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Using Product tab you can add single or multiple products to your Order Bump as a additional offer products to your buyers.

Add A Product

  1. Select a product(s) which will be the order bump product on buying a product on checkout page.
  2. Type to search the products from your store. Type at least 3 letters to get the product list matching to that letters.
  3. When you find out the desired product, select that and click on Add Product.

Set Discount and Quantity

While adding a product for Order Bump, you can define how much discount you want to offer with this product.

This offer will be ONLY applicable when buyer purchasing this as a bump product (not from shop/ category) pages.

The discount can be apply on Regular Price or Sale Price as per your campaign requirement.

At Quantity selector, you can increase the quantity. For example set the quantity 3 and put the text in product name field “Buy Set of 3 shirts”.