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Email Notification

Any customer would want to feel treasured and appreciated, and a welcome email is the first solid step in that very direction.

A Welcome Email is your first non-purchase interaction with the users. So send a welcome to your subscriber with WooFunnels.

Use merge tags to personalize your email by their first name, last name, and phone.

You can get notified on your admin email when a new user signs up or send them the link to the freebie they opted for in these welcome emails.

Set this up by going into the Actions tab.

Click 'yes' on Lead Notification to enable update notifications to be sent to your leads.

Next, enter the subject line and body of the email. You can use merge tags for the first name, last name, and more to personalize your emails.

To check out how the email would finally look, send a test email to yourself before making it live.

Also, enable Admin Notifications to get notified every time a new user signs up for your offer on the opt-in page.

And finally, enter the email address you wish to send these emails from.

Save settings and you're done!

You've just set up your email notifications that would be sent when someone opts into your lead magnet.

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