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The 'Title' tab lets you edit the:

  • Title of the order bump offer
  • Description of the order bump offer
  • Featured image option to show/hide the product image on the order bump

Let's dive in deep to see how you can set these up one-by-one.

Starting with the title, you'll see the following text on default, when you load this tab for the first time-

Yes! Add {{product_name}} to my order

Take a look:

So, specify the title which you want to display - it totally depends on how you want to promote your bump offer.

You can visually see the changes that you make on the right-hand side under 'Preview'.

Next, craft the description of the order bump offer.

Take a look at how you can craft the description:

Additionally, you can also use merge tags in the description.

For example, if you're selling a subscription product, you can use the {{subscription_summary}} merge tag to show the subscription summary to the prospects.

There are a total of three merge-tags you can choose from:

  • {{subscription_summary}} - to show the subscription summary to prospects (only in case of subscription products)
  • {{quantity_incrementor}} - to let users adjust the quantity of the order bump product
  • {{variation_attribute_html}} - to display the chosen variant of the item (applicable for variable products)

Next, choose if you want to show/hide the product image from the order bump.

Simply hit the 'Featured Image' toggle to do that:

Once you're done, move on to the next sub-tab, i.e., Skin.

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