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Creating First Upsell Funnel

These steps are designed to give you a quick start in setting up your first funnel.

We would cover each step in detail later, but for now focus on only essential settings. The detailed settings in each step will follow in subsequent documentation.

Step 1: Add a New Funnel

  1. Click on Add New
  2. Enter Name and Description to your funnel. This is for administrative purposes and is not visible to users.
  3. Press Create and you will be redirected to Funnel Builder


Step 2:  Set Up Rules

  1. Set up Rules or conditions to trigger the funnel. Funnel will trigger when these rules are matched.
  2. Save the Rules

Step 3: Add a Offer

  1. Click on Offer tab and new modal will open up
  2. Enter Name & Type of offer. The first offer should always be an Upsell
  3. Press Add and this will create a new step on the right

Step 4: Add a Product to Offer

  1. Click on Add A product
  2. Select Product to be added to offer
  3. Enter discount percentage and flat rate shipping charges if any
  4. Press Save
  5. You can keep the default settings for now

Step 5: Customize Design

  1. Click on Product Upsell Template
  2. Press Activate
  3. Press Customize to launch Design Customizer. You can tweak design but get yourself familiar with the interface
  4. Save changes and exit the Customizer

Step 6: Funnel Settings

  1. Review the settings
  2. Switch to Live Mode
  3. Exit Funnel

Step 7: Go to Global Settings

  1. Click on Payment Gateways
  2. Activate Test Gateway (visible only to admin)
  3. Add Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics keys to monitor if purchase Events are fired (optional)

You are all set to run first funnel.

Go to front end and test the funnel and see how offer looks.

Hot Tip: You can configure Rule to trigger Funnels only for Admin User Role. Don’t forget remove this rule once you finish testing the funnel.

Step 8 :  Follow Go Live Checklist

There are certain aspects for funnels to function properly. We have created a go live checklist.
Ensure that all items in this checklist are taken care of.


Done. You Are Ready to Launch Upsell Funnels

Once all steps are followed you are ready to roll out your funnels.  Wish you lots of upsells 🙂


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