The Year In Review 2019: Meaty Updates, Much-Awaited Releases & a Brand New Product

Tavleen Kaur
January 4, 2020
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2019 has finally come to an end and yes, we've stepped into a brand spanking new decade.

Hope you had a wonderful start to the new year.

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It's now time for us to look ahead and make new promises to ourselves. Welcome 2020!

But our team here at WooFunnels decided to look back and take a stock of how far we've come.

It's always interesting to look at the major milestones we hit.

So this post is a compilation of some of the important milestones in our journey. Grab your cup of coffee (I am bringing my latte) and let's begin.

First up, The Stats in a gist

Overall we pushed 12 updates in Aero Checkout in the past 12 months based on the feedback we got from the community for new features, performance enhancements and bug fixes.

In Aero Checkout, V1.9 was a big release and 2.0 will be even bigger- that's coming up in January.

In UpStroke, there have been a whopping 26 releases over the past 12 months- UpStroke V2.0 was our biggest release thus far.

And in Order Bumps, there were 8 version releases - with Version 1.7.0 for Order Bump stats being the biggest. Our team has been relentlessly making the products you love more advanced, feature-rich and robust.

We've had and continue to have a laser sharp focus on lifting your bottom line through our conversion-boosting tools.

Major Milestones in 2019

Let's now dive deep and look at the major milestones that we achieved on the journey of helping you increase conversions.

#1: Released Aero 1.8 and the ability to append mini cart on the checkout page (May 2019)

The ability to have a mini cart on the checkout page is extremely useful especially when you want to eliminate the cart process.

With Aero 1.8, we pushed the mini cart feature that allows users to delete, undo delete item(s) and change the quantity of it.

This complete control over the order on the checkout page works great and in favour of conversions.

Apart from this, 1.8 came with other features like the ability to hide and show product image, change the position of best-value badge, customise the micro-copy for each option - (for one-page checkouts) and more. Read below:

Aero Checkout Version 1.8: Here’s What’s Possible Now {In a Gist}

#2: Pushed deep integration of UpStroke with Elementor in version 2.0 (June 2019)

Who doesn't want to create gorgeous, conversion-friendly one-click upsell pages using Elementor?

With UpStroke 2.0, we pushed deep integration with Elementor for in-line editing.

If you don't use Elementor, you still of course have the option to create your pages using the in-build Customiser. Or you may use any of your favourite page builders and UpStroke's short codes.

We also introduced 6 pre-built Elementor templates for one-click upsell pages to get a quick head start.

This update also marked the release of the indexing feature that allows you to show or skip a specific offer based on a user's past purchase history and upsell refunding feature.

Introducing UpStroke 2.0: We’re Taking a Big Leap Forward

#3: Introduced Aero Checkout fields preview feature and a new on-boarding wizard in Aero 1.9 (August, 2019)

The roll-out of Aero 1.9, marked the release of fields preview feature. This feature allows users to preview the fields filled out on the previous step.

Your customers can cross check their inputs for errors and proceed with confidence.

There were also several subtle and not so subtle UX improvements and the new order total field was added too.

Additionally, we introduced the new on-boarding wizard for first-time installers of Aero Checkout with 5 pre-build checkout templates and compatibility with different plugins.

Introducing The Checkout Fields Preview Feature: AeroCheckout V1.9 Out Now ?

#4: Released the much-awaited Order Bump Stats and more (October, 2019)

When you're using order bumps to boost your average order value, you sure also want to check how well your offers are converting.

The ability to track how many bump offers got accepted, rejected, the overall conversion rate over a time period, is empowering and also these stats are loaded with insights.

So we launched the much awaited stats feature in October last year. It allows you to track sales by bump and sales by date.

That update also marked the release of small but useful features like the quantity incrementor and variant selector - allowing you to sell products in more that one quantity and variable products too as bump.

Order Bump V1.7.0: Introducing Bump Stats and More

#5: Developed and pushed Dynamic Upsell Paths in UpStroke 2.1 & more (October, 2019)

We introduced the concept of behaviour-backed funnels by launching the indexing feature in UpStroke 2.0. The idea was simple: show or skip offers based on whether or not a customer has purchased the item in the past.

With UpStroke 2.1, we took the idea further - by allowing you to show a series of subsequent offers based on whether they accept or reject the first upsell.

So you can direct them on to two separate paths based on their response to the primary upsell. This feature lets you build flexible upsell paths and form an association of one offer with the other.

Introducing Dynamic Upsell Offer Paths

#6: Launched A/B testing module for One-Click Upsell & Order Bump

Having the ability to A/B test your offer, price, content and more is empowering. Honestly, a lot of our users had been asking us to develop and release the A/B testing module.

So we put the best folks from our team together to work on this module and release it. Because our A/B testing module is intuitive and also very interactive, people are loving it. Unlike some of the other tech-heavy modules, this one can be set up in minutes and the interface is non-clunky too!

Users with very small customer base are also using it - because A/B testing lets you put your finger on the pulse of your audience and know with greater confidence what works and what doesn't!

Introducing: A/B Testing for One-Click Upsells and Order Bumps

#7: Launched Autonami: Automation for WordPress & WooCommerce (November, 2019)

The voice was loud and clear.

You've always been wanting to create automated campaigns to recover abandoned carts, do post-purchase upselling, run win back campaigns, manage affiliates, subscribers, students and more.

So we put together a small team of passionate developers to build the dream solution. Autonami deeply integrates with WordPress/WooCommerce on one hand and external apps like Zapier, Twilio, Slack, Active Campaign, Convertkit, on the other.

Autonami has attracted a tribe of absolute go-getters, who're driven by numbers and increasing conversions is their #1 goal. We're so glad that Autonami is going above and beyond to serve passionate and savvy store owners like these.

This, you see is our dopamine - it's what fuels our growth beyond belief.

WordPress Marketing Automation – Autonami

#8: Pushed UpStroke's compatibility with the Square gateway (December, 2019)

Square is a powerful payment gateway for WooCommerce and we offered compatibility with UpStroke. So you can run one-click upsells with Square payment gateway with ease.

Square is a pretty flexible payment gateway and works for CBD products too. Read more in changelogs here>>

What's Next {Watch out 2020}

We're absolutely thrilled about starting the new year with a bang. 2019 was full of insights and lessons - we really got a better sense of what you need to accomplish your goals.

The year 2020 will be the year of unification - we will work towards making BuildWooFunnels one-stop destination where you get your entire suite of funnel building tools and also the education to make the most out of them.
Our automation engine, Autonami will grow bigger & wiser!

You'll find us pushing more powerful solutions and meatier updates that matter - like Aero 2.0 which is coming this month. Checkout page design is our major focus.

Autonami will also see a lot of new version releases with great features that you would love to put into use right away!

There's just so much planned for 2020 and the decade that follows- that this one post cannot do justice to it.

All I can say is stay tuned and keep looking out for our emails and blog posts. Wish you a very happy new year once again.

May you meet your personal, professional and fiscal goals that you've set for yourself!

Author: Tavleen Kaur
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