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Title tab provides you to edit the

  • Title of OrderBump product
  • Description for your product
  • Featured image toggle option to show or hide the image


By default you get a text with acceptance “Yes” {product title} to my order.

This actionable text promots the user to add the product into the cart for a additional purchase.

<span style=’color:#ff0000′>Yes!</span> Add {{product_title}} to my order

you can update the text according to your requirement or promotion.


This section offers you to provide the additional text to describe the feature or benefits to the buyer to add the product into cart.

If you are offering any subscription product, you can add the merge tag to inform subscription summary.

Merge Tag – {{subscription_summary}}

You can also add the <img> to display any extra image inside the textarea.

Featured Image

If you don’t want to display the image of product, you can easily disable the image by toggle option “Featured Image”.

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