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How to Import an Elementor Page in the UpStroke Funnel

If you’ve already designed your upsell page using Elementor page builder, then you can import that page for your upsell funnels.

Follow these steps:

Step 1: Save your template in the Elementor library

Open the upsell page that you’ve built in Elementor.

Click on the arrow icon next to the ‘Update’ button.

Select the ‘Save as Template’ option.

Next, name your template and hit the ‘Save’ button.

Your template is now saved in the Elementor library.

Step 2: Go to the Design tab in UpStroke

Click on the Elementor tab and choose the ‘Build from Scratch’ option.

Next, click on the ‘Customize’ button to open the page in Elementor.

Step 3: Import the saved template

On the blank Elementor page, click on the ‘Add Template’ icon.

Under the ‘My Templates’ tab, type the name of the template that you saved.

Then hit the ‘Insert’ button to import it on your Elementor page.

You’ll then see a popup.

Click on the ‘Yes’ button.

There you go!

The Elementor template will get imported and it’ll be your upsell page.