Top Money-Making Features of WooFunnels

UpStroke – One Click Upsell​

Skyrocket your ROI with post-purchase one click upsell offers
Version 2.1.7

The Rule Builder was built to help you make laser-sharp upsell offers that convert well. Pick from 17 intuitive rules and use multiple rules in conjunction with and/or conditional logic.

Here are our top 5 most-used rules:

Product – To create upsells for specific products bought
Product Category – Choose a category and associate an upsell funnel with all items of that category.
First Order – Use this rule to create upsell funnel for only your first time buyers
Shipping/Billing Country – To restrict your upsells to specific countries
Skip funnel if the funnel was previously viewed by the user – This is a powerhouse of a rule – it lets you skip the upsell funnel if the user had already viewed the offers.

There are more rules such as product tag(s), order total, order item(s), customer role, coupon used, payment gateway used etc. to increase the sharpness of your targeting.

The offer tree ensures that the user finally checks out with a high order value.
And you make more revenue per sale.

It allows you to present a second upsell offer if the first upsell was accepted and have a downsell in place if the previous offer was rejected.

You can set up next offers in the tree based on user’s interaction with the previous ones.

UpStroke lets you set up intuitive discounting to increase your upsell conversions. Create value deals such as “Buy 3 Get 1 Free” or “Buy 3 at the cost of 2” etc.
Offer a deeper discount on a higher quantity to encourage them to buy a greater volume.
You can also offer the same product in the downsell at a deeper discount if it was rejected as an upsell.

No more losing money on shipping with upsells again!

Use the dynamic shipping option to get your buyers to pay for shipping the upsell.

The shipping will be calculated on the fly based on the total cost of shipping (for main purchase + upsell (s)) and what the user has already paid.

Tick the ‘ask confirmation’ option to keep your refund rates at an all-time low. There will be no accidental purchases as the user will have to check an additional box to confirm the acceptance.

Yes, this makes it a 2 click buy but your relationship with the customer and the payment gateways matters equally, if not more.

Let users decide the quantity of the upsell item to purchase. Give them the choice to buy more than 1 and if it’s an exclusive item or well-discounted, your order value will skyrocket.

Upsell specific product variations to make your upsell offers even more relevant and targeted. For example – if you’re selling a pack of crisps and the buyer buys the tomato flavor, it’ll make most sense to upsell the same flavor to ensure uptakes.
UpStroke lets you upsell specific variations and even variable products.

Create beautiful upsell offer pages that convert. We built the customizer to offer you an end-to-end solution so that you don’t waste time creating pages from scratch. Pick from pre-built templates and edit them to make them your own. High-converting elements like countdown timer, progress bar, buy block, review block are all placed to ensure maximum conversions.

Use dynamic merge tags such as ‘product offer save value’, ‘product save percentage’, ‘product single unit price’ etc. Personalize the customer’s experience through other merge tags like customer first name’ email, billing, shipping address etc.

Unleash the power of urgency on your upsell offer pages. UpStroke allows you to put up details about the deadline on the sticky header or footer. Write persuasive text along-with the countdown timer to nudge people to act fast. Display the timer only on mobile or desktop or both.

Enjoy the flexibility that UpStroke offers to create your upsell offer pages. Use your favourite page builder such as Thrive, Elemetor, Divi to create upsell offer pages.

Creating upsell pages from scratch every time is time-consuming. UpStroke lets you templatize your upsell pages. Your logo, brand colors, guarantee (refund policy , payment provider logos etc. can stay the same in all your templates while you can edit the other stuff for the product in upsell.

Upsell subscription-based products such as membership programs or physical products that need replenishment. This will help increase customer lifetime value for your business. You may even configure special discount to offer just on the first payment or all subsequent payments in the subscription.

Use this powerful feature to offer upgrades to the product they’re buying. If they’re buying say a pack of night cream, you can offer them an upgrade to a complete care pack with cream, moisturizer, lip balm etc.

UpStroke’s multi-product add-on lets you present multiple offers on a single page. Offer users a choice between 2 or 3 relevant offers and make the feel empowered about their decision. Unleash the power of price anchoring to skyrocket conversions!

UpStroke integrates with the Facebook Pixel at a deeper level. It not only tracks upsell and downsell purchases but also fires purchase event pixel for the main purchase. It takes end to end responsibility so that the purchase related data goes over to Facebook whether or not an upsell funnel was associated with it. You can even subtract shipping and taxes costs from your final order value to keep your return on ad spends close to accurate.

Know your numbers because this’ll help you scale your revenues from upsells! Upstroke offers you a timeline view and macro view of your upsell revenue. Identify your top earners and know the conversion rate of all your upsell funnels. Use these golden insights to scale and multiply your revenues.

Upstroke offers integration with important payment gateways such as Stripe, PayPal,, BACS,BACS BlueSnap etc. It’s the only Upsell plugin that works with and without reference transactions enabled in your PayPal account.


Build checkout pages that win trust and lock more sales
Version 2.0.6

Aero Checkout lets you add, remove and arrange form fields with one click and simple drag & drop. Having this level of control over your checkout form fields was never possible until now. Aero goes beyond the limitation imposed by native checkout.

Aero offers you a growing library of distraction-free & mobile-optimized checkout templates to simply pick one, edit and deploy. All the templates are vetted by marketers and proven to convert.

One Page Funnel basically means embedded checkout form on a landing page. You can direct paid traffic to this single high-converting page. Because traditional product pages with conventional checkout flow never convert well.

Let’s say you’re offering three options to choose from- “Buy 1. Get 1 Free / Buy 3 Get 2 Free / Buy 5 Get 3 Free.”

The product selector lets users switch between these options on the checkout page. So if they selected the first one- the second and third will be visible to allow an easy switch but if they selected second one, then only third will be visible. The idea is to systematically nudge users to increase the order value.

One of the biggest reasons why people ghost away from the checkout page is the empty coupon code box. They go searching for it on the internet and get distracted. Aero takes care of this and let’s you auto apply coupon codes. Unleash the psychological power of coupon-led discounting without giving the conversion-killing empty coupon box.

When running promotions and directing traffic to a product-specific order form, you may feel the need to run a special offer on this page. You can configure a discount that works only on the order form and not elsewhere on the site! Imagine the possibilities. Also you can set the quantity for this order form and run a promotion like- “Buy 3 at Flat $50 and save 30%”.

No matter what product is bought, Aero will be shown. You can replace your default checkout with Aero and unleash its conversion prowess to sell more. Time to bid farewell to low-converting native checkouts.

Seal the deal with 7 credibility building components such as – reviews, guarantee, trust seals, support desk etc. Aero automatically pulls up product reviews to show them on the checkout page. Sections like ‘support desk’, ‘why buy from us’, guarantee help convert skeptics into buyers and loyalists. If you’re not using them, you’re leaving cash on the table.

Set your order form to expire if you’re running an urgency-led promotion. Aero allows you to re-direct users to a wait-list page such that those couldn’t buy this time can be informed and converted next time. Build your email list on auto-pilot!

Order Bump

Use order bumps to make profitable pre-checkout offers
Version 1.8.1

Show order bumps based on items in cart, product category and other useful rules.

Set up discounting on your bump offers. A good deal makes the offer irresistible. Let them know what they save by simply ticking the box.

Use order bumps to upsell variable products. When the user ticks the box to add the item to their order – a pop-up appears that prompts them to select the variation they want to buy.
This is a boon for the marketer in you! Use order bump to upsell subscription-based products. These could be physical products on subscription, membership plan, support group etc.
Order bump comes on the checkout page and you sure want this element to look beautiful. The colors, fonts, font size, border are completely customizable.
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