Getting Familiar with the Interface

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Getting Familiar with the Interface

Thanks for getting UpStroke one-click upsells.

It’s the right decision in the direction of boosting your average order value.

We’re really excited to see what you build with it!

In this section, we’ll familiarize you with the interface.

Here’s the first screen you’ll see after clicking on One-Click Upsells from under the WooFunnels tab of WordPress sidebar.

Let’s dive in.

One Click Upsells

Under this tab, you’ll see all your upsell offers listed one below the other.

There are quick links for each of the listed offers. So you can click on them and go to any particular section you want.

Apart from that, when you place the cursor over an upsell offer, it shows you two options:

Duplicate and Delete

So you can either choose to make a copy of your upsell offer by clicking on the ‘Duplicate’ button.

Or you can delete it by pressing the ‘Delete’ button.

The eye icon beside the upsell offer shows a preview of the offer.

So when you click on it, a popup appears with the details of your upsell offer.

Click on the ‘launch’ button to launch a particular upsell funnel.

To add a new one-click upsell offer, hit the ‘Add New’ button at the top.

When you do so, a popup opens up:

Enter the name of your upsell offer and description (description is optional).

Once done, hit the ‘Create’ button.

Then you’ll be taken to the funnel editor interface to build your upsell offer.

There are four tabs to create your one-click upsell – Rules, Offers, Design, and Settings.

Rules | Offers | Design | Settings.

There are two other tabs that you’ll see in the upsell-listing interface:

Click to know more about Settings and Tools.

Check out this video to learn more about how to get started with UpStroke: