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Rules to Trigger the Order Bump

'Rules' is the first tab when you're setting up your order bump offer.

Under this tab, specify the rules when you want to display the order bump.

The rules are conditions which when met - the order bump gets shown on the checkout page.

Here's how you can set rules for your order bump.

Step 1: Go to the Rules tab and click on 'Add Rules'

When you click on the 'Add Rules' button, you'll see a screen to set up the rules.

Step 2: Set up a rule for your order bump

By default, the rule is set to 'Always'.

It means that the order bump will show up on your default WooCommerce checkout page always.

Click on the drop-down to explore a range of rules.

You can use these rules to specify when you'd like to show the order bump.

In fact, you can set up a combination of multiple rules for your bump offer.

For example, say you want to show the bump offer when a prospect arrives at a particular Aero Checkout page and their cart total is more than $x.

Take a look:

Once you're done setting up the rules for your order bump, hit the 'Save & Proceed' button.

There you go!

Now you've set up rules for your order bump.

So the bump offer will show up only when these rules are met.


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