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How to Import an Opt-In Funnel

The opt-in page is usually the first step in a sales funnel. Use it to gather the email addresses of your customers.

Nurture these leads through emails and convert them into customers.

Now let's see how we can add an Optin funnel.

Step #1: Add a New Funnel

Go to WooFunnels >> Funnels.

Then click on Add New to start building a new funnel.

There are a bunch of pre-built templates that can be imported with a single click, for both a sales funnel and an opt-in funnel.

You can select opt-in from the top for the template to view the Opt-in funnel templates exclusively:

Step #2: Import a Template

Select the template you like and import it with just one click.

Once you import a template, you'll see the following screen:

You can click on the pencil icon to edit the opt-page and thank you page inside of Elementor.

Additionally, you can add a step to the funnel. So say you want to show a sales page after the opt-in page, like a tripwire, you can make that happen here.

WooFunnels is really flexible!

Step #3: Edit the Imported Template

Click on edit to open the template in Elementor and edit it.

Once you hit edit, this template will open up in Elementor allowing you to make the customizations you want.

Step #4: Customize it in Elementor

There are several customization options inside of Elementor. For example, you can customize the headlines, bullets, all the colors, button styling, fonts, and more.

You also get two widgets i.e. Opt-in form and Opt-in Pop-up.

These widgets are for building your opt-in page from scratch. You can drag and drop one of them on a blank page to create your page.

1) Opt-in form widget: With this widget, the opt-in form appears in-line. The user can fill in their details and press the submit button on the same page.

You can drag and drop the form widget on the page. Take a look:

2) Opt-in pop-up widget: When you drag and drop this widget to the workspace, a CTA button gets added. And when the user clicks on the button, a pop-up appears.

They can fill their details in and sign up. It makes your opt-in form a two-step process.

You can edit the text on the progress bar, form field width, the text that appears after submit button is hit - among other things.

That's it! Apart from these two widgets engineered by WooFunnels, there are several widgets that Elementor offers to fully customize your pages.

You can change the colors, font, branding and overall look and feel of the page.

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