Raving Reviews From Funnel Revolutionaries!
Spent 1 hour setting it up: Can’t think of a better ROI of my time!
Hi Daman, Just wanted to thank you and your team for these plugins. The one click upsells with UpStroke is working great. And the OrderBumps plugin is killing it too! Increase of 7% ordervalue with just the OrderBump plugin alone. Installing and setting up the plugin cost me 1 hour. Can’t think of a better ROI of my time that this. Regards, Bernard
Founder Nutribites supplements
for Bump
A Plugin as simple to use and as effective
WooCommerce has always struggled with the ability to create streamlined order forms and bespoke checkouts that focus on conversions until now. I’ve built thousands of stores over the years and never seen a plugin as simple to use and as effective as WooFunnels. If you sell products and services via WooCommerce, you need this tool.
Steve Woody
Founder, onlinemastery.co.uk
for Aero
Their products go through daily testing and are improving based on customers preferences
Daman’s team is really on top of their game. I was really surprised how professionally they treat their customers and on top of that all their products are constantly through daily testing and improving based on clients preferences.So far my experience is top notch and I am sticking with their products in future.Appreciate your company 🙂

for UpStroke

The plugin has already paid for itself in a short time

I cannot say enough about UpStroke. I’m already seeing orders come in for upsell items that the customers added after they have checked out. The plugin has already paid for itself in a short time. The support from this developer is awesome. UpStroke is powerful and can so do many things. Thank you for a great product and support.

Melanie Wilfong
Owner, PF Wonder Salve

for UpStroke

Aero Checkout makes WooCommerce look sexy!

Aero Checkout is the solution I was looking for. The other solutions we tried had serious limitations. Aero Checkout unleashes our ability to completely customize the buyers checkout experience while still taking advantage of the power of WooCommerce. We have selected BuildWooFunnels (and XLplugins) as our official marketing funnel provider for us and our thousands of clients. Aero Checkout makes WooCommerce look sexy!

Steve Dimmick
Chief Operating Officer, Michael Grace Publishing LLC
for Aero
SUPERB and high class. straight five stars

What a fantastic product and superb customer support. I recently bought this awesome plugin and without knowing, the theme and one plugin am using was conflicting with their plugin. They asked for my WP login details and went in to add extra settings to make it compatible with the theme am using. Have never experienced such support in my entire online business by going an extra mile to fix a problem for me for free. Never think of buying any other one-click upsell. Woofunnel One click upsell is the BEAST on the market. Happy to have bought it and I highly recommend it as their support is SUPERB and HIGH CLASS. STRAIGHT FIVE STARS *****

Agyapong Stephen
iLuxury Nova

for UpStroke

If you care about money, make the switch

I’ve only known about XL Plugins, who’s built BuildWooFunnels for about 1 month and I’m kicking myself to not researching earlier, cause both Aman and Daman have been absolutely amazing to answer any questions I had prior to purchasing the plugin. The software the team has built here quite honestly blows any of their competitors out of the water in terms of One Click Upsells. If you care about money, make the switch!

Danny Neess
eCommerce Entrepreneur

for UpStroke

Plugin was invaluable to us and our successful launch

Thanks guys, we have had $7,700 in up sells in the last 3 days. Our new product launch drove all the traffic so we will only be able to have these kind of numbers twice a year. But your plugin was invaluable to us and our successful launch of $33,000 in 3 days. $7,700 of which would have been unrealized without your plugin.

Thanks so much!!

eCommerce Entrepreneur

for UpStroke

Built first funnel in 15 minutes

We had been using One-Click Upsell from another company. I received your email and instantly purchased Upstroke. I built first funnel in 15 minutes vs HOURS it took on the other system. Absolutely AMAZING plugin. I’m excited, this is a ground breaking product!

Tony Kowalick
President, Vaxxen Labs, Inc.

for UpStroke

Got my investment back on the very first day alone

This plugin is fantastic and absolutely the best there is for One Click Upsells in WooCommerce right now. It looks beautiful, is super easy to use, customizable to everyone’s needs and is just converting extremely good. Just using it with one payment gateway I was able to get my investment back on the very first day alone. And my average order value is drastically improved, so I can drive more traffic of the front end offers. I can only recommend to try it yourself.

Thorsten Dembski

for UpStroke

Super quick answers…outstanding support

WooFunnels is created so well that is both – simple to use and offers a wide range of crucial options for building efficient One Click Upsell funnels. The interface is brilliant & flexible, adjust it for your specific goals. The team that created it, understands marketing needs so well that you basically build the funnel with lego-like pieces already made. The best part of it though in my opinion – is outstanding support team, they are super quick in answering your questions and were even able to figure out and adjust the plugin to work with my other custom app in a matter of hours. I really think, it is hands down – the best Upsell application available right now. Many thanks!!


for UpStroke

This is the beginning of the #woorevolution!!!

Intelligent upselling abilities. With UpStroke you’re not just blindly asking your customers to buy additional things. You drive them through a well planned funnel (incredibly easy to setup), based on specific products they’ve already purchased. It’s got phenomenal customer service and support, on top of being the absolute best line of Woocommerce plugins out there. This is the beginning of the #woorevolution. Thank you Daman and the XL plugins team! Highly recommended for your successful store.

Razvan Popescu
Ecom Ignite, Entrepreneur, eCommerce Expert & Coach

for UpStroke

Never have I seen such devotion to making things work right

I’ve been using the whole suite of plugins from XLPlugins and WooFunnels for a little over a month now and all I can say is, “WOW!” Have seen a nice increase in conversion rate on our FaberUSA guitar parts website, using Finale, NextMove and SalesTriggers. We haven’t yet used Upstroke, but the possibilities with that plugin look fantastic!
We are in the process of developing a new site for cosmetics, and have integrated all the above plugins, plus the new Aero plugin from WooFunnels, for that site. Since this site is not scheduled to go live for another month or so, I can’t say what the results will be, but I am confident that these plugins will give us a real edge in making sales with a startup website.
As important as these plugins are to increasing sales and conversion rates, I must take the time to say that the support I’ve received for these plugins has been extraordinary, and very much unexpected, given my past experience dealing with other plugin authors. As with many plugins, things don’t always work perfectly right out of the box, due to different themes, other installed plugins, etc. These guys are so willing to help and fix things IMMEDIATELY, it is mind boggling. Never have I seen such devotion to making things work right.
So, in summary, not only have the plugins done what they promised to do, the authors are dedicated to making sure they function perfectly so that you can achieve those results. A total “win-win” as far as I’m concerned.

Larry Corsa

for UpStroke

Best checkout plugin in the world!
10/10. The sales pages load really fast and convert very well. To me, this is the best Woocommerce checkout plugin. Highly recommended.
for Aero
The plugins are user-friendly!
The plugins are amazing! They are very user-friendly and powerful. Also, the support is top notch!!! Congratulations!!!
Leandro Passos

for UpStroke

…Even when faced with roadblocks they NEVER QUIT
The Team WooFunnels was excellent. I had a client who needed a Upsell solution like WooFunnels, but had to use a non-standard payment gateway. Team WooFunnels dedication to the project was unparalleled. They not only worked with us, but the payment provider directly to update WooFunnels so it would work. Even when faced with roadblocks they never quit and persevered in the end. Amazing experience. I highly recommend them.
Vincent Wondra
The BBS Agency

for UpStroke

Excellent support!
Excellent support! I am very happy with the plugins – highly recommended!
Christian Schäfer
DeCoSeo GmbH

for UpStroke

Awesome Plugins
Awesome Plugins and Support !

for UpStroke

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