Increase Your Average Order Value With Pre-Checkout Offers

Use Order Bump to let users accept thoughtful cross-sell and upsell items with one click on the checkbox.

Not Happy With Your Current Average Order Value?

We hear you! You need Order Bumps.

Order bump is a relevant offer presented on the checkout page – the users can add it to their cart with one click on the checkbox. The order total gets updated instantly.

Even though you only have 4-5 lines to convince customers to buy – our users have reported conversion rates as high as 50% for it! It works as powerfully as McDonald’s ‘would you like fries with that?’ works!

The Only Order Bump Plugin That Comes With Rule Builder & Can Sell Variable Products Too!

All this while making your WooCommerce checkout pages look even more credible.

Show the bump based on what they bought, cart total & so much more

Use the rule builder to show order bumps on specific products, all products of a certain category, based on order total etc. These intuitive rules help you define where you want to show order bumps. You can even select checkout pages made by Aero to display order bumps.

Select simple or variable product, set discount & quantity

You can select from simple or variable product to upsell. Then set the discount if you want to offer an off on the bump alone. The quantity selector let’s you upsell more than one item as a bump

Customise The Bump: Make It look attractive & on-brand

You can customize the order bump element-change its colors, border, make textual changes etc.

Get more orders from your current buyers

"This is great! But what will I sell as an order bump?"

You’re covered! Here’s what our users are selling:

Complementary products: Accessories sell really well!

Think of: Cleaning kit with shoes, audio version of the book with its physical version, batteries, extended warranty, mugs, t-shirts- there's so much more!

Subscription-Based Products

Go ahead and ask them if they want to add what they're buying on subscription. Ointments, creams, soaps, diapers- everything which they need to buy repeatedly can be subscribed to via order bump. We're compatible with WooCommerce Membership and WooCommerce Subscriptions.

Coaching Calls/1:1 Support

Such a great order bump if you're selling information or digital products. Please go ahead and offer support or let them become a part of your paid Facebook group. Use the Order Bump section to pitch this!

Expedited shipping

We have several customers who're selling physical products and can't come up with order bump ideas using this. Promise users a faster delivery by putting their parcel ahead of the queue. People want their purchase to be delivered on priority.

Limited edition products

Another great idea! Create a sense of urgency through your order bump copy and ask shoppers to add the item to the cart because you have a limited stock on it!

Hi Daman, Just wanted to thank you and your team for these plugins. The one click upsells with UpStroke is working great. And the OrderBumps plugin is killing it too! Increase of 7% order value with just the OrderBump plugin alone. Installing and setting up the plugin cost me 1 hour. Can't think of a better ROI of my time that this. Regards, Bernard

Founder Nutribites supplements

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100% No-Risk Money Back Guarantee!

If you don’t find this to be the most effective system to add more sales to your business then we’ll happily offer you a 100% refund. It’s not the transaction but the relationship that matters to us. Just let us know within 14 days of purchase.

I have a pre-launch and main launch going on this week. So far I've had 156 sales pre-launch sales and 67 have chosen the order bump! That's a 43% opt-in rate! Thank you for the solution to so many people's problems in the WooCommerce space and more importantly, thanks to your copy!

Blake Rudis
F64 Academy, WooCommerce User & Influencer

Frequently Asked Questions​

Don’t these tiny objections come in the way of 2Xing your sales & profits. Get your answers right now. Right here.

Ofcourse, we don’t hold you to using Aero Checkouts. Order Bumps can independently work on native checkout.

Ofcourse, our Rule Engine is smart. It gives you 14 diferrent conditions to show different bumps based on different conditions.

Yes product in Order Bump has variable products , we show “Select Options” modal pop up to select variation.

Yes, we are compatible with WooCommerce Subscriptions.

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You can Google & try as many 'tips & tricks' as you want OR get Order Bumps for an instant jump in AOV.

This choice is yours to make: Guesswork vs a battle-tested strategy.