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How to create Order Bump

These steps are designed to give you a quick start in setting up your first Order Bump for any checkout page.

We would cover each step in detail later, but for now focus on only essential settings. The detailed settings in each step will follow in subsequent documentation.

Step 1: Add a New Order Bump 

  1. Click on Add New
  2. Enter Name of the Bump. This is for administrative purposes and is not visible to users.
  3. Press Create and you will be redirected to Order Bump Builder

Step 2:  Add a Rule

There is 1st tab on Order Bump – Rules. This tab allows you to define when Order Bump would be display. To apply an Order Bump on a checkout page must define a rule. When rule matches with the conditions Order Bump displays. If you don’t have any condition and want to display order bump for ALL,  set the rules to “Always” to show order bump without any condition matched.

  1. Click on Add A Rule button middle of the screen on this tab
  2. There are many conditions to run the order bump on checkout page. We will cover all the rules in next section.
  3. By default you will see a condition “Always”. This “Always” option let you run the order bump without any condition of buyer while purchasing anything from store.
  4. Click on Save & Proceed button for now.

Step 3:  Add A Product

  1. Next tab is Product which allows you to select a product which will be the order bump product on buying a product on checkout page.
  2. Type to search the product. Type at least 3 letters to get the product list matching to that letters.
  3. When you find out the desired product, select that and click on Add Product button.
  4. Set discount and quantity if required.
  5. Click on Save Products button and proceed to next step.

Step 4: Select The Design

  1. In design tab there are 3 sub horizontal tabs – Title, Skins, Style
  2. Title – Allows you to update the product title / content and hide image option. Modify if required.
  3. Skins – Order Bump comes in 2 pre-defined skins for bump. By default 1st skin is pre-selected.
  4. Style – On this tab you can alter the styling & formatting of order bump as required.
  5. If you had modified anything, click on Save Design button

Step 5: Settings

The settings tab allows you to re-ordering the Order Bump as your requirement and campaign. Set the priority number to define which Order Bump would be on top. The usage of priority setting we will discuss in next sessions.

So finally, you are ready to explore your first order bump on checkout page. Add any product into cart and check the order bump UI above the Place Order button.





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