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Customizing Form Fields

The opt-in form is where a user signs up for your email list.

You can customize the form fields- Add new fields, edit them, re-arrange, and more.

Let's see how.

Edit the Form

Step #1: Click to Edit

Click on the Optin name or the pencil icon to begin editing.

Step #2: Click on Form

Click on the Form tab on the top of the page to customize the Optin form.

Step #3: Edit the Field

Click on the field you wish to edit. Make the necessary changes and click on Update once done. You can edit, label, placeholder text, and even mark a field as optional or required here.

You can even rearrange the fields' sequence by dragging and dropping the field titles around the page.

Add a New Field

In case you want to add a new field, just click on the 'Add New Field' tab on the bottom right.

Types of Fields

You can add a custom field to your opt-in form. Choose from a checkbox, or a radio button, or even HTML.

Click on Add Field when done.

Delete a Field

Deleting an unwanted field is also pretty easy. Just hover over the field you wish to remove, and click on the red X to delete.

Save Changes

When you're done with the Optin form you've created, click on save changes to store the edits made.

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