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How To Boost Average Order Value with Order Forms (Hint: Create BOGO Offers)

A few years back I went to a chocolate shop in Singapore. They had chocolate bars from different brands on sale.

Interestingly the shop owner had deployed really smart BOGO techniques to sell bundles.

You just could not buy a single pack because when you compared the price of a single bar with the bundle (3 packs of the same)- the latter was more lucrative.

So if you bought 2, you got 1 free, if you bought 3, they offered 2 free. It was interesting to see how everyone was buying chocolates in big numbers. 

In this post, I’ll show you how to how to offer BOGO deals on product-specific checkout pages or order forms and lure people into buying a greater quantity.

Before we dive in, please note: Order forms are product-specific checkout pages i.e checkout pages built to sell a specific product. You can direct traffic from your ads straight to these. Don’t confuse with global checkouts. 

Why Should You Offer BOGO Deals On Order Form 

Let’s say you’re selling a pack of Vitamin D3 supplements.

And you create a product-specific checkout page or order form just to sell this product: 

Here’s what you can do on the order form: 

  • Share highlights of the product and its USP
  • Give them reasons to buy from you
  • Show credible reviews/testimonials
  • Share details about support, your guarantee/return policy 
  • Trust Seals and information about payment security 

Further, you can use the product switcher in Aero to offer a choice between multiple BOGO deals. Here’s why that’ll increase your conversions and order value both: 

1. BOGO Deals On Order Form Reduce Checkout Abandonment

Let’s say you create multiple BOGO deals on the order form for the pack of supplement: 

  • If they buy just one bottle of the D3 vitamins, they save nothing.
  • On buying 2 bottles, they get one free which means they save a $100 on the purchase.
  • And if they buy 3 bottles they get 2 free and save $200.

They can select one of the options, fill out their details and buy without switching tabs. Here’s how offer selection section would look:

Notice the cost per bottle decreases as the quantity goes up.

This strategy lets you drive their order value up. It increases conversions because:

When there was just one option – the probability of “No” was 50% but with 3 options, the probability of a “No” is down to just 25%. 

As per a research conducted by consumer researcher, Danial Mochon, when he offered participants to buy just Sony DVD, 9% opted to buy. But when he introduced Philips DVD as the second option, 32% people wanted to buy the Sony. He concluded that the willingness to buy increased when another option was introduced. 
He got similar results with TV screens and donations!

Source: ConversionXL

Here’s another example of multiple options on the order form – more bottles you buy, the more you save (though it’s not a BOGO but still take a look):

AOV booster on the order form: The discount increases as the quantity goes up.
There’s a clear cut incentive associated with buying a greater volume. Picking up the higher plan feels more rational.

2. Shoppers Readily Buy More Units If They’re Saving More (BOGO Works) 

In a report published by AMG, 66 percent of shoppers said that they like BOGO the most out of all discount promotions.

Take a look at this pie chart that illustrates the same:

66.1% people said they like BOGO deals the most!

They also found that 93 percent of shoppers report that they have taken advantage of BOGO promotions at least once. Here’s the bar graph that shows the popularity of BOGO deals among shoppers:

BOGO also is the most popular promotions when compared with the other types.

Professor Priti Salvi of S. V. Institute of Management, Kadi found that shoppers are more likely to participate in BOGO promotions because the products seem to have no extra cost.

No matter how silly it seems, people want more of what they’re buying at a special price. It’s even more popular than bundling a different item.

3. The ‘Best Value’ Badge Helps Shoppers Take a Decision   

 A visual ‘best deal’ badge is a great way to drift them towards buying the higher volume pack.

In this case we don’t just mention their savings in percentage and absolute value but also the cost per bottle. Take  a look: 

That’s exactly how Amazon does it too. Notice the badge and savings: 

Sheena Iyengar, professor at Columbia University and the best selling author of The Art of Choosing shared how they got more people to sign up for 401(k) by adding just one line to their pitch.

20% more people enrolled in 401 (k) when this line was used in the pitch: ‘Imagine all the positive effects of saving money.’ 

She concluded that telling people about the consequences associated with their choice is important.

5 Simple Steps To Set Up BOGO Deals On Order Form W/ Aero Checkout

In this section, I’ll demonstrate how to set up the BOGO deals on the checkout page with Aero. It’s a very simple step by step process.

Follow along.

Step #1: Select the same product as many times as the # of offers you want to create. Set up the discount and quantity

In this case, we want to offer a choice between a single pack, 2+1 offer and 3+2 offer. Here’s how we’ll do it:

This is what separates a {product-specific} order form from a global checkout. Here you have to select the specific product and only that product will sell through the page.

When you set this to global – the product selection is immaterial because no matter what the user buys, they’ll see the see checkout page.

Step #2: Pick ‘Restrict Buyers To Select Only One Of The Above Products’

Aero gives you three options for product selection. Use the first one to allow users to select only one of the given options. That’s what we want in this case:

Step #3: Configure the form to keep only the fields you need. Remove those you don’t.

You can add custom fields, edit the existing fields and even re-order them with a simple drag & drop.

The idea is to make the form appear less overwhelming. One of the ways you can do that is by converting the form into a multi step form.

Take a look at how easy it is to edit and remove fields:

Step #4: Edit the product section to add details about the offers

When you click on the eye button of the product field, this pop-up will open up:

In the general tab – write the label, pick a default option and write the title with supporting micro-copy for the offer(s))

You’ll see all these options and titles against them. You can add the main title and the supporting title on the right hand side.

Further, you can even put some additional description in the second tab:

Use the description tab to write any additional information about each of the offers/plans. Use this section to tell them more about the benefits and help them take a better decision.

Finally highlight the best value offer in the advanced tab:

Use the advanced tab for assigning the ‘best deal’ badge to one of your offers and configure other miscellaneous settings.

Step #5: Pick a checkout template and click ‘Customize’

You’ll see handful of highly customized checkout templates. You can click quick view to see how they look and then click activate and customize to zero in on one. Here’s how to do that:

When you will click Customize, you’ll be directed to an independent Customizer with a host of options.
Take a look at how to change the color of the best value badge from the settings:

There are other options in the settings that I haven’t shown here. You can completely customize the checkout page.

Do This Next

There you go!

Apart from all the benefits stated above, BOGO deals are also great to move your inventory and make profits at the same time.

After building your order forms with Aero Checkout and setting up the BOGO deals on them, start directing more people into the funnel.

Put your focus on the number of people seeing the order form because once that’s set – there will always be a percentage of shoppers who’ll choose the higher plans hence increasing your daily sales by a huge number.

What do you think about this strategy? Let me know- the comment section is open!

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