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WordPress Caching Plugins And Hosting Compatibility

UpStroke Caching Behavior

For Upstroke to work properly the offer pages must be excluded from caching.

The caching can be done by:

  • Hosting: Usually managed WordPress hosting such as WP Engine, Cloudways, Kinsta, Flywheel etc cache all pages by default.
  • Caching  Plugin : such as WP-Rocket, W3C Cache etc cache pages

We tell WordPress to send no_cache headers to the browser and declare standard WordPress constants to prevent caching against the plugins who respects these constants.

In any case, you must get Upsell Offer pages excluded from caching.

Learn About URL Structure of Upsell Offer Pages

To exclude, these pages from caching , you must understand URL structure of a typical upsell offer page.

Here is how URL structure looks:


Notice that every page has this parameter wfocu-key appended at the end.

This parameter can be used to tell your caching system  to not exclude URLs which have these keys.


Using Managed WordPress Hosting? Follow these instructions

If you are using a managed WordPress host (such as WP Engine, Cloudways, Kinsta, Flywheel etc.) you would need to generate a support ticket with them.

Here is a support ticket you should generate to your host to exclude Upsell pages from caching.


I am trying to run post purchase upsell offers using Upstroke.

I need to ensure that my Upsell pages are not cached by your hosting.

Our offer pages follow this structure: https://xyz.com/offer/*/?wfocu-key=9d11ae53607915225e76cffa76aca9c5

Each URL has GET parameter wfocu-key. You would have to excluded these pages from cache.



  • Cloudways provide a self serving way to exclude certain pages from cache
  • WP Engine tech support staff can exclude pages from cache. You can contact them via live chat.
  • Flywheel would need a support ticket with above content and they would disable the cache for upsell offer pages.
  • We will continue to update the list whenever we learn different hosts


Using Caching Plugin? Follow these instructions

We pass command  “DONOTCACHEPAGE”  to tell caching plugins to exclude our offer pages.

This should work with most plugins but to be on safer side  you can exclude offer pages from caching using plugin settings.

Each plugin has its own way to, here is the relevant methods for each

WP Rocket

Exclude pages from caching

W3C Cache

  • Go to Performance > Page Cache
  • Scroll to Advanced > Never cache the following pages

You then add the entries as so: /offer/

Note: By default the slug of offer page is set to “offer” but if you change it from Miscellaneous Settings, please use the same slug

WP Super Cache

Once WP Super Cache is activated, go to Settings > WP Super Cache and then click on the Advanced tab. In the Miscellaneous section, this options that should be checked:

Don’t cache pages with GET parameters. (?x=y at the end of a url) – This will ensure that the  offer pages work as expected.

Could not find your plugin listed above? Contact Support and we will help you set it up.


LitSpeed Cache

Go to Settings> Cache and in Drop query string setting add wfocu*