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Tracking & Analytics

Upstroke opens up a post purchase upsell page when primary order goes through.

To continue tracking view and purchase events you need to enable Facebook and Google tracking from Settings>Tracking and Analytics


For Facebook

You can Enable PageView Event,Purchase Event, Synced Purchase Event & Advanced Matching With the Pixel

Enter Facebook 1. 1. Enter Pixel ID

2. Enable PageView Event

3. Enable Purchase Event:  UpStroke will send total order value and store currency based on order.

  • Enable Content Settings for Dynamic Ads: Your Product catalog must be synced with Facebook. Click here to know more.
  • Treat variable products like simple products Turn this option ON when your Product Catalog doesn’t include the variants for variable products.
  • Select either Product ID or SKU to pass value in content_id parameter
  • Add prefix to the content_id parameter (optional)  3.5 Add suffix to the content_id parameter (optional)

4. Enable General Event  It will fire a Custom  Event for your Custom Audiences and Custom Conversions. post_type, content_name , post_id will be sent in General Event. You can also rename the event

5. Enable Advanced Matching With the Pixel: UpStroke will send customer’s email, name, phone, address fields whichever available in the order

6. Track Traffic Source & UTMs : Add traffic source as traffic_source and URL parameters (utm_source, utm_media, utm_campaign, utm_term, utm_content) as parameters to all your events.

*Important Note*: If you are using external plugin such as Pixel Your Site, we strongly advise you turn OFF Purchase Event from the plugin. And let UpStroke take the responsibility of firing Purchase Event. Read FAQ 1 for greater details.

For Google Analytics

You can Enable PageView Event &  Purchase Event


Note: If you are using some external plugin for Facebook and Google Analytics tracking, you can disable the purchase event tracking from those external plugins to avoid duplicate sending of the data.

Google Ads Tracking

How to obtain Google AdWords Conversion ID & Conversion Label

1.  Login to your Google AdWords account. Once you do that, you will be redirected to the following page:

2. Hit the Tools icon as indicated by the red arrow.

If you do so, a mega menu will appear on the screen. Select Conversions from therein.

3. Next, click on the (+) button:

4. After that, select the kinds of conversions you want to track. To track sales and other options, select the Website option.

5. In this stage, you will be asked for creating an action. You will be able to see the following screen:

Give a random Conversion name, select an appropriate category option. Here, we have selected the Purchase/Sale tag. Then check the radio boxes for suitable Value and Count options that meet your needs. After that, click on CREATE AND CONTINUE button.

6. Now, it’s time to get the Conversion ID! Copy your Account ID from the global site tag. Take a look at the following screenshot:

7. Paste the Copied Conversion ID here and save the settings –

8. Now, it’s time to get the Conversion Label! Copy your Conversion label as showing here-

9. Paste the Copied Conversion Label here and save the settings –


Frequently  Asked Questions

1. How does UpStroke fire Facebook Purchase Events especially when you have installed external plugins such as PixelYourSitePro?

UpStroke will take responsibility of firing purchase pixels even if a buyer does not finish the funnel.

You can enable Tracking Events from Global Settings>Tracking & Analytics.

When a buyer completes an order and lands on the upsell page, the purchase pixel of original order will fire on upsell page. Now if they accept the offer, the purchase pixel for the offer is fired on the next step. The step could be another offer or thank you page.

Using this technique purchase pixel are correctly tracked even if the buyer does not complete the funnel.

Next, even if upsell funnel does not run, UpStroke stays vigilant and fires pixel on thank you page.

So it takes complete responsibility of purchase pixel firing.

AddtoCart or InitiateCheckout or other events can still be fired from PixelYourSitePro.Only thing is that to avoid duplicate pixel firing, UpStroke expects that purchase event from PixelYourPro be turned off.

So UpStroke and PixelYourSitePRO still work in tandem.

Note: PixelYourSitePro and Facebook are used an example. Any analytics tracking plugin which allows you to turn off purchase events will work correctly with UpStroke.

2. What happens if my plugin does not allow turning off purchase events?

In case, the pixel will be fired if the user reaches thank you page either accepting or rejecting thank you page.

As per our experience, most users reach thank you page, so pixels will be tracked correctly.

Only in those cases, where buyers leave funnel midway, purchase pixels won’t be tracked.

3. How to make test if Tracking and Analytics is working properly?

Make a test order and test out if data is being sent properly.

You can cross-check Facebook Events, and Google eCommerce Events using Chrome tool.

Facebook Pixel helper –

Google Analytics Debugger: 

Google Tag Manager (in case you have set up via Google Tag Manager)  –