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Rules to Trigger the Bump

An Order Bump shows on checkout page when user is willing to purchase a product “A”. At that time before final clicking on Place Order button you can offer them to add a similar product “B” into cart.

Now Rules tab allows you to define when this order bump can be show.

Available Rules

For this Order Bump provides many rule criteria listed below –

  • Cart Item(s)
  • Cart Category(s)
  • Order Total (Subtotal)
  • Cart Item Count
  • Cart Item Type
  • Cart Coupons
  • Cart Shipping Methods
  • Customer
  • Customer User Role
  • Shipping country
  • Billing Country
  • Day
  • Date
  • Time
  • AeroCheckout Page

Conditions to follow

After choose a rule method, in next drop down you will see a condition to be choose according to that rule.

Let’s say, you selected “Order Total (subtotal)” as a rule, you will see another drop-down right to this, allows you to select different conditions ie. “Is equal to” / “Is greater or equal to” etc.

From this drop down select “is greater or equal to” option.

Next to it, you have an input box to enter the value. For example Type “60” as a value.

Click on Save & Proceed button.

Order Bump In Action

This rule setup the order bump to be visible when order total (subtotal) is $60 or more than $60. It doesn’t depends on how many products added into cart. If subtotal reached to this threshold, buyer will see an offer to add order bump into cart like this above the “Place Order” button