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Getting Familiar With Interface

The Order Bump module is quite intuitive.

Let's take a look at the interface:

So this is the first interface of Order Bump.

Right at the top, you'll see three tabs - OrderBumps, Settings, and the Reports.

Let's cover them one-by-one.


In the OrderBumps tab, you'll see the bump offers that are already set up in your store.

There are quick links to access different sections within every order bump.

At the top of this page, you'll find three buttons:

Add New: This button lets you add a new order bump. When you click on it you'll be asked to enter the name of your new order bump. And then you'll be able to set up the bump offer.

Import: To import an order bump on the current site.

Export: To export all your order bumps.

You can also activate your order bumps from this page. Simply hit the toggle beside a bump to activate them.

When you hover the cursor on the order bumps, you can see three options:

Duplicate: You can choose to make a copy of an order bump. So when you click on 'Duplicate', everything gets copied from the original order bump - rules, settings, design, and so on.

Export: You can export the selected order bump by clicking on this button.

Delete Permanently: If you no longer want to keep an order bump anymore, you can choose to permanently delete it by hitting this button.

These are the four steps to set up an order bump on your checkout page:

Namely - Design, Rules, Products, and Settings.

We'll discuss this shortly.

Now let's move on to the Settings tab.


This is the global settings section.

Here you get two settings that are related to all your order bumps.

Explore the settings you need to configure here.

The next tab is 'Reports'.


Under this tab, you'll be able to track the performance of your order bumps.

You can track the conversion rates, total order you received through the bumps, the gross revenue, and the number of bumps accepted/rejected in a specific time period.

In fact, it plots a graph to visually show you how the bump offers have performed overall.

Take a look:

That's how you get a detailed report of your order bumps in the backend.

Read more about Order Bump Reporting here.


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