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Create Offer & Add Products

Create Offer


Here are the steps to create a new offer

Step 1: Go to Offers
Step 2: Click Add New Offer
Step 3: Enter Name and description
Step 4: Select Its Type
Step 5: Add Offer



Add Products to Offer

Once you have added an offer, you would see


Here are the steps to add a product to offer

Step 1: Click on Add New Product

Step 2:  Search For Product

Step 3: If you want to search for specific variation enable that checkbox

Step 4: Click on Add Product

Step 5:  Enter Discount

Enter the Percentage/ Fixed Price discount you want to set for this product.

Step 6:  Enter Quantity

Enter the quantity of product you want to add for this product.

Say you want to add sell “pack of 3” of the product. You can set the Quantity to 3. When this set, 3 units of the product will be sold.

Step 7:  Shipping Cost: Enter the Flat Rate Shipping Cost. Set it to 0 if you want to offer free shipping for Upsell products.



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