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The Free Plus Shipping Funnel That Netted $3500 Profits and 500 New Customers

Do you want to kickstart your sales with a free plus shipping funnel that makes you money on your paid ads?

Our user, Brian Hazard (a recording artist and founder, Color Theory) got about 500 new customers with his ‘$0 product and $5 shipping’ funnel.

He made $7k with his launch and created a repeatable and scalable system.

We dissect his exact Facebook ad, order page, upsells and more!

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Compatibility Released with WooCommerce Version 3.9

WooCommerce new version 3.9 has landed.While its a minor release it contains many improvements.

We have tested all our products and done minor fixes across all our products to make it compatible with WooCommerce 3.9

Upstroke version 2.1.6 is released. Read Changelog here

Order Bump version 1.8.1 is released. Read  Changelog here.

AeroCheckout version is released. Read Changelog here.

The updates are available in your dashboard. Don’t forget to to update them while you update WooCommerce.

Happy selling!

UpStroke Version 2.1.6 Released!

We’re pumped to announce the latest version of UpStroke.

In this update, we’ve added compatibility with WooCommerce version 3.9, and traffic & UTM parameters to track data for Google ads.

There are lots more.

Read the changelog>> 

Upstroke Version 2.1.5 Released

Version 2.1.5 is released. It contains minor fixes.

Read full changelog here>


Introducing: A/B Testing for One-Click Upsells and Order Bumps

Finally, one of our most requested-module is here!

Yes, it’s A/B testing for one-click upsells and order bump.

It took us six months to build it and pass the module through rigorous testing. I’m proud to announce that it’s super easy to set up, and the interface is quite intuitive too.

In this post, I’ll show you what elements you can A/B test, how to set up your first A/B test, and so much more!

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Announcing SCA Compliance for UpStroke One Click Upsells

For the past 6 weeks, we’ve been diligently working on rolling out our compliance with SCA or Strong Customer Authentication.

This regulation will help prevent fraudulent transactions on your site and is quite an important update for European Union based merchants.

In fact, Stripe has completely overhauled its API – so it makes sense to upgrade yourself to the latest version (V 2.0.8) of UpStroke even if you’re not based out of EU.

Find out more about SCA>>

Free Plus Shipping Funnel in WooCommerce: Ideas, Examples & Complete Setup

Free Plus Shipping is a popular and profitable funnel type where your front-end item is free, and the shipping charges are additional.

animation lol GIF

Although this funnel leads to an inrush of new customers, most businesses are not using it because of the expensive tools you need to build one.

In this post – we look at different blocks of a free plus shipping funnel – why it works and what you need to set up one for yourself.

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Case Study🏆: How Marvin Used BuildWooFunnels to Make $2K/mo Extra

Today we have with us Marvin Coffman who runs an agency and serves WooCommerce store owners from a variety of niches.

Marvin’s got the exclusive WooFunnels bundle and told us that he’s yet to set up WooFunnels on a store where he’s not got the ROI. 

His results are impressive and therefore we brought him to show us how he’s got them.

The best part? He shares quite generously and really wants to see you succeed.

Take a sneak peek into his actual funnel >>

How to Set Up Multiple Upsells on One Page With UpStroke 2.0 & Elementor

What if I told you that you could increase your conversion rate by offering buyers a choice between 2 or 3 upsell offers?

Yes, that’s true.

People are wired to like choice, it makes them feel empowered. And they’re more likely to pick one of the options if multiple options are laid out on the table for them.

It also invariably reduces the probability of the selection of no.

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Introducing UpStroke 2.0: We’re Taking a Big Leap Forward

This is exciting!

Our engineering team has pushed 36 releases since the launch of UpStroke last year. Now it is time for UpStroke 2.0. And Oh boy! There’s just so much packed into this one update. Some things are visible right up front, and others are under the hood.

But this one’s really an important update – it lays the foundation for how you’re going to do targeted one-click upsells based on customers’ purchase history and behavior.

The larger theme of this update is super relevant offers presented on gorgeous pages.

Take a look at the highlights of this release >>


Use this Framework to Pick Your Perfect Upsell Offer

Are you struggling to pick a perfect upsell offer? In this post we’ll teach you the exact process to do that.

Here’s why you need to pay close attention:

Winning upsell offers can inject instant cash into your system without having to run more ads. Low-performing upsells, on the other hand, are simply missed opportunities.

So when you double guess your way to upselling, you may or may not get it right. But when you follow a proven framework and a tried & tested process, you have high uptakes each time.

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Facebook Pixel Tracking with One Click Upsell

Accurate Facebook Pixel Tracking is a lifeblood of an eCommerce store.

A lot of folks ask us about how to accurately track Facebook Pixels especially when they are using it with UpStroke One Click Upsells.

We have come up with a detailed blog post and a video that covers set up in detail.

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WooCommerce Subscriptions: How to Sell More Subscriptions with One-Click Upsells

Subscription-based products allow you to add predictability to your revenue.

You can sell physical or virtual products and even services to your buyers at a recurring fee. You don’t have to constantly chase more & more traffic and you can start making the most from every customer you acquire.

The WooCommerce Subscriptions plugin lets you create and manage subscription-based products.

In this post, I’ll share with you the best strategy to sell subscription-based products i.e. using one-click upsells.

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Introducing The Sales Funnel Academy

Hey There,

We just went live with our sales funnel academy. We’ve got a bunch of insightful videos that you can learn from.

Don’t have ideas what to one-click upsell? Check out the academy.

Not sure how to best optimize your checkout pages for conversions? It’s in the academy.

Need help to write order bump scripts to score conversion goals?

Explore the academy.

We’re invested in your success. The idea is not just to sell you the tools but to ensure that you succeed with them.

Join us in our mission.

Funnel Academy

UpStroke Version 1.10.0 Released!

Hey there,

Its time to update again 🙂

UpStroke version Version 1.10.0 has been released.

This version focuses on enhanced capabilities of Facebook Pixel tracking in UpStroke.

We have enriched Facebook pixel with more parameters.

Enhancement #1: Enrich your Facebook Pixel with Town, State & Country, Payment Method, Shipping Method, and Coupon Parameters

Enhancement #2: If you are running Dynamic Product Ads, pass product_id in content_id parameter

Also, add prefix or suffix to this parameter

Enhancement #3: Fire a General Event for your Custom Audiences and Custom Conversions. post_type, content_name , post_id will be sent in General Event.

Enhancement #4: Add traffic source as traffic_source and URL parameters (utm_source, utm_media, utm_campaign, utm_term, utm_content) as parameters to all your events.

This brings in our PURCHASE tracking at par with some of the popular plugins such as PixelYourSite.

*Important Note*: If you are using an external plugin such as Pixel Your Site, we strongly advise you turn OFF Purchase Event from the plugin. And let UpStroke take the responsibility of firing Purchase Event.

Apart from Facebook Pixel Enhancement, we have done other fixes and improvements.

Click on the link below to read the complete changelog.

Read complete changelog

UpStroke Version 1.9.0 Released!

Hey there,We are back with the new version of UpStroke.

This version introduces two important features : Ability to duplicate funnels and save Presets which can be applied to any template.

Here is a quick glimpse of how to use save Presets and apply them to Offers.

Once you are done editing template, Publish it.

Right next to it, you would notice a ‘paint brush’ icon. Click it and a new section on right will open up. You can add new Presets or select from existing presets.

All your Presets are also available on Offer screens. Select the template & apply the preset. That’s it. One click to get the job done!

Here is how you can duplicate funnels with a single click!

These two features alone would save a lot of time!

We have also added support for WooCommerce Advanced Free Shipping. Dynamic Shipping addon can now pick up store’s threshold values for Free Shipping and adjust offer price accordingly.That’s not it, we have also added support for WooCommerce Bundled Products. You can now upsell “Product Packages”.

Plus some minor fixes. That’s it!!

If you are still on the fence we encourage you deploy UpStroke. It’s the most advanced upselling solution for WooCommerce!

Explore UpStroke Now

UpStroke Version 1.8.0 Released!

Version 1.8.0 is a maintenance and performance release.

Based on feedback we have improved the UI messages to make few things more intuitive. It also includes few performance updates.

Please update the plugin and run a test funnel to ensure that everything works expected on your set up.


Read Detailed Changelog

UpStroke Version 1.7.4 Released!

UpStroke is in continous development. As it is reaches more people and gets installed in different environments its going to get even more robust.

In this release we have added compatibility with AffiliateWP. UpStroke will automatically attribute upsells to its affiliate and commission based on upsell product will be calculated.

Here are the highlights of this release:

Added: Compatibility with ‘Buzzstorepro’ and ‘Easy Google fonts’ for the customizer.

Added: Compatibility with Affiliate WP to mark referrals on the upsell items.

Improved: Loading of assets (JS & CSS) improved to reduce page load time.

Improved: Update database for better reporting.

Improved: Better logging even in case of javascript errors while accepting/denying offers.

Fixed: In case of BACS and COD, emails were not getting fired as per the settings.

Fixed: Prevent switching offers while configuring offers when offers are in the saving process.

Fixed: `Srcset` removed from product slider images.

Read Changelog Here

Now Run UpStroke Without PayPal Reference Transactions!

A lot of PayPal users had difficulty get their accounts approved for Reference Transactions. While it was easy for US based accounts to get approval, there were stringent restrictions for users from Asia, Europe and the rest of the world. We felt the pain.

We are super excited to announce that from version 1.6.0, you can run upsells for PayPal Standard & PayPal express gateways without Reference Transactions.

We have a new view video out that explains this in detail. Do watch this video or click on the link below to read the blog post.

How to Set Up WooCommerce One Click Upsells with PayPal

UpStroke Version 1.7.3 Released!

Added: New event “offer skipped” introduced in reporting, with the reason of the skip of the offer by UpStroke.

Improved: In some browsers, offer view event was not getting logged. Improved it by adding a fallback code to document.ready DOM event.

Improved: When WooCommerce Checkout processed as post request and not as AJAX action, then funnels were not getting trigger because gateways integrations were getting initiated later.

Improved: E-commerce tracking code improved to not fire events multiple times during the funnel.

Read Changelog Here >

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