Funnel Go Live Checklist

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Funnel Go Live Checklist

Before you make your Funnel live ensure that all the items in below checklist are dealt with.


Ensure that Upsell offer pages are not cached by any plugin or your host.  Caching can obstruct running of funnels smoothly.
Learn more about how to exclude offer pages from caching.


Enable gateways for which Upstroke is compatible.

Go to Upstroke> Global Settings> Gateways to manage them. Don’t forget to turn ON WooFunnels Test Gateway.

Learn more about compatible gateways.


If you are using PayPal we enable to run upsells with our without reference transactions.

Learn more about reference transactions and difference of flow between two methods.


If you are just starting to use UpStroke, it is recommend to enable logging. This helps our team troubleshoot any errors.
You can turn it off at a later stage.

Learn more about how to enable logging for diagnosing issues.

Test Transaction

After making a funnel, do test transactions using WooFunnel Test Gateway. Don’t worry, this gateway is only visible to admin for testing. Your end users won’t see this gateway.

Real Transactions

Before your are ready to go live, do a test transaction of small amount and ensure that everything works well.
Learn more about strategy to do real transactions and do a final review.