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Each step of the funnel is called an Offer. A funnel may have one or more than one offer.

Further, each offer can be of two types: Upsells or Downsells

Upsell Offer : The Upsell is when you present a new offer. The first offer in a funnel will always be an  Upsell.

Downsell Offer : The Downsell is when your original Upsell offer was declined and you present a new offer (usually at a lower price) in response to rejection.


Getting Familiar With Interface

1. Add New Offer
2. Edit Offer Name, Type & Slug
3. Make Offer Live
4. Adjust Discount , Quantity and Flat Shipping
5. Adjust Discounts per variation ( applicable only for variable products)
6. Manage offer Settings
7. Reordering or Deleting Offers


In next document , we will cover the step to create offers and add products.