Make Relevant Offers on the Checkout Page

Use Order bump to suggest items users can add to the order with one click.

"How does an Order Bump work?"

Your prospect lands on the checkout page, and here you show them a complementary product. They can add it to their order with a single click. The order total gets updated, and they’re ready to checkout with a greater order value!

Suggest Products That Add Value

We ensure you make offers they’ll accept

Show Hyper-Targeted Checkout Offers

Every buyer is different. Use our intuitive rule engine to segment shoppers and suggest items based on items in cart, cart total, category, user role, & other conditions. This allows your offers to be relevant.

Let Users Choose The Variant They Want

A user might want to select a specific product variant that meets their needs. For example, choosing the blue color of a t-shirt or large sippers. Bump is compatible with WooCommerce variable products.

Make Your Bump Look Eye-Catching

The order bump must stand out so that it grabs people’s attention. Customize all the colors of the bump using pre-made skins. There are various order bump skins at your disposal. Feel free to add custom CSS.

Specify the Discount and Quantity

Our bump module allows you to set up an exclusive discount on the product. This discount is not visible elsewhere on the site. Also, specify the quantity of the item to be sold. For example, ‘two at the cost of one’.

Offer a Subscription Product

Our Order Bump module is fully compatible with the official WooCommerce Subscriptions plugin. You can even offer a discount on the first month or make a free trial offer. Subscriptions will drastically improve your lifetime customer value.

5 Ideas To Create Your First (Or Next) Cash Generating Order Bump

Take a look at what other Bump users are selling.
Accessories for the main order
People love accessories because they make the original purchase more meaningful. Think of: Cleaning kit with shoes, extra batteries, extended warranty, screen protector, pop-filter with professional mic.
Exhaustive Subscription-Based Products
Offer products that need replenishment, on subscription: pain-curing ointments, creams, supplements, vitamin bottles, essential oils, diapers, etc. Emphasize on the ease of subscription cancellation. Compatible with the official WooCommerce Membership & WooCommerce Subscriptions plugins.
One-on-One or Group Coaching Calls
If you’re selling digital products, offer one-on-one support or group coaching calls. So let’s say they’re buying your workshop on ‘creating a vision board,’ give them an opportunity to also enroll in more personalized and better-supported coaching calls to hit their goals.
Expedited shipping
How many times have we ordered products online that we wanted to be delivered faster than usual? Many times. So get the users to shell out a few extra dollars for faster delivery.
Limited edition products
A limited-edition product or a product available in limited quantity - is attractive because it feels exclusive, and the human mind gets drawn to exclusivity.
"If you care about money, make the switch!"
I’ve only known about XL Plugins, who’s built BuildWooFunnels for about a month and I’m kicking myself to not researching earlier, cause they've been absolutely amazing to answer any questions I had prior to purchasing the plugin. The software the team has built here quite honestly blows any of their competitors out of the water in terms of One Click Upsells. If you care about money, make the switch!
Danny Neess

Got A Question? We've Got The Answers

Here are some of our most frequently asked questions. If your question is not listed here, then please contact us.

Q1. What's the difference between upsells and one-click upsells?

Upsells, in general, could be pre-purchase upsells. They are suggestions based on what the customer is browsing.
But one-click upsells are strictly time-bound upsell offers that you make after the user has submitted their credit card details for the main order, but before they’re directed to the thank you page.

Q2. Will I lose my initial sale, too, if someone doesn't accept my upsell offer?

No. The upsell offer is not shown until the initial sale is secured.
The payment for the initial sale gets deducted right away, and then the card is tokenized for the next payment, i.e., the upsell offers.

Q3. What do I need to be able to use UpStroke?

UpStroke is an exclusive WooCommerce plugin. You need to have an account in WordPress and WooCommerce activated.

Q4. Do I need a developer or designer to create my upsell pages?

No. This is a huge advantage that UpStroke enjoys over all other One-Click Upsell plugins that exist.
With UpStroke, you get custom pre-built templates that you can edit in Elementor. You can use 10 special widgets to make your upsell page is optimized for conversions as possible.
If you want to build completely custom upsell pages from scratch, you can use Shortcodes to build those as well.

Q5. How is Upstroke able to charge users with a single click?

Upstroke uses your gateway plugin to send a tokenization request. The gateway returns a surrogate value or algorithmically generated number called a “token.” This token is stored in WooCommerce by your gateway plugin.
UpStroke then creates a charge against that token if the buyer accepts an upsell offer.
Note: Upstroke does not store sensitive credit card information; it only triggers the gateway plugin's tokenization process. The process is fully PCI compliant and is built right inside your gateway plugin.

Q6. What if I have a couple of payment gateways, but you've only listed one of them?

If only one of your payment gateways is compatible with UpStroke, UpStroke will automatically trigger the upsell funnel when the payment is made through the one compatible gateway. We’re constantly working on new integrations and will be adding more to the list. You can reach out to us with the payment gateway you use, and we’ll look into it.
Currently, UpStroke is compatible with Stripe, PayPal, PayPal Express Checkout, Square, CIM, Braintree, COD, BACS, Cheque, and more.

Q7. Is UpStroke compatible with variable products?

Yes! UpStroke works well with variable products. This means you can show different product variations on your one-click pages, and your customers can add the variation they like with a single click.

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