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Get the ROI with One Click Upsells

Use UpStroke to create WooCommerce One Click Upsell and boost your average order value by 15-20%

How Post-Purchase One Click Upsells Work?

Your customer places the order so you secure the primary sale

He’s then presented with a series of appropriate upsell and downsell offers.  

He can accept them with a single click and without entering the payment details again.

Viola! You close the sale at a much greater order value & get solid returns on your ad spends! 

A graphic of the upsell funnel with 3 different offer options
WooCommerce One Click Upsells Purchase Flow
WooCommerce One Click Upsells Purchase Flow

UpStroke is the easiest to use upsell funnel builder

And it integrates seamlessly with popular WordPress/WooCommerce plugins. 

*We have built-in one click upsell support for official payment gateways of Stripe, PayPal, PayPal Express Checkout, Square, CIM, Braintree, COD, BACS & Cheque.

One click upsell support for other indicated gateways can be purchased separately.

Tested with all the popular Page Builders.

"...But why not pre-purchase upsells?"
Here are 3 reasons...

#1: You must secure the main order before you make an additional offer, it should be risk-free!

#2: You must not confuse prospects with suggestions on the product page, it can lead to a greater abandonment.

#3: Pop-ups/sidebars or even cross-selling offers on the cart page can spoil the user experience

Most importantly there is no urgency, exclusivity or relevance in pre-purchase upselling.

"They just bought! Is this the perfect time?"
Yes, because...

You have all their attention since they just entered their payment details on the checkout page. Don’t direct them to the thank you page just now and end the conversation there.

You have all the information you need to make suitable offers with one-time discounts.

You’re not disturbing the checkout flow any more. The initial sale is safe and sound, this is a golden opportunity to make the next one. 

If you’re just starting out, one-click upsells can help you lower your costs of acquisition from day 1. You can make an upsell offer to your first-time customers and increase their cart value instantly. This will help you scale up in a sustainable way.

Upstroke does not store sensitive credit card information , it only triggers tokenization process provided by the gateway plugin. The process is fully PCI compliant and is built right inside your gateway plugin.

"....UpStroke has been the game-changer for us...."

I always knew that increasing AOV is the most important metric for an eComm. business. But I was struggling and trying all kinds of techniques including popups, nothing worked. Instead, we were seeing a decrease in our conversion rates. UpStroke has been the game-changer for us. We've seen an explosion of our AOV by up to 120%. On average, we are seeing a 40-45% increase in our AOV by using UpStroke, which is amazing, more than I could ever imagine actually! We've seen the funnels providing a lot of revenue.
Tom Hoah
eCommerce Entrepreneur

Create Irresistible Post-Purchase Offers that Convert

Use UpStroke’s features to create upsells for product-specific checkout & global checkout.

#1: Create pages that look great even if you're not a designer

Use built-in Customizer, Elementor widgets or shortcodes with any page builder

Not a designer? No issues. Here’s how you can roll:

  • Use the Customizer: UpStroke’s very own page-building tool with custom templates. Pick one, make a few modifications, and run with it. 
  • Build it in ElementorYou get access to custom Elementor templates & 10 widgets for a visual editing experience you’ll love.
  • Your favourite page builderUse shortcodes to create personalised offer pages. Works well with every page builder – Divi, Thrive, Oxygen & more.

Making your offer pages look slick and on-brand has never been this easy!

#2: Show offers based on buyer's behaviour

Trigger funnels based on items purchased & 18 other rules

Rule Builder to Create Different Upsell Sequences Based on Buyer's Order

UpStroke’s rule builder allows you to segment your funnels for different users. Here are some of the rules at your disposal: 

  • Items bought – Display relevant offers based on the items they just bought or the category of purchase, shipment method, payment method used & more. 
  • First time buyers – Want to show upsells exclusively to first time buyers? Or may be to everyone except first time buyers. You can do all of that. 
  • Past purchases – The all new ‘indexing’ feature allows UpStroke to take a stock of what items a user had bought previously. You can then show offers based on this information.  

Set thoughtful conditions to show offers your customers are most likely to accept.

#3: Dynamically show offers based on what they're accepting

Build connections between different offers to increases chances of acceptance

Customize Discounts For Each Upsell Offer
  • On acceptance – Direct customers to a specific offer on acceptance of the current offer. 
  • On rejection – Direct customers to a different offer in your funnel if they reject the current offer.  
  • Terminate the funnel – Choose terminate funnel if you wish to direct customers to the thank you page on acceptance or rejection of a specified offer.  

You can show the next offer based on users’ acceptance or rejection of the current offer.
We call this
Dynamic Upsell Offer Paths!  

#4: Roll out your first upsell sales funnel without any help

Enjoy extreme flexibility with Elementor

Customizer to create conversion friendly upsell pages

UpStroke deeply integrates with Elementor which means this is what you get: 

  • 10 Elementor widgets: Use customisable Elementor widgets such as accept button, variant selector, product image widget, and more to build upsell pages from scratch.  
  • Plug & Play templates: Don’t want to build a page from scratch? Worry not! Pick a pre-built Elementor template, customise it and go!
  • User-friendly experience: Change colors, layout, font, style, add custom CSS, and more. Customize like a pro!

Save time and create your first upsell funnel in less time than it takes to brew your coffee. 

"If you care about money, make the switch!"

I’ve only known about XL Plugins, who’s built BuildWooFunnels for about a month and I’m kicking myself to not researching earlier, cause they've been absolutely amazing to answer any questions I had prior to purchasing the plugin. The software the team has built here quite honestly blows any of their competitors out of the water in terms of One Click Upsells. If you care about money, make the switch!
Danny Neess

Add-ons that Align Best with Your Business Goals

Enjoy our value-adding bonuses available in different plans

Add-On #1: Reporting & Tracking

Track the performance of your upsell funnels & improve constantly

See timeline view for every user i.e. how they interacted with every offer, how long they stayed before converting or rejecting the offer.

Know your top-selling products and major earners i.e how much money every upsell has made.

See the conversion rate of every funnel and compare funnels against the other!
Add-On #2: Subscriptions

Want to upsell subscription-based products? This is the add-on you need.

UpStroke is deeply compatible with the official WooCommerce Subscriptions plugin.

Upsell subscription-based products using UpStroke and increase the customer lifetime value. Subscription products are also easier to accept because of the affordability.

You can configure exclusive discount only available on the upsell page!
Add-On #3: Multiple Offers

Improve your acceptance rate by presenting more than one offer

UpStroke allows you to chose from grid and list format to present multiple offers on the same page.

Giving people a choice between multiple options on page improves the chances of acceptance.

The blocks are perfectly optimized for mobile as for desktop.
Add-On #4: A/B Testing

A/B Test multiple offer variants & scale one that converts higher.

A/B Testing lets you split-test your offers so that you don’t rely on guesswork.

Test offer price, product, your copy, design, and more.

Analyze the performance of variant A against B to make informed choices. Scale the winning variant and kill the losing one.

"...UpStroke generated $18k in sales..."

We recently had an online course launch campaign over the last 7 days. That generated about $180,000 USD in sales. We offered a one-click upsells as well. And that generated almost $18,000 in sales. Nearly 10% of our profit came from a one-click upsell. Money that we never would have had if it were not for the work of your team!
Everything was flawless! We had two support issues that were resolved within hours. Thanks to the quick response of the team we never had ANY problems with the orders.
Matt Kloskowski

Pick a Plan that fits your business needs


normally $99/ yr


/ Yr
$20 savings
“Basic tool for beginners who are just starting out and want to test one click upsells on their store.”

Get Started

  • Unlimited One Click Upsell Funnels
  • Seamlessly works with Stripe, Square, CIM, Braintree, PayPal Standard & Express
  • One year standard support
  • Use it on single site


normally $179/ yr


/ Yr
$40 savings!
“Essential tools for growing stores who want to closely track performance of their funnels and experiment new offers.”

Get Started

Everything in Basic Plan Plus

  • Dynamic Shipping Addon: Calculate live shipping prices from carriers & add it to upsells
  • Upsell Reporting Addon: Track Success of your funnels
  • Use it upto five sites


normally $279/ yr


/ Yr
$80 savings!
“Great for smart marketers who phenomenally increase returns by offering multi products pricing and subscriptions as upsells.”

Get Started

Everything in PRO Plan Plus

  • Official WooCommerce Subscription Compatibility Add-on
  • Multi Product Add-ons: Offer multiple products on offer page. Create list or grids or pricing tables to boost upsell amount.
  • A/B Testing: Ability to A/B test your upsells based on price, product, offer sequence more.
  • Priority Support: Get faster responses by skipping the queue
  • Use it upto twenty five sites

100% No-Risk Money Back Guarantee!

Every day we hear powerful stories of how one-click upsell funnels are making people’s launches bigger and more effective. And how they’re seeing a boost in their average order value. This puts us in a position to offer you a 100% refund in case you’re not fully satisfied. Just write to our friendly support staff within 14 full days of purchase. 

All pricing is in USD. You can change plans or cancel your account at any time.

" my investment back on the very first day alone..."

"This plugin is fantastic and absolutely the best there is for One Click Upsells in WooCommerce right now. It looks beautiful, is super easy to use, customizable to everyone's needs and is just converting extremely good. Just using it with one payment gateway I was able to get my investment back on the very first day alone. And my average order value is drastically improved, so I can drive more traffic of the front end offers. I can only recommend to try it yourself."
Thorsten Dembski

Frequently Asked Questions

Don't these tiny objections come in the way of 2Xing your sales & profits.
Get your answers right now. Right here.

Upsells in general could be pre-purchase upsells. They are suggestions based on what the customer is browsing.

But one-click upsells are strictly time-bound upsell offers that you make after they’ve submitted their credit card details for the main offer, but before they’re directed to the thank you page.

An upsell funnel contains subsequent upsell and downsell offers that are perfectly aligned with the main offer.

So right after the checkout page, they’re shown your upsell #1. If they accept it, you may show them upsell #2 or send them to the thank you page.

If they decline upsell #1, again you have two choices- send them to downsell #1 or the thank you page.

You can set up as many upsell and downsell offers as you like in your funnel.

No. The upsell offer is not shown until the initial sale is secured.
The payment for the initial sale gets deducted right away and then the card is tokenized for the next payment.

UpStroke is a plugin that works exclusively on WooCommerce.

No. This is a huge advantage that UpStroke enjoys over all other One-Click Upsell plugins that exist.

With UpStroke, you get the Customizer that lets you build your offer pages quickly.

If you want to build completely custom pages you can use Shortcodes to build custom upsell pages.

Upstroke uses your gateway plugin to send a tokenization request. The gateway returns an surrogate values or algorithmically generated number called a “token”. This token is stored in WooCommerce by your gateway plugin.

UpStroke then creates a charge against that token if buyer accepts the offer.

Note: Upstroke does not store sensitive credit card information , it only triggers tokenization process provided by gateway plugin. The process is fully PCI compliant and is built right inside your gateway plugin.

Upstroke is compatible with these gateways.

If only one of your payment gateways is compatible with UpStroke then UpStroke will automatically trigger the upsell funnel when the payment is made through the compatible gateway.We’re working on integrations and will be adding more to the list. But you must reach out to us with the payment gateway you use and we’ll look into it.So, UpStroke is compatible with Stripe, PayPal, PayPal Express Checkout, Square, CIM, Braintree, COD, BACS & Cheque.

Yes! UpStroke works well with variable products. This means you can show different product variations on your upsell offer pages.

And your customers can add the variation they like with a single click.

Stop complaining about a low return on ad spends.
Start maximising the order value for every customer.
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