Make Pre-Checkout Offers To Boost Your Average Order Value Instantly

Use Order Bumps to upsell complementary items
& impulse buys

What Is An Order Bump?

With Confidence-Boosting Checkout Pages

It’s a pre-checkout offer that the user can accept with a single click. The offers are usually impulse buy products. Order bumps are quite successful in the offline world too. If you’ve picked up chewing gums at the checkout counter of a grocery store, you’ve already experienced them. Or if you’ve said yes to extra beacon for your Subway sandwich – you know what order bumps are.

Set up Order Bump In 3 Simple Steps

Set Rules . Add Product . Customize

Set rules to display the order bump

Use the rule builder to show order bumps on specific products, all products of a certain category, based on order total etc. These intuitive rules help you define where you want to show order bumps. You can even select checkout pages made by Aero to display order bumps.

Select simple or variable product, set discount and quanity

You can select from simple or variable product to upsell. Then set the discount if you want to offer an off on the bump alone. The quantity selector let’s you upsell more than one item as a bump

Customize the order bump element

You can customize the order bump element-change its colors, border, make textual changes etc.

Get more orders from your current buyers

Order Bumps Can Be Insanly Effective

Here are few ideas

Complementary products

These are not essential for the main product to work but they add value. For example – cleaning kit with leather shoes. if you are selling a eBook then a perfect bump could be a audio book

Subscription & Membership based products

A pack of supplements, household supply, ointments etc. are products of regular use


People have an inherent need to protect their purchase and an extended warranty helps them achieve that goal.

Expedited shipping

No matter what you sell, you can use faster shipping as a way to make your shoppers shell out a few dollars extra

Limited edition products

Tell your prospects that the supplies are limited or you’ve only got a 100 of those to sell

Hi Daman, Just wanted to thank you and your team for these plugins. The one click upsells with UpStroke is working great. And the OrderBumps plugin is killing it too! Increase of 7% ordervalue with just the OrderBump plugin alone. Installing and setting up the plugin cost me 1 hour. Can't think of a better ROI of my time that this. Regards, Bernard

Founder Nutribites supplements

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This is the beginning of the #woorevolution!!!
Thank you Daman and the XL plugins team! Highly recommended for your successful store.

Razvan Popescu
Ecom Ignite, Entrepreneur, eCommerce Expert & Coach

Frequently Asked Questions​

Don’t these tiny objections come in the way of 2Xing your sales & profits. Get your answers right now. Right here.

Ofcourse, we don’t hold you to using Aero Checkouts. Order Bumps can independently work on native checkout.

Ofcourse, our Rule Engine is smart. It gives you 14 diferrent conditions to show different bumps based on different conditions.

Yes product in Order Bump has variable products , we show “Select Options” modal pop up to select variation.

Yes, we are compatible with WooCommerce Subscriptions.

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