactions?

Again there is no official answer.

US Based Merchants

Usually, our US-based customers get access to this feature really easily. All they need is some history of transactions on the PayPal account. Some of our customers US-based customers have got their accounts approved in as fast as two days!

Non-US Based Merchants

For non-US-based countries, PayPal may ask for additional information.

In one case, our India-based customer was asked to fill in these PayPal documents. And only after vetting, their account was approved.

Depending upon your country, you may be asked to fill these documents.

Note: We make no guarantee that your account would be approved.

How to start the process of enabling Reference Transactions?

  1. You can also contact PayPal via email.
  2. Log into your PayPal account.
  3. Go to the Email Contact Form.
  4. Choose topic: My Account.
  5. Choose sub-topic: Changing/Updating Account Information.
  6. Copy and paste the message below, inserting your PayPal email address and name.


Could you please enable Reference Transactions on my PayPal account (email: paypal@example.com)?

I need this feature to sell post purchase upsells or one click upsells via WooCommerce.

Kind regards,

Your Name

7. Wait for a reply.

Note: The process can vary from one country to another but you can speed up process by calling PayPal customer care directly.

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