Logging For Funnel Events

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Logging For Funnel Events

What is Logging & Why it is needed?

Logging is a process of registering critical events when code runs. It provides insights to our engineers whenever there is an issue.

Of course, its not a solution to detect all problems but it can help programmers quickly diagnose root cause in quite a few cases.

If you are just starting to use Upstroke, we recommend to turn ON logging. You can disable it any time, when you are confident that funnels are running smoothly.

Our support team may ask for logs whenever you report us an issue.

Types of logs to be enabled

1. Upstroke logs: Go to WooFunnels > Upstroke > Global Settings > Miscellaneous and turn on logging

2. Gateway logs: All the gateways provide way to enable logs.

Go to WooCommerce > Settings > Payments

Look for Enable Logging checkbox and turn on logs.

Do this for all the active gateways on your store.

Here is a sample screenshot for PayPal