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Create Upsell Pages Using Elementor Page Builder

UpStroke 2.0 now has a deep integration with Elementor.

It allows you to create gorgeous upsell pages using the UpStroke widgets.

To make things easy and to give you a headstart, we’ve got some pre-built Elementor templates.

Let’s look at how to do it step by step.

Step #1: Choose a Pre-Built Elementor Template and Click ‘Import’

When you choose Elementor in the Design section, you’ll see about 6 templates and an option to build a page from scratch: 

Click on ‘Import’ to load any of the templates. Take a look at all the 6 templates available to you:

Step #2: Click ‘Customize’ To Load The Pre-Built Template In Elementor and Edit It

After clicking on import, click on ‘preview’ to see the template in a pop-up  OR click ‘Customize’ to load it into Elementor:

The template will open up with the product you’ve selected in the offer section and it’s all set to be edited:

Step #3: Pick From 10 UpStroke-Powered Widgets In Elementor To Get Intended Results

You’ll notice a bunch of new widgets, these are powered by UpStroke. There are 10 new widgets that you’ll be able to see:

These are:

  1. Accept Button
  2. Reject Button
  3. Accept Link
  4. Reject Link
  5. Variation Selector
  6. Quantity Selector
  7. Offer Price
  8. Product Image
  9. Product Short Description
  10. Product Title

Every UpStroke widget comes with a host of editing options.

For example, in the pricing widget, you can change the typography and colors of the price, the pricing label and also make the prices stacked.

Step #4: Use Shortcodes To Personalize Upsell Pages

You can also add shortcodes to personalize your upsell pages. If you’ll click on the blue link on the left to see available shortcodes, here’s the modal pop-up that’ll open up:

Pick the shortcode and paste it at the right place to personalize your upsell pages.

Here are two examples of the shortcodes:

#1: Show Customer’s first name based on what they input on the checkout page:

#2: Show the savings in percentage and absolute number

Editing in Elementor using UpStroke widgets is simple and intuitive. If you have any questions, get in touch.