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WooFunnels got featured on Mixergy 🥳 🎉

We recently spoke to Andrew Warner of Mixergy about our journey.
If you’re into podcasts, tune in now:

Psychological triggers that close sales

How is Jake McCluskey driving sales for his clients with WooFunnels?

We sat down with Jake to look at the results he’s able to get for his clients.

He talks about implementing order bumps, one-click upsells, abandoned cart sequence, subscription renewal automation, and more for his clients.

Hit play and listen to all the amazing insights.

How to Create a Gorgeous Course Sales Page with Elementor Template

Want to create a beautiful sales page with Elementor to sell your online courses?

You’re in the right place.

Most conversion rate optimization experts tell you: Copy matters more than design.

But we’re in 2020 and these ideas are a decade old now!

You wouldn’t watch a crappy video with an awful production quality even if the storytelling is great.

Similarly, people won’t read ill-designed pages that lack structure.

So in this post, I am going to show you how to build a beautiful and professional sales page using Elementor, that converts.

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How To Create Epic Shopify Checkout In WooCommerce That Converts

Want to create Shopify checkout in WooCommerce? You’re in the right place!

The default WooCommerce checkout page looks barebones and isn’t even conversion-focussed.

Contrast this with the Shopify checkout page.

With over 300 million users using the checkout as is or with minimum customizations, it looks polished and professional.

In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to create a clean Shopify checkout page in WooCommerce.

In the process, you’ll also discover the ninja optimization hacks that even Shopify isn’t implementing, yet! 😉

Watch now!

The Free Plus Shipping Funnel That Netted $3500 Profits and 500 New Customers

Do you want to kickstart your sales with a free plus shipping funnel that makes you money on your paid ads?

Our user, Brian Hazard (a recording artist and founder, Color Theory) got about 500 new customers with his ‘$0 product and $5 shipping’ funnel.

He made $7k with his launch and created a repeatable and scalable system.

We dissect his exact Facebook ad, order page, upsells and more!

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Elementor Forms Funnel: Convert More Leads Into Sales

Does this sound true?

You have a lead capturing box that asks people to submit their name and email. After they do that… they get a welcome email.

And then, you don’t know what to do with those people. Soon they’re part of the list you send your blast emails to.

Not your fault!

After all, all you knew about them was their name and email. Nothing more about their problems, their preferences, what they wanted from you. Nada.

With Elementor forms funnel, all of this changes. Now you can use a quiz built using Elementor’s Multi-step forms to capture qualified leads.

And turn them into sales using nifty automation that works like clockwork!

Watch the full tutorial now:

How to Build WooCommerce One Page Checkout with Elementor (New Step-by-Step Tutorial Out Now)

Want to create a WooCommerce one-page checkout that you can use to sell a digital course or a trending item or a best-selling product?

Or maybe you want to sell a free-plus-shipping offer through this one-page checkout.

In this insightful tutorial, you’ll learn how you can skip the conventional purchase flow which is overwhelming, to say the least, to create a one-page checkout for a dedicated sales funnel.

I’ll also show you how to set up AOV-boosting order bump and capture live carts.

Watch now!

The Most Comprehensive Order Bump Tutorial Out Now🔥

Want to increase your average order value with order bumps?

You got it. 🔥

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to make more dollars per transaction through thoughtful and complementary order bumps on the checkout page.

We’ve also featured a real case study of one of our clients, Blake who’s offer converted at a whopping 43%. This means 67 out of 156 people ticked the little checkbox during his pre-launch sales.

We take you behind the scenes and show you how to write copy like that. Watch now.

How to Customize WooCommerce Checkout Page With Elementor

So excited to share with you that we’ve just released a step-by-step tutorial showing you exactly how to customize your WooCommerce checkout page using Elementor.

You’ll see the Elementor widgets built by Aero and our pre-built custom checkout templates.

Watch it right now:

To know more, here’s the AeroCheckout 2.0 release post >> 

Aero 2.0 is Here with One-Click Template Import, More Intuitive UI & More!

Want to build professional + optimized WooCommerce checkout pages?

Aero 2.0 is here with one-click template import feature.

Faster Customizer, deep integration with Elementor and better communication with other page builders.

Take a look at what’s part of the latest version >>

A/B Experiments Version 1.1.0 Released!

In this update, we’ve fixed some issues and have added the ‘Reset Stats’ feature.

See in detail what has changed.

Read the changelog>> 

Compatibility Released with WooCommerce Version 3.9

WooCommerce new version 3.9 has landed.While its a minor release it contains many improvements.

We have tested all our products and done minor fixes across all our products to make it compatible with WooCommerce 3.9

Upstroke version 2.1.6 is released. Read Changelog here

Order Bump version 1.8.1 is released. Read  Changelog here.

AeroCheckout version is released. Read Changelog here.

The updates are available in your dashboard. Don’t forget to to update them while you update WooCommerce.

Happy selling!

UpStroke Version 2.1.6 Released!

We’re pumped to announce the latest version of UpStroke.

In this update, we’ve added compatibility with WooCommerce version 3.9, and traffic & UTM parameters to track data for Google ads.

There are lots more.

Read the changelog>> 

Autonami Version 1.0.3 Released!

We’re pumped to announce that Autonami’s latest version 1.0.3 is out now and it brings you loads of improvements, bug fixes, and some new functionalities.

Lay your hands on the new ‘End Automation’ option in the ‘Order Created’ event, selecting which will stop the automation if a customer places an order while the automation is running.

We’ve also made some textual level UI changes in the Autonami workflow builder interface along with other changes.

Read the changelog>>

Upstroke Version 2.1.5 Released

Version 2.1.5 is released. It contains minor fixes.

Read full changelog here>


Order Bump Version 1.8 Released!

We’re pumped to announce that Order Bump version 1.8 is finally out now and you can update your plugin right away!

Wondering about what has changed in Order Bumps?

Well, here it is:

For starters, you will now see a new coupon rule in the rule-builder section  – ‘Coupon – matches none of‘. This will enable you to control the visibility of your Order Bumps based on the coupons that users apply.

Take a look:

What’s more?

We’ve added import and export features for your Order Bumps so that you can take it from one site to the other with just a few clicks.

See here:

Mind you, we are bringing this update to the rest of our products shortly.

That’s not it!

Now Order Bumps are compatible with A/B Experiments, so this means that you can now A/B test your order bumps just like you’ve been doing with your One-click upsells.

In fact, there are lots of other bug fixes, performance improvements and minor UI changes in Order Bumps.

So update your Order Bump plugin now to experience the new features.

Read the changelog >>

Autonami Version 1.0.1 Released!

In this update, we’ve added a new email setting. Email styling feature added which lets you style your emails – you’ll experience optimized typography for a better view.

There are other changes as well.

Read the changelog>>


Put Your Marketing On Autopilot – Meet Autonami 🤖

Autonami allows you to engage with your prospects, buyers, and subscribers on autopilot via emails and SMS.

It uses what we call, behavior-backed triggers to engage with them, based on the actions they take and the milestones they achieve.

This means that if a user:

– Abandons the cart, you can send out a series of well-timed emails, with or without a discount to bring them back.

– Hasn’t purchased anything in the last 6 months, you can set up an automated win-back campaign that will get triggered to re-engage.

– Just bought a particular product that needs education for setup, you can send product-specific post-purchase emails on autopilot.

There’s so much more what Autonami offers.

Explore more >>

Introducing: A/B Testing for One-Click Upsells and Order Bumps

Finally, one of our most requested-module is here!

Yes, it’s A/B testing for one-click upsells and order bump.

It took us six months to build it and pass the module through rigorous testing. I’m proud to announce that it’s super easy to set up, and the interface is quite intuitive too.

In this post, I’ll show you what elements you can A/B test, how to set up your first A/B test, and so much more!

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Introducing Dynamic Upsell Offer Paths

We’re super excited to reveal that UpStroke 2.1 is finally out and available for download. In this post, I am going to take you behind the scenes and show you everything that is new in the latest version.

Version 2.1 sets the foundation for dynamic funnels and breaks the patterns of linearity.

Read more here>>

Order Bump V1.7.0: Introducing Bump Stats and More

We’re proud and pumped to announce that Order Bump V1.7.0 is out now! It is available for download.

In this post, we’re going to be sharing with you all the important details about what’s new and what has changed with the new release.

We also have a free gift for you: It’s the ‘Order Bump Cheat Sheet: Plug & Play Ideas for Your Business’. {No opt-in required}

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9 Automated Emails Your Store Needs to Send to 10X Engagement Instantly

Automated emails have 70.5% higher open rates and 152% higher CTR as compared to ‘business as usual’ emails.

Triggered emails produce far better results than email blasts because they’re based on the user’s action and interest. There are elements of personalization, relevance, and right timing weaved into these emails.

Discover the 9 types of automated emails that your business needs to up the engagement and sales. The real reason why you should stick with me is that I’m going to give specific examples under each type of automation along with the action tips.

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Announcing SCA Compliance for UpStroke One Click Upsells

For the past 6 weeks, we’ve been diligently working on rolling out our compliance with SCA or Strong Customer Authentication.

This regulation will help prevent fraudulent transactions on your site and is quite an important update for European Union based merchants.

In fact, Stripe has completely overhauled its API – so it makes sense to upgrade yourself to the latest version (V 2.0.8) of UpStroke even if you’re not based out of EU.

Find out more about SCA>>

Email Opt In Ideas for eCommerce Store Owners Wanting to Grow Their 📧 List

If you own an online shop, chances are your opt-in box still says – “Subscribe now”.

The problem is no one’s willing to give their email away for something as bland as that.

But let’s be honest – you don’t have all the time in the world to optimize your opt-in offer. There are unfinished tasks, pending shipments, support and so much more.

Who’s got the time to build the email list? I hear ya! But the fact you’re reading this post- tells me that you’re willing to start from somewhere and you know that a message received by email is 5x more likely to be seen and acted upon than one received by Facebook or Twitter.

Kudos to you! You’re in the right place.

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Case Study🏆: Checkout Page Design & Strategies Of Wardee Harmon

Recently, we spoke to Wardee Harmon of TraditionalCookingSchool.com to see her checkout page design and understand her strategies.

In this post, we’ll break down some of her techniques for you so that you can implement them in your own business.

Wardee is very generous and freely shares what she knows.

You can benefit a great deal from the time that she has spent in trenches.

Explore further>>

Free Plus Shipping Funnel in WooCommerce: Ideas, Examples & Complete Setup

Free Plus Shipping is a popular and profitable funnel type where your front-end item is free, and the shipping charges are additional.

animation lol GIF

Although this funnel leads to an inrush of new customers, most businesses are not using it because of the expensive tools you need to build one.

In this post – we look at different blocks of a free plus shipping funnel – why it works and what you need to set up one for yourself.

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Introducing the Checkout Fields Preview Feature: AeroCheckout V1.9 Out Now 🚀

This is exciting!🥳 We just released AeroCheckout V1.9! 

The latest version gives you greater control over your checkout pages and the ability to deploy more conversion-friendly features.

Our team worked for over 60 days on prepping up this update and decided the priority based on our interactions with many of you.

So thank you for using Aero because directly or indirectly you’ve contributed to the development of the latest version.

There are new features, a bunch of integrations, performance upgrades and fixes.

Explore further>>

Case Study🏆: How Marvin Used BuildWooFunnels to Make $2K/mo Extra

Today we have with us Marvin Coffman who runs an agency and serves WooCommerce store owners from a variety of niches.

Marvin’s got the exclusive WooFunnels bundle and told us that he’s yet to set up WooFunnels on a store where he’s not got the ROI. 

His results are impressive and therefore we brought him to show us how he’s got them.

The best part? He shares quite generously and really wants to see you succeed.

Take a sneak peek into his actual funnel >>

How to Set Up Multiple Upsells on One Page With UpStroke 2.0 & Elementor

What if I told you that you could increase your conversion rate by offering buyers a choice between 2 or 3 upsell offers?

Yes, that’s true.

People are wired to like choice, it makes them feel empowered. And they’re more likely to pick one of the options if multiple options are laid out on the table for them.

It also invariably reduces the probability of the selection of no.

Learn More>>



Introducing UpStroke 2.0: We’re Taking a Big Leap Forward

This is exciting!

Our engineering team has pushed 36 releases since the launch of UpStroke last year. Now it is time for UpStroke 2.0. And Oh boy! There’s just so much packed into this one update. Some things are visible right up front, and others are under the hood.

But this one’s really an important update – it lays the foundation for how you’re going to do targeted one-click upsells based on customers’ purchase history and behavior.

The larger theme of this update is super relevant offers presented on gorgeous pages.

Take a look at the highlights of this release >>


Amazon Style On-Page Recommendations V/S One Click Upsells, The Winner Is…?

The other day I went to buy earphones over at Amazon, and when I scrolled down on the product page, I saw a section named  ‘Frequently Bought Together’. I added it to my cart. As I kept scrolling down there were more and more recommendations like – ‘Customers who viewed this also viewed’, ‘Customers who bought this also bought’, ‘sponsored items’.

Yes, they have the power to convince buyers readily.

But, let’s be honest!  These sections also make the product pages look super cluttered and distracting – there are way too many places to click on.

And when you’re paying hard-earned cash to drive people to your product page, you don’t want to distract them with the exit routes. 

Read more here >>

WooCommerce Mobile Checkout: 3 Tactics to Increase Mobile Checkout Conversions

40% of all sales on Black Friday came via mobile in 2018, and yet several eCommerce stores’ checkout pages are not optimized for mobile yet!

Recent data suggests that as many as 64% of internet users make purchases via their mobile devices, up from just 25% in 2012.

Mobile shoppers are often on-the-go and are trying to complete a task or even multiple tasks. The speed is the key here. And while surfing on mobile, they’re using thumbs and fingers that have a wider margin of error.

Lay your hands on how to optimize the WooCommerce checkout page for mobile.

Find out more…



The Anatomy of a WooCommerce Checkout Page that Converts

In this #TrainingTuesday, we’re talking about the anatomy of the WooCommerce checkout page that converts. If the default checkout page isn’t working for you, don’t worry- it’s not working for a lot of store owners.

The native WooCommerce checkout page is only designed to capture payments – it is not designed to pacify the anxiety of shoppers and turn them into confident buyers.

It’s not designed to answer their questions and cinch the deal with trust.

Therefore in this post, learn how to win the trust of your shoppers by customizing your WooCommerce checkout page.

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Aero Checkout Version 1.8: Here’s What’s Possible Now

About 2 weeks back, we pushed the new release of Aero Checkout i.e. version 1.8. And then there were a few follow-up releases on top of that version.

This is one of our most exhaustive updates and we’ve worked for more than 2 months to push it off the shelf and deploy it on our users’ website.

There are so many new additions, improvements, and fixes that I would not be able to do justice to all of them here in this blog post. So I only picked a few things that could be depicted quickly and easily.

Let’s take a look at what all you can do with the new release>>

6 Definitive Steps to Improve Your Product Descriptions

There are some products that don’t need stellar product descriptions. You can just sell them by showing large, high-resolution images from different angles.

But then there are others that sell for their use cases, the problems they solve and the desires they satisfy.

If your product sells for those reasons and needs to appeal to both the rational and the emotional sides of the brain- then this post is for you!

Discover 6 super actionable ways to improve your product descriptions.

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How to Get Testimonials/Reviews on Autopilot

Take a minute and think about your buying behavior.

What’s the first thing you check after the product title and image on a product page?

If you’re like most people- it’s the testimonials and reviews.

Testimonials are the voice of the customer. And your shoppers see a reflection of themselves in your existing buyers.

But what if you don’t have testimonials?

Find out how to get testimonials/reviews on autopilot even if you’re just starting out.

2 Fastest Ways to Grow Profits Without Spending More on Ads

Tell me if you’ve heard this before:

“101 ways to get more traffic with Facebook ads”

“Build a 7-figure business by gathering new leads while you sleep.”

Have you heard these bloated claims before? I am sure you have unless you live in the caves.

Most gurus are teaching how to grow a business by acquiring new leads or getting more traffic. Their formula is simple, more new people into the funnel = more sales.

But no one’s talking about the faster way to grow. And that is by optimizing what you’ve got.

Here’s a piece of good news for you: You don’t have to spend more on ads or madly chase traffic, you simply have to make your current assets work harder for you. How?

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Copy This Amazon Checkout Formula

Can you imagine what Amazon looked like back 1999?

Fewer products and pages that looked nothing like they look today. Amazon has been studying buyer behavior and incorporating the insights into its business.

It has more budget and bandwidth to carry out experiments & tests than anyone else in the online space.

So why not learn from the master of the trade?

Our good friend, Chris Mason studied Amazon and has put together his insights into what he calls the ‘Amazon’s checkout formula‘.

Here, we’ll share with you the formula and show you how to build a WooCommerce checkout template that converts. Let’s dive right in.

Continue reading >>

Use this Framework to Pick Your Perfect Upsell Offer

Are you struggling to pick a perfect upsell offer? In this post we’ll teach you the exact process to do that.

Here’s why you need to pay close attention:

Winning upsell offers can inject instant cash into your system without having to run more ads. Low-performing upsells, on the other hand, are simply missed opportunities.

So when you double guess your way to upselling, you may or may not get it right. But when you follow a proven framework and a tried & tested process, you have high uptakes each time.

Keep reading >>

Facebook Pixel Tracking with One Click Upsell

Accurate Facebook Pixel Tracking is a lifeblood of an eCommerce store.

A lot of folks ask us about how to accurately track Facebook Pixels especially when they are using it with UpStroke One Click Upsells.

We have come up with a detailed blog post and a video that covers set up in detail.

Explore more >>

WooCommerce Subscriptions: How to Sell More Subscriptions with One-Click Upsells

Subscription-based products allow you to add predictability to your revenue.

You can sell physical or virtual products and even services to your buyers at a recurring fee. You don’t have to constantly chase more & more traffic and you can start making the most from every customer you acquire.

The WooCommerce Subscriptions plugin lets you create and manage subscription-based products.

In this post, I’ll share with you the best strategy to sell subscription-based products i.e. using one-click upsells.

Keep reading >>

AeroCheckout Version 1.7 Released

We’re super excited to announce the release of version 1.7 of Aero Checkout!

This release comes with a big update. We have now introduced Coupon as a drag & drop field.

You can place it anywhere inside the form. No restrictions!!

We have also given a nifty option to make the coupon field collapsible. Also, a part of this release is deep integration with Aelia EU VAT Assistant. You can now drag and drop EU VAT fields into any section of AeroCheckout.

Take a look at this blog post for all the details >>

*You’re amazing! Keep that support coming!*

🗣️Heads up: This is a short from-the-heart thank you note to let you know that your love & support matters!💖

When we launched our first product, UpStroke on June 18th, 2018, we totally knew WooCommerce users needed a sales funnel builder.

They had explored solutions outside of WooCommerce but nothing like an integration-rich, open source world of WooCommerce!

👉UpStroke was our first launch and had been in active development for 8 months prior to launch.

Before launch, we weren’t just coding like mad…

…But also speaking to real WooCommerce users to understand what they needed. Like real 1-on-1 phone calls.

This led us to build the ‘rule builder’.

👉We’re the first & only one-click upsell solution with the rule builder.

The rule builder lets you decide when you want to trigger your upsell funnel based on real-time actions of your users.

Immediately post-launch, we opened doors to custom integrations.

Our customers could walk in with integration requests and we’ve been custom coding compatibility. We thank all our patrons for these projects.

We went from offering compatibility with 4 payment gateways to 14 and will be close to 20 in the next 6 months. 🚀

Our #👆 goal is to get more & more people to enjoy the benefits of highly-optimized checkout pages & one-click upsells. In fact, we’re also the pioneers in offering compatibility with PayPal without reference transactions.

✅Upstroke has had 26 releases in the last 6 months✅Aero Checkout has rolled out 15 releases in the past 2 months✅And Order Bump has had 8 releases in 2 months

In the middle of all this, we also got an opportunity to serve the users of WooCurve.

WooCurve was the first one-click upsell solution in WooCommerce space. But due to some unfortunate circumstances, they had to wind up.

Chris Mason from WooCurve endorsed us 100% and offered their customers a chance to switch to WooFunnels.

What was most humbling for us was to see Chris endorse it as the “most feature-rich solution on the planet.” 🙌

We plan to work with Chris on various projects.

Add to that a score of testimonials from real WooCommerce users backed by results. Yes, real screenshots from their dashboards! This is our fuel. 🚀

Your success is our fuel.

And we only plan to move forward with a full thrust – consistently pushing updates that matter.

Now that you’re here, please take time to read our documentation, changelogs, blog posts and visit the academy to know how focused we are making our products more robust and useful to you.

Next year will be amazing. Wish you a very happy new year!

AeroCheckout Version 1.6.0 Released

This release focuses on shipping

Global custom CSS field added in the global setting for Aero checkout pages.

Billing and Shipping fields now support Company & Address 2 fields . You can turn on/off

Plus as usual fixes and improvements 🙂

Read changelog here

UpStroke Version 1.12.0 Released

As we prepare for version 2.0 release of UpStroke we are consistently pushing new updates to UpStroke. Version 1.12.0 is now released .This release focuses on improving our Facebook Purchase Event tracking feature.You can now exclude taxes and shipping total from the purchase event value. This allows you to see real ROI for your Facebook Ads

We have also enriched Purchase event to include with more parameters in Facebook pixel events (domain, event_hour, user_roles, plugin, event_day, event_month, transaction_id)

Read the complete changelog

AeroCheckout Version 1.5.2 Released!

This release focuses on adding compatibility with various 3rd part plugins in ecosystem.WPML Compatibility by giving an option to create checkout pages per languages by clicking country flag.

Compatibility with ‘Twilio SMS Notification’ plugin, adding user optin checkbox field below the billing email field.

Compatibility with MailChimp for WooCommerce (by MailChimp).

Compatibility with MailChimp for WordPress (by Libercode).

Compatibility with MailChimp for WooCommerce (by Saint System).

Compatibility with WordPress 5.0

Read changelog here

Introducing The Sales Funnel Academy

Hey There,

We just went live with our sales funnel academy. We’ve got a bunch of insightful videos that you can learn from.

Don’t have ideas what to one-click upsell? Check out the academy.

Not sure how to best optimize your checkout pages for conversions? It’s in the academy.

Need help to write order bump scripts to score conversion goals?

Explore the academy.

We’re invested in your success. The idea is not just to sell you the tools but to ensure that you succeed with them.

Join us in our mission.

Funnel Academy

UpStroke Version 1.10.0 Released!

Hey there,

Its time to update again 🙂

UpStroke version Version 1.10.0 has been released.

This version focuses on enhanced capabilities of Facebook Pixel tracking in UpStroke.

We have enriched Facebook pixel with more parameters.

Enhancement #1: Enrich your Facebook Pixel with Town, State & Country, Payment Method, Shipping Method, and Coupon Parameters

Enhancement #2: If you are running Dynamic Product Ads, pass product_id in content_id parameter

Also, add prefix or suffix to this parameter

Enhancement #3: Fire a General Event for your Custom Audiences and Custom Conversions. post_type, content_name , post_id will be sent in General Event.

Enhancement #4: Add traffic source as traffic_source and URL parameters (utm_source, utm_media, utm_campaign, utm_term, utm_content) as parameters to all your events.

This brings in our PURCHASE tracking at par with some of the popular plugins such as PixelYourSite.

*Important Note*: If you are using an external plugin such as Pixel Your Site, we strongly advise you turn OFF Purchase Event from the plugin. And let UpStroke take the responsibility of firing Purchase Event.

Apart from Facebook Pixel Enhancement, we have done other fixes and improvements.

Click on the link below to read the complete changelog.

Read complete changelog

WooCommerce Order Bumps: Ideas, Examples, Scripts & Step-by-Step Tutorial

Imagine ordering a burger🍔 and not knowing that extra ham was an option or fries were an option…how would that impact your eating experience?

Not too well. Cross-sells & upsells not only enhance customers’ experience by helping them discover other useful items but also increase profits.

The question is where, on what page.

In this post, I show you how to do it on the checkout pages because that’s where your prospects are most attentive, compared to any other page in their purchase journey.

You can pitch relevant offers on the checkout page & increase your order value with WooCommerce Order Bumps.

Keep reading >> 

UpStroke Version 1.9.0 Released!

Hey there,We are back with the new version of UpStroke.

This version introduces two important features : Ability to duplicate funnels and save Presets which can be applied to any template.

Here is a quick glimpse of how to use save Presets and apply them to Offers.

Once you are done editing template, Publish it.

Right next to it, you would notice a ‘paint brush’ icon. Click it and a new section on right will open up. You can add new Presets or select from existing presets.

All your Presets are also available on Offer screens. Select the template & apply the preset. That’s it. One click to get the job done!

Here is how you can duplicate funnels with a single click!

These two features alone would save a lot of time!

We have also added support for WooCommerce Advanced Free Shipping. Dynamic Shipping addon can now pick up store’s threshold values for Free Shipping and adjust offer price accordingly.That’s not it, we have also added support for WooCommerce Bundled Products. You can now upsell “Product Packages”.

Plus some minor fixes. That’s it!!

If you are still on the fence we encourage you deploy UpStroke. It’s the most advanced upselling solution for WooCommerce!

Explore UpStroke Now

UpStroke Version 1.8.0 Released!

Version 1.8.0 is a maintenance and performance release.

Based on feedback we have improved the UI messages to make few things more intuitive. It also includes few performance updates.

Please update the plugin and run a test funnel to ensure that everything works expected on your set up.


Read Detailed Changelog

AeroCheckout Version 1.1 Released!

We are excited to release a new version 1.1. of Aero!

The product is getting raving feedback and we are committed to improving it.

Here are some of the highlights of it:

1. Added Compatibility for Learndash

2. Native WooCommerce checkout does not sustain it value when page refreshes. Checkouts built using Aero now sustain user values and load them local browser storage.

3. You can now pre-populate checkout form data by passing URL parameters such as billing_first_name=john&billing_email=john@example.com.

This is specially helpful when you running email marketing campaigns and pre-populating as much form data as possible. Lesser friction more sales!

4. Allow capability to dynamically assign “Best Valu”e tag from the URL in a product switcher like http://example.com/checkout/aero/?aero-best-value=1

5. ShopCheckout template tablet view improved

6. Minor bug fixes and improvements

We are working on creating new videos and documentation . And above updates will be even more evident when we start uncovering their true potential.

As always we are actively listening to feedback. Please write to us at support@buildwoofunnels.com in case you have any suggestions.

Thank You!

Create One Page Checkout in WooCommerce Using Aero

We have come up with a brand new tutorial on how you can create One Page Checkout in WooCommerce.

WooCommerce one page checkout are embedded checkout forms for dedicated landing pages.

In this video, we show you how to set up WooCommerce one page checkout using Aero Checkout.

Do watch it to create cash pumping funnels….

HEY HEY HEY .. Say Good Bye to Native WooCommerce Checkout

Introducing Aero : Custom WooCommerce Checkout pages that convert

A lot of users who build eCommerce funnels, asked if we plan to build a conversion optimized checkout.

Hell yes!!!

For last 5 months, team of 3 engineers have been working day in and out to bring Aero to the market.

We are super excited to announce public release of version 1.0.

A big thank you to our early users who gave us valuable feedback, tested the product and showed us opportunities for improvement in existing products.

When we first revealed the plan to some of our loyal users, this is what we got in our inbox 🙂

Yup! Party has begun.

Do look at Aero. As always we will be happy to hear out your suggestions.

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UpStroke Version 1.7.4 Released!

UpStroke is in continous development. As it is reaches more people and gets installed in different environments its going to get even more robust.

In this release we have added compatibility with AffiliateWP. UpStroke will automatically attribute upsells to its affiliate and commission based on upsell product will be calculated.

Here are the highlights of this release:

Added: Compatibility with ‘Buzzstorepro’ and ‘Easy Google fonts’ for the customizer.

Added: Compatibility with Affiliate WP to mark referrals on the upsell items.

Improved: Loading of assets (JS & CSS) improved to reduce page load time.

Improved: Update database for better reporting.

Improved: Better logging even in case of javascript errors while accepting/denying offers.

Fixed: In case of BACS and COD, emails were not getting fired as per the settings.

Fixed: Prevent switching offers while configuring offers when offers are in the saving process.

Fixed: `Srcset` removed from product slider images.

Read Changelog Here

Now Run UpStroke Without PayPal Reference Transactions!

A lot of PayPal users had difficulty get their accounts approved for Reference Transactions. While it was easy for US based accounts to get approval, there were stringent restrictions for users from Asia, Europe and the rest of the world. We felt the pain.

We are super excited to announce that from version 1.6.0, you can run upsells for PayPal Standard & PayPal express gateways without Reference Transactions.

We have a new view video out that explains this in detail. Do watch this video or click on the link below to read the blog post.

How to Set Up WooCommerce One Click Upsells with PayPal

UpStroke Version 1.7.3 Released!

Added: New event “offer skipped” introduced in reporting, with the reason of the skip of the offer by UpStroke.

Improved: In some browsers, offer view event was not getting logged. Improved it by adding a fallback code to document.ready DOM event.

Improved: When WooCommerce Checkout processed as post request and not as AJAX action, then funnels were not getting trigger because gateways integrations were getting initiated later.

Improved: E-commerce tracking code improved to not fire events multiple times during the funnel.

Read Changelog Here >

UpStroke Version 1.7.2 Released!

This is a minor release with some new features addition and performance improvements

Added: Compatibility for Advanced Shipping when WC version < 3.3.5 is used.Added: New Shortcode `wfocu_order_details_section` to output ‘order_details’ on custom thank you pages.Improved: Upsell Offer price was getting added as “discount” in order-receipts. Now the right offer price shows against the item purchased, and no additional “discount” row added.Improved: Additional logs included to trace any edge case issues.Plus fixed some issues.Read Changelog Here >

UpStroke Version 1.7.0 Released!

We are super excited to bring you latest update of UpStroke.

This update not only brings performance improvements but also add new features and enables the launch of our upcoming add-on. Here are some of the highlights

– Quantity Selection for Upsell Items

– New personalization shortcodes for custom pages

– Gearing up for launch for Multi-Product Addon

– Improvements & small fixes

Learn more about latest updates. >

UpStroke Version 1.6.0 Released!

Major highlights

1. Good news for PayPal users! Now you can run upsell funnels without reference transactions. This is huge as you don’t need to call PayPal and get reference transactions enabled. Now upsell funnels can run without it.

2. Added: Compatibility with WooMulti Currency Addon https://codecanyon.net/item/woocommerce-multi-currency/20948446

3. A lot of our users use PayPal for WooCommerce by Angell Eye. https://wordpress.org/plugins/paypal-for-woocommerce/We are happy to announce to a compatibility add-on for this plugin

4. Other small fixes

Read Changelog >

“Incredible Customer Support”- Robert

Robert had a complex use case. We exchanged few mails to understand the demand & provide solutions.

This is what Robert had to say:

Custom Upsell Pages Using Page Builder

We planned UpStroke for several months, even before we wrote our first line of code. Some of you asked if we can create our completely custom pages using popular Pages Builders such as Elementor or Thrive Themes.

Answer? Hell Yes! You can!

We got a new article up which explains the process. Enjoy!

Custom Pages Using Page Builders >

Track Detailed Events Related to Upsell Funnel in a Timeline

We are excited to announce a new timeline and reporting addon. This addon will create a timeline of all the action which customer took during an upsell funnel. Get a detailed granular view of offers that tick and those that do not.

Introducing the New Reporting Add-On

Now Measure & Optimize WooCommerce One Click Upsell Funnels with our new reporting addon. Track the granular actions which your buyers take on order information screen. Or get hold of bigger picture by viewing macro reports. Optimize your funnels and get even greater ROI. This add-on is available in middle plan or higher.

Yay!! Cheers to the Winners!!!

We know how powerful UpStroke is. But it’s always heart warming to hear it from store owners like Mark. This just landing in our inbox. Out entire team is dancing 🙂 🙂 🙂

$7,770 Upsells in last 3 days

Learn More >

Boom! We are ready with extensive tutorial one setting up One Click Upsells

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