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Product Types

A lot of 3rd party plugins register that new product types. Due to different kind of options they bring about on product page, we cant have compatibility with them

Upstroke provides compatibility for

  • Variable Products
  • Variation Products
  • Bundle
  • Simple Subscriptions
  • Variable Subscriptions
  • Variation Subscriptions
  • Course (LearnDash)

Note:  Simple Subscriptions & Variable Subscriptions products type are compatible with Official WooCommerce Simple Subscriptions & Variable Subscriptions addon  This addon is part of Elite Plan.

If you use a different product type please raise a pre-sales question here.

Special Behavior For Variation Product Types

Variable Products

Upstroke allows you to upsell specific variations of the product. When you add a variable product a table containing variations is generated. By default all variations are selected.

You can customize offer prices per variation. You can also select specific variations to be shown in upsell. On fronted, the variations are available in a drop down for user selection.

Example: Lets say you sell creams which has two variations 25 grams / 75 grams. And you want to run an upsell funnel to make an upgrade offer for 75 grams when they buy 25 gram. You can use this feature  and only upsell variation 75 grams.

Note: Since Upstroke takes granular control of variations , it would generate its own variation dropdown. Variation swatches plugins would not work with Upstroke.

Watch this Video to Learn How To Upsell Variable Products or Specific Variants


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