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How to import your existing elementor page in UpStroke Funnel

If you had already designed your upsell page using Elementor Page Builder (not using Build from Scretch option), you can still import your custom-designed page for Upsell Funnels.

Follow these instructions given below-

Step 1. Open the template in Elementor page builder which you created separately and Click on the arrow next to “Update button” and select “Save As Template” option.

Provide a suitable name for your template and Click On SAVE Button. The popup windows will show you a list of exported templates.

You can close this popup by confirming your recent saved template exists in this list.

Step 2. Open the Design tab of your upsell funnel and select Elementor blue button.

Choose Build From Scratch “Apply” button.

Step 3. Once you choose this Basic template, it will switch to another screen to use this Blank Template. Now click on Customize Button 

Step 4. This will open a blank customizer page. You are close to importing your existing template.

Click on this folder icon (Add Template)

Step 5.  Now, a popup appearing with all exported templates by you under the My Templates tab.

Select and Insert that one which you exported for this funnel.

Here we go! It’s a simple Export and Import template feature provided by Elementor.

Note – Here are few elements by UpStorke to powerup your custom page.

These are:

  1. Accept Button
  2. Reject Button
  3. Accept Link
  4. Reject Link
  5. Variation Selector
  6. Quantity Selector
  7. Offer Price
  8. Product Image
  9. Product Short Description
  10. Product Title

For Example – When you drag the Accept Button to your design, this will allow the buyer to add the product to their cart.

Similarly, add the Variation Selector if your product contains variants or add quantity selector to provide the option to increase the quantity.

If still having any question, feel free to contact us.