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How to create custom template preset?

In this quick post, you’ll learn how to set up presets for your upsell offer pages.

When you’re creating upsell offers, you sure don’t want to do it for 1-2 products but for several items across the store.

But creating an upsell page for each from scratch is time-consuming and also requires a considerable effort from your end.

We hear you.

If you use the in-built customizer in UpStroke, the preset option can save a lot of your time.

You can create a preset with your logo, brand colors, contact details (if needed), any custom CSS etc. once and then use that preset for all your offer pages.

There couldn’t be a better ROI of your 10 minutes! Let’s learn how to go about it.

Step 1: Click on “customize” button which will redirect you to the customizer section of the selected template.

Step 2: Make desired changes to the predefined template by using customizer options. Click on “Publish” button to save your Preset changes.

Step 3: After making changes, click on paint brush icon to open “Save as New Preset” panel.

Step 4: Set any “Preset Name” and click on “Save” button to create your new custom Preset.

Step 5: After saving Preset, it will be visible in the list from where you can apply Preset to the template by clicking “Apply Preset” button.

Step 6: You can also apply any preset via “Design” tab of your offer page, there you can find Preset which is listed under “Your Saved Presets” heading.

Step 7: You can apply this Preset to your selected template by clicking on “Apply” button.

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