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Accepted Upsell Order


Add to Main Order If you want to  merge accepted upsell order with primary order use this setting

Create New Order If you want to create a new upsell order use this setting. Once you select this setting there is a sub option to cancel primary order.

To know more about order processing behaviour read this document.




There may be a chance that Rules can be set up in a way that Two Upsell Funnels can trigger.

In such cases, Funnel Priority is used to determine which Funnel will trigger.

Priority Number 1 is considered highest.


Upsell Success Confirmation

These messages show when buyer’s upsell order is charged & confirmed. If we are unable to charge user, a failure message will show.

These confirmation messages are in form of a pop up such as one below

 External Tracking Code


Watch Video to Learn About Local Settings