Getting Started

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Getting Started

Thank you for purchasing Upstroke.

We are super excited to see you setting up high converting post purchase upsell offers on your WooCommerce store.

Before we start setting up Funnels lets familiarize with few terms we will be using frequently while setting up Upstroke.

Funnel : It’s a sequence of offers you present to your buyer after he has completed his initial purchase.

Offer: Its a limited time  discounted promotional offer  after initial purchase. This one time offer (also called OTO) is presented after checkout page and before thank you page. Buyer can accept or reject the offer.

Offer Type: There are two types of offer : Upsell or Downsell.

Upsell Offer: Upsell Offers are primary offers presented to customer. A buyer can accept or reject this offer.

Downsell Offers: Downsell offers are secondary offers which are presented when a buyer rejects an upsell offer. Usually downsell offers are presented at a lower price.

Example: Here is an example of simple two step funnel post purchase upsell funnel:

Let’s say you sell a bottle of awesome cream at $30.

After checkout you can set up an offer “Buy Pack of 3 at $75”. This offer will be an upsell offer. If buyer accepts the offer, he is directed to thank you page.

If buyer rejects the offer he is redirected to another offer “Buy Pack of 2 at $50”. This is a simple downsell offer.

Got it?

Let’s start installing the plugin.

Video Tutorial

We have got an extensive tutorial for you to understand Upstroke in detail. You can refer to this video tutorial as well.