Do you want to kickstart your sales with a free plus shipping funnel that makes you money on your paid ads?

Our user, Brian Hazard (a recording artist and founder, Color Theory) got about 500 new customers with his ‘$0 product and $5 shipping' funnel.

He made $7k with his launch and created a repeatable and scalable system.

We dissect his exact Facebook ad, order page, upsells and more!

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WooCommerce new version 3.9 has landed.While its a minor release it contains many improvements.

We have tested all our products and done minor fixes across all our products to make it compatible with WooCommerce 3.9

Upstroke version 2.1.6 is released. Read Changelog here

Order Bump version 1.8.1 is released. Read  Changelog here.

AeroCheckout version is released. Read Changelog here.

The updates are available in your dashboard. Don't forget to to update them while you update WooCommerce.

Happy selling!

We're pumped to announce the latest version of UpStroke.

In this update, we've added compatibility with WooCommerce version 3.9, and traffic & UTM parameters to track data for Google ads.

There are lots more.

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Version 2.1.5 is released. It contains minor fixes.

Read full changelog here>


Finally, one of our most requested-module is here!

Yes, it's A/B testing for one-click upsells and order bump.

It took us six months to build it and pass the module through rigorous testing. I'm proud to announce that it's super easy to set up, and the interface is quite intuitive too.

In this post, I'll show you what elements you can A/B test, how to set up your first A/B test, and so much more!

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For the past 6 weeks, we’ve been diligently working on rolling out our compliance with SCA or Strong Customer Authentication.

This regulation will help prevent fraudulent transactions on your site and is quite an important update for European Union based merchants.

In fact, Stripe has completely overhauled its API - so it makes sense to upgrade yourself to the latest version (V 2.0.8) of UpStroke even if you're not based out of EU.

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Free Plus Shipping is a popular and profitable funnel type where your front-end item is free, and the shipping charges are additional.

animation lol GIF

Although this funnel leads to an inrush of new customers, most businesses are not using it because of the expensive tools you need to build one.

In this post - we look at different blocks of a free plus shipping funnel - why it works and what you need to set up one for yourself.

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Today we have with us Marvin Coffman who runs an agency and serves WooCommerce store owners from a variety of niches.

Marvin’s got the exclusive WooFunnels bundle and told us that he’s yet to set up WooFunnels on a store where he’s not got the ROI. 

His results are impressive and therefore we brought him to show us how he’s got them.

The best part? He shares quite generously and really wants to see you succeed.

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What if I told you that you could increase your conversion rate by offering buyers a choice between 2 or 3 upsell offers?

Yes, that’s true.

People are wired to like choice, it makes them feel empowered. And they’re more likely to pick one of the options if multiple options are laid out on the table for them.

It also invariably reduces the probability of the selection of no.

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This is exciting!

Our engineering team has pushed 36 releases since the launch of UpStroke last year. Now it is time for UpStroke 2.0. And Oh boy! There’s just so much packed into this one update. Some things are visible right up front, and others are under the hood.

But this one’s really an important update – it lays the foundation for how you’re going to do targeted one-click upsells based on customers’ purchase history and behavior.

The larger theme of this update is super relevant offers presented on gorgeous pages.

Take a look at the highlights of this release >>


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