Use Twilio SMS Notification with WooCommerce to Engage Better with Your Customers

Tavleen Kaur
September 29, 2020

Are you familiar with Twilio SMS notifications and how the Twilio app connects seamlessly with WooCommerce?

If your marketing emails are not getting the open rates and click-through rates that you once got, it's exactly what you should be reading about right now.

Email inboxes are busy, and it’s crucial to explore SMS as a communication channel. 

SMSs have a 35%+ click-through rate and offer a whopping 25X higher ROI compared to emails. 

So you sure don't want to miss the opportunity that mobile devices offer. 

In this post, we reveal highly-targeted, automated WooCommerce Twilio based SMS campaigns that you can implement using Autonami.

Ready to engage your buyers and convert more through SMSs?

Let's roll! 

SMSs can catapult your cart recovery rates to over 20%

Marketers are aggressively using email as a channel of communication. 

Studies show that people receive 121 emails on a daily basis, and many remain unopened.

That's why the average WooCommerce cart recovery rate, through emails alone, do not cross the 10% mark. 

Adding SMS to your strategy can shoot up the recovery rates beyond the 20% mark. 

Automated SMSs work and how! Take a look at a cart recovery SMS done right: 

Here’s what makes this SMS so conversion-friendly: 

  • It’s personalized - Note how the SMS addresses the recipient with their first name. This makes it attention-grabbing.
  • The image is catchy- The image reminds users of the item they were trying to buy. This image can be customized too, i.e. changed to the brand logo or a captivating GIF.
  • The recovery link - The link takes them straight to the checkout page and not the cart page, thus reducing one more step in the process. Great for conversions. 

SMS has an open rate of 98% and a click-through rate of 36%. This is what makes it a runaway success. 

Here's one of our users, Wardee Harmon of vouching for it:

But cart recovery is just one opportunity to shoot an SMS sequence and boost your engagement.

There are other events or triggers, for which you can use SMS-based campaigns.

Let’s look at each of them. 

7 Types of WooCommerce-Twilio SMS Campaigns & How To Set Them Up

I am sure by now you're convinced about using SMSs to engage with your customers on autopilot. 

You will also agree that it complements your email marketing strategy really well. 

So now it's time to look at the types of campaigns that you can and should automate.

#1: When Cart Gets Abandoned

Abandoned users were just a step away from completing their purchase. 

They may have last-minute doubts and concerns, or may just need a little nudge to complete the process. 

You can use the power of Autonami to bridge the gap between WooCommerce-Twilio and reach out to them via a series of SMSs. 

How to Set up

Select ‘WooCommerce > Cart Abandoned’ from the events list. 

Next select ‘Send SMS’ from underneath Twilio. Take a look:


Automation to reach out abandoners via SMS using Twilio

Make sure you have an active subscription with Twilio, and the Twilio connector in Autonami is enabled too. 

You can use merge tags to personalize the SMS and insert recovery links that takes them back to the checkout. 


SMS customizer to craft your SMS

You can also add an image (custom or products) to make your SMS more eye-catching.

Note: The image option is only available for your customers based in the US or Canada. 

Finally, select a delay to send your SMS at the right time.

So if you’re using emails, you must set a time gap of about 3-4 hours between your email and SMS. 


Setting a delay for your SMS campaign

What if you want to send a discount code in your SMS? 

Well, you can. 

Sending a time-bound coupon code via email/SMS through Autonami is easy.

But first, you need to create the coupon code in WooCommerce and then personalize it in Autonami.  


Sharing a personalized coupon code via Twilio SMS

Further, add expiry to it - the number of hours or days till it expires.

Use this script
You can structure your message like this:

Hey there, we saw you added some things to your cart but never checked out.  We have your cart saved. So, click here to get back to complete your purchase.


And now, you’re ready to roll!

#2: After the product delivery 

It’s important to carry the conversation forward after-sale and not cut the cord abruptly. 

So make sure you reach out to your customers even after the purchase is complete. 

It could be to check in with them or get a review or a recommendation. Or even to inform about the next sale. 

How to Set up

Select the 'WooCommerce > Order Created' event from the events drop-down:


An automation to share a personalized coupon code via SMS after they've bought from you

Next, create a personalized discount coupon by selecting the 'Create Coupon' option as your first action.


After that,  select 'Send SMS' under Twilio as your next action.

Share the personalized coupon code created in the previous step, in the SMS body:

Use this script: 

Hey, we hope you liked your recent purchase. Use the code SHOP10 next time to get 10% off your cart total. This code is only valid for 7 days!


That's it. Once you're done, hit the 'Save' button and the SMS is set to be delivered.

#3: When their subscription is due for expiry use Twilio SMS notification

SMS offers a great way to engage with subscribers and remind them when their subscription renewal is due. 

Again it complements your email reminders really well. 

Set up a simple WooCommerce-Twilio based SMS automation to remind them about:

  • Their subscription expiry so that they can make the payment on time. 
  • The upcoming auto-renewal to avoid any refund/chargeback issues. 
  • If their card on file is approaching its expiration date. 

How to Set up

Select the 'WooCommerce Subscriptions > Subscriptions Before Renewal' from the list of events.

While selecting this event, specify the number of days when you want to send out an SMS before the subscription renews.

Hit the 'Save' button and select the action for this automation.

Select the 'Send SMS' option under Twilio as your action.

Here's how your automation will look:

Automation created using WooCommerce & Twilio to remind users about their subscription expiry via SMSCraft your SMS body and personalize it using a range of subscription-specific merge tags like - subscription items, subscription total, subscription id, subscription next payment date, and much more.

Use this script: 

Hey, just a heads up, your subscription is up for renewal. You don't need to worry about it, we will manage everything. You just sit back and enjoy our services. In case you wish to modify your account details, click here.


Now that your automation is in place, you're ready to go live!

#4: When it is the customer’s purchase anniversary

Celebrating your customers’ 3 months or 6 month or 1-year purchase anniversary is a great way to stay top-of-mind. 

There’s so much competition out there that if you do not make sincere efforts to be opportunistic, they’ll most likely move on. 

So set up an automated WooCommerce-Twilio SMS campaign for their purchase anniversary. 

Here’s what you can do: 

  • Send an SMS a day or two before the anniversary date 

This SMS will remind them that their purchase anniversary is coming up and they should get ready to expect a surprise. 

The purpose of this SMS is to only build hype and get them excited about receiving the next SMS with more details. 

  • Send an SMS on the day of the anniversary with a coupon code with limited validity 

Use the second SMS to offer a personalized discount coupon code with limited validity.

Encourage them to pamper themselves and buy their favorite items, while saving some cash. 

Dollar-based discounts work better than percentage offs. But you can always test what works better for you. 

How to Set up

Select the 'WooCommerce > Order Created' event from the list of events.

Next, select conditional action and select the rule- IF it's the customer's first order.

Here's how:

Next, hit the 'Save' button and select the action.

Choose the action 'Send SMS' under Twilio from the list of actions.

Then craft the SMS body.

Here's how your automation will look:


Automation to reach out to users on their purchase anniversary via SMS

Make sure that you've set a delay (of 90 days or 180 days) so that it is triggered after 3 or 6 months since their first purchase.

Use this script: 

Hey, it's been 3 months since your first purchase!! To show our love and appreciation, we are offering you 20% off on your cart total with the code AN20RYThe code is valid for 48-hours, so hurry!


That's it! Just hit the 'Save' button to save the changes and then you're ready to go live with the automation.

#5: If they haven't bought in a defined time period, use Twilio SMS notification to bring them back

Autonami allows you to reach out to your customers who haven’t bought in a defined period of time. 

So say, they had bought from you around 3 months back but haven’t bought anything since then - you can send an automated SMS with an email to win them back

Here’s an example of a win-back SMS: 


A win-back SMS

How to Set up

Select the 'WooCommerce > Customer Win-Back' event from the list of events.

Next, specify the period of inactivity for your inactive customers,i.e. the duration for which they haven't shopped from you.

Once you're done with that, hit the 'Save' button and move on to the action part.

Select the 'Send SMS' option under Twilio as your action.

Here's how your automation will look:

An automation to bring back inactive customer using the power of WooCommerce + Twilio

Use this script: 

Hey there, it’s been so long! We miss you.. Come shop with us again and get 10% off your purchase. Just enter the code MISSYOUThe code is only valid for 3 days, so avail NOW! Hope to see you soon..


Once you've crafted the SMS body, save it, and then you're ready to roll.

#6: To reward your frequent shoppers

Loyal customers, those who make frequent purchases from the store are great for every business. 

You can increase their shopping frequency by offering them incentives.

The idea is to make them feel special. This would not only encourage them to stick but also recommend you to others. 

How to Set up 

When their order count crosses a set threshold, say 5 or 7. Send them a thank you email with an offer.

Here's how the automation will look:


An automation to reward your frequent shoppers by sharing a personalized coupon code via SMS

So you need to select the 'WooCommerce > Order Created' event for this automation.

Next, select conditional action (if this then that) and select the rule- Customer Order Count is equal to 5

Save your automation.

Now select 'Create Coupon' under WooCommerce as your first action. Personalize the name of the coupon code here.

Next, select the 'Send SMS' option under Twilio as the action for this automation:

Use this script: 

Congratulations!! You’re now a member of our elite club. You’ll get early access to our new launches and sale items. Use the code ELITE10 to get 10% off your purchase this week.


Hit the 'Save' button.

And that's it! You've now set up this automation successfully.

#7: To ask for a shoutout/review

Your VIPs are more likely to respond to your request for review and shoutout on social media than one-off buyers. 

So it’s a great idea to send a blast campaign to your segmented list of VIP customers asking them for reviews. 

Also, since they keep buying from you or tend to spend higher than average customers - their reviews are likely to be positive. 

Use this SMS script: 

“Gasp! Here’s what they said!” We have to admit we just love it when our customers tag us on social and shower praises. Since you’re a regular at our store, we’d love to hear what you have to say! Click here - to spread the love! 

How to Set up

Select the 'WooCommerce > Order Created' event from the list of events.

Next, select 'Send SMS' under Twilio as your action.

Here's how the automation will look:


Automation to ask for a review via SMS

Make sure you've set a certain delay for your SMS, like 7 days or 10 days.

Take a look:

Use this script: 

Hey there, we hope you’re loving your time shopping with us. Please share your feedback on our products and services hereThank you for your support.


And you're good to go live with your automation.

These well-segmented and targeted WooCommerce-Twilio based SMS campaigns will be highly effective and response-evoking. 

Off you go...

I am sure by now you already are excited about setting up your automated SMS services to boost up your recovery rate.

Autonami lets you automate SMSs and emails to help ease up the burden off your shoulder to be in constant contact with your customers.

It can be used in many more scenarios than the ones discussed above.

Go ahead and play around with the tool to understand its full potential. Create an automated SMS sequence with Twilio SMS Services, and retain more customers for your business.

Author: Tavleen Kaur
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