How to Add a New Offer

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How to Add a New Offer

UpStroke lets you add multiple offers in your funnel. In fact, you can have multiple products in a single upsell offer.

Follow these steps to create a one-click upsell offer for your funnel.

Step 1: Go to the ‘Offers’ tab

Here’s how the ‘Offers’ tab looks:

Click on the ‘Add First Offer’ button to create your upsell.

When you do so, a popup opens.

Note: The first offer is always an upsell.

Name your offer and select the type of offer – Upsell or Downsell.

Once done, hit the ‘Add Offer’ button to create your first offer.

Step 2: Add product(s) to your offer

Click on the ‘Add New Product’ button to add products to this offer.

Type the name of the product and select the right one from the drop-down.

Next, hit the ‘Add Product’ button.

The product will get added to your offer.

You can also set an offer-level discount, quantity, and flat shipping rate from here.

Now, you can add as many products as you want in your offer.

Add more than one offer using the same step-by-step process.

Step 3: Set up dynamic upsell paths for your offers

If you have more than one offer in your funnel, you can set up dynamic offer paths, i.e., specify which offer will be shown after they accept/reject this offer.

Check the ‘Dynamic Offer Path’ box under the offer-settings area.

Then select the offer from the drop-down that you’d like to show on acceptance and then on rejection.

There are additional settings that you can configure. Learn more about it here.

Step 4: Save your offer

Hit the offer-toggle to activate the offer.

Next, click on the ‘Save Offer’ button to save your offer.

There you go!

You’ve now successfully created offers for your one-click upsells.