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Shipping Label For Flat Rate Shipping Charges

If you add shipping charges to upsell, you need mention the label. This label will be shown in order summary on thank you page , order emails or wherever else applicable.


Forcefully End Funnel (in minutes)

Sometimes users may keep Offer Page open and not take a decision.

Set up a realistic time in minutes after which funnel forcefully ends. This setting will determine time of Order Confirmation emails if it set to “When Funnel Ends”.

If you are not sure keep it by default to 15 mins



Offer Post Type Slug

The URL structure of an offer page is


You can set  offer-post-type-slug from this setting.

Offer name can be customized from by editing offer.


Meta Keys To Copy From Primary Order

When you create a separate upsell order, you can mention the order meta keys which we need to copy from primary order. Each key needs to separated by pipe character (|)