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WooFunnels' Funnel Builder for WordPress gives you ready-to-use templates, a smart rule engine, powerful analytics and other ROI-maximizing features.

Frictionless Checkouts

Create Shopify style checkout, two-step order forms, with express pay options & more to minimise abandonment.

Profitable One Click Upsells

Create rule based dynamic post purchase one click upsell offers and let buyer accept them with a single click.

Rule-Based Order Bumps

Cross-sell complementary products on checkout based on cart items, cart total & other smart rules.

Stunning Opt-In Pages

Grow your email list by creating high converting opt-in funnels and follow-up to convert leads into buyers.

Intuitive A/B Testing

Uncover hidden profits with split testing. A/B test everything - headlines, button, checkout design & more.

Easy-to-Understand Analytics

For every page in the funnel, track the views, conversions, revenue earned, & more to improve performance.
"I have been a user of WooFunnels for a while, and from the very beginning, the user experience has been great. Even the commitment from the founders in the community, supporting every user is something not common these days and really appreciated.
You can build, launch and grow anything you want with this plugin!
Francisco Opazo C.
Growth Marketer at WishList Member and Founder at

Beautifully-Designed Templates That Convert, All Yours!

We put together a team of really good, professional designers to create stunning wordpress sales funnel templates for every page. Bring your ideas to life in minutes!
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Engage & Retain Customers with Marketing Automation Engine

Use marketing automation engine with your wordpress funnel builder to engage users and drive more sales.

Abandoned Cart Tracking

Track abandoned carts, do automated follow up and get more buyers.

Funnel Automations

Deploy automated campaigns for lead nurturing, welcome series, post purchase upsell, customer win-back & more.

360° Contact View

Get rich insights about every contact- their last order date, AOV, total revenue & more- all in one place.

Smart Segmentation

Create highly filtered segments. Reach out to different audiences such as repeat customers, buyers with a high AOV with a highly tailored message.

Lead Capture with Form Plugins

Capture leads from form builder of your choice. Nurture them and convert them into buyers.

Broadcast Emails

With drag-&-drop email builder, create beautiful promotional emails and newsletters for specific audiences.
Like many people we have used Infusionsoft, ActiveCampaign, MailChimp, you name it, we have tried them all at one point or another, and NOTHING, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, compares to Autonami.
You can now control everything and tie all your marketing in with your WordPress website. Autonami is WONDERFUL and their support is top notch!
Chris Bigelow
Founder, Monster Development

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Who Is It For?

We didn't just build a tool with all the cool features under the sun. We built it to solve your specific use cases.
Course Creators
Use the Funnel Builder to create masterclass funnels, evergreen launches, webinar funnels, and more! With Autonami send emails and perform other actions upon a quiz, lesson, course completion, and more.
Membership Site Owners
Earning predictable, recurring income is no longer a pipe dream. Pitch free trials or low dollar trials as your order bumps and 1-click upsells. With Autonami, send emails when membership expires, level changes & more.
Coaches & Consultants
Attract qualified leads for your coaching business consistently. Create strategy call funnels with trust-winning checkout pages and one-click upsell your workbooks, workshops & more. Get ready to up your authority & dominate.
Physical Product Sellers
Build optimized free plus shipping funnels, supplement funnels & more. But don’t just stop at that- create abandoned cart recovery workflows, post-purchase review campaigns, win-back sequences to boost revenues.

Here's What Our
Users Love About WooFunnels

Marketing copy can be slick, but when real users say something, they mean it.
"Definitely worth a 10-star!"
I'm really happy with the Funnel Builder. It has helped me to create a solid funnels in combination with Divi without the inconvenience of WooCommerce settings.
The support team is amazing! They always respond very quickly and help me solve all issues. It means a lot that the support team is so amazing!! Definitely worth a 10 star!
- Marjolein Poels
"If you're searching for a Funnel Builder, you can stop searching!"
If you're searching for a WordPress Funnel builder, or want to build a fully customizable checkout page  - you can stop searching. WooFunnels is the best solution you can find on the NET.

One of the greatest features is that you can set a lot of rules to your checkout, for example, show different thank you pages depending on what product is on the checkout or what payment method your client use.

They have very helpful support too, one of the most professional you can find. I am a very demanding client...
- Tom Lowe
"Holy, you know what! This system is absolutely amazing!"
We’ve been using Automatewoo for a few years and the whole UI was really drab. I couldn’t find anything else with the same capabilities through….until Autonami. Holy, you know what! This system is absolutely amazing in what it can do. We are using it to send follow-up emails, track links by text and email, order links on abandonment; the list goes on.

This product floors me daily in how we can use it to communicate and automate the process with our customers! Do not miss out on this one. This is a true winner all the way around. And the UI is GREAT!! Same with the UX part, the team has really paid attention to detail in everything. Very happy with my purchase.
- GlobalDomination
"Zero Overwhelm!”
I’m extremely impressed. A full-fledged WooCommerce CRM in my WP dashboard! That’s a game-changer. A joy to look at and use. Easy to set up – zero overwhelm and very clear step-by-step documentation.

What can I say? Thank you WooFunnels team, two enthusiastic thumbs up!
- @sunich
"No more CF for me, 100% WooFunnels now!!"
This plugin has been a life saver! They have thought of everything…and then they come out with more. I wish I could show 10 Stars!!! Their support is beyond expectations, Tutorial Blog is easy to understand, and our funnels work and we are making money!!! No more CF for me! 100% Woofunnels now.
Rich Lawrence
"Has become a game-changer in a brief period of time!"
I was previously using another WordPress CRM, but I was intrigued when I found out about WooFunnels & Autonami. I decided to try it out, and I was highly impressed. I love that cart abandonment is built-in and linking automations to form builders is easy. I also appreciate that you can input data into Autonami via webhooks. I love the rule-based automations and audiences to segment my lists. It has indeed become a game-changer in a brief period of time.

Now what blows me away is the support team! For me, how fast a company responds and addresses issues wins the prize in my book.
- Mark Warren
"WooFunnels is one of BEST designed plugins!"
I have been building and selling brands online for over 10 years. I have used dozens of different software services and plugins for creating sales pages, funnels, automation marketing sequences, follow-up sales funnels... 
WooFunnels BY FAR is one of the BEST designed and developed plugins for WP and their support is 100% every time I send in a request.
- Matt Lowe
"We looked into Shopify but it doesn't allow conditional upsells as WooFunnels does!"
We run a limited-time bundle business that does 15,000+ sales in 5 days with more than 7,000 sales in the last 36-48 hours and has hours where we are having more than 500 sales in an hour. 

WooCommerce + WooFunnels is solid and handles this with no issues. We looked into Shopify, but it does not allow multiple conditional upsells as WooFunnels does.

30-40% of our gross revenue comes from bump offers and upsells. 
- Griffin Stewart
"...ClickFunnels, at a fraction of the cost!"
Yesssss! The power of ClickFunnels, at a fraction of the cost, with WordPress flexibility. Love it!
- @kickindaspeaker
"A complete solution, totally worth it!"
Installed WooFunnels on my E-learning Course and I couldn’t be any happier! I love my new checkout pages and especially love the bumps! Amazing tool 😌 And support were also great, had a country-specific doubt, and they were great helping me.

I’m also handling my Learndash enrollment with Autonami. I’m doing it by combining WooFunnels Bumps with Autonami automations. A complete solution, totally worth it! ❤️
- Mirela Fioresy
"Opens up so many possibilities normally reserved for high cost systems!"
Once in a while you come across a product that really changes everything. Autonami is that type of product. It opens up so many possibilities normally only reserved for high cost systems. The automations are clean and easy to set up with different conditions triggering different workflows.

Really the opportunities are endless. Couple that with Abandoned cart features, integration with form plugins and more – this is an amazing product.

Plus support is friendly and goes out of there way to make sure your issues are resolved. I have spoken with the CEO personally and customer satisfaction is incredibly important to him. You can see there is an amazing culture that flows through the company and I am one happy customer!
- Kyle Behrend
"Very active & useful Facebook group!"
We’ve been using WooFunnels for about two years, and let me tell you — being able to create checkout pages in Elementor (and other builders) is a game-changer. 

The plugin is rock solid, and if you do have a question, support is fast, knowledgeable, and comprehensive. They have a very active and useful Facebook group as well.

WooFunnels have served us well for thousands of orders - best funnel builder for wordpress ever made. Highly recommended!

- @mytown304
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Got Questions? We've Got the Answers!

Here are some of our most frequently asked questions. If your question is not listed here, then please contact us.

Q1. What is the Funnel Builder?

The Funnel Builder is a unified solution with optimized checkouts, order bumps, one-click upsells, and of course opt-ins, sales, and thank-you pages. Plus it includes contact activities, in-depth analytics and performance dashboard with the ability to A/B test everything.

Q2. What do I need to make WooFunnels work?

WooFunnels is a sales funnel plugin for WooCommerce. You will need a hosting account on WordPress with WooCommerce installed and activated.

Q3. I have a WooCommerce store selling multiple products, is WooFunnels for me?

Definitely yes! You just need to shortlist a few products in your store that have some traction. Our solution is designed for even multi-products store.

Q4. I am a course creator, is WooFunnels for me?

WooFunnels integrates via WooCommerce with popular LMS plugins like LearnDash, LifterLMS, TutorLMS allowing you to create a streamlined course selling process. You can further use it with our opt-in pages and pop-ups to capture leads and nurture them for more sales.

Q5. What payment gateways does WooFunnels support?

WooFunnels Checkouts and Order Bumps supports all the gateways that WooCommerce supports. One Click Upsells is supported by over 15 payment gateways. The list includes PayPal, Stripe, Mollie, Authorize.Net CIM, Braintree, SagePay, and many more.

Q6. Is WooFunnels compatible with subscription-based products?

Yes, WooFunnels is fully compatible with the official WooCommerce Subscriptions plugin. You can add subscription-based products to the checkout, order bump, and even for one-click upsells.

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