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UpStroke - One Click Upsell


An offer is a part of the funnel that the user can accept with a single click.

It’s usually an item at a discount or you can even create BOGO offers such as:

Buy 3 Get 2 Free

and more.

You can have multiple offers in an upsell funnel.

First, select the product then configure the discount, quantity, and flat shipping rate from here.

The first offer is always an upsell and then you can mark your offer as an upsell or a down-sell.

Upsell: The offer that’s shown on acceptance of the previous offer.

Down-sell: The offer that’s shown on the rejection of the previous offer.

You can always click on the pencil icon next to the offer name to mark it as an upsell or a down-sell:

Take a look at a sample funnel here:

Here, there are a total of six offers - three of them upsell, and three of them down-sells.

The offers that have the downward arrows are down-sells and the ones with upward arrows are upsells.

Sequencing your offers: How to link different offers in the funnel

UpStroke has a feature called ‘Dynamic Offer Paths’ - this allows you to specify:

  • What offer to show on acceptance of it (Upsell)
  • What offer to show on the rejection of it (Downsell)

This way you can link offers with each other.

As you can notice there are more settings apart from dynamic offer paths, to know about them, click here.

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