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Like many people we have used Infusionsoft, ActiveCampaign, MailChimp, you name it, we have tried them all at one point or another, and NOTHING, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, compares to Autonami.
You can now control everything and tie all your marketing in with your WordPress website. Autonami is WONDERFUL and their support is top notch!
Chris Bigelow
Founder, Monster Development

The 4 Pillars of a CRM Built for WordPress

Conventional CRMs can't meet your goals. Autonami is the all-in-one solution that can.
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Pillar 1

Lightweight CRM

A typical CRM shows contact details, last email open, click date, tags, lists & fields associated with each contact. Autonami offers you meaningful insights into every customer's buying behavior. You can see all the data in one spot:
Rich contact profiles:
View number of orders placed, lifetime spend, items bought, & more for every contact, in one place.
Powerful Segmentation: Use tags, lists, and custom fields to store rich data about every contact and tailor your communication.
Targeted Broadcasts: Gone are days of blast emails! Send targeted broadcast campaigns to segmented lists and get impressive results.
Pillar 2

Automated Follow-Ups

Convert and retain more customers with triggered emails. Build relationships using automated emails and SMSs that can increase revenues, all while you are asleep.
Abandoned cart recovery: Recover more abandoned carts with well-timed, emails, and offer deadline-bound coupon codes.
Post-purchase education: The best time for this email is after the product delivery. Engage while they're receptive.
Next order coupon: Delight buyers with special offers for their next purchase to encourage repeat orders.
Send Customer EmailActionCreate WooCommerce CouponActionGravity form submitsTrigger
Pillar 3

Smart Workflows

Connect your WordPress plugins together easily and with no code. A trigger in one plugin can initiate action(s) in one or more of your plugins.
Form Submission: When the user submits a form, create a coupon in WooCommerce and send it in an email.
Subscription Cancellation: When a user cancels their subscription, get notified on Slack for a follow-up.
Course completion: When a student completes a course, send a follow-up mail to cross-sell the next course.
Pillar 4

Seamless Integrations

Autonami connects with WooCommerce and lets you send purchase & abandoned cart data into your CRM account.
Tagging contacts: When a user makes a purchase, add a tag in your CRM to tailor your messaging
Update custom fields: If a user purchased with a coupon code, update a custom field with the code used.
Triggering automations:
Add user to automation based on an action in WordPress or WooCommerce.

The All-In-One Tool Built to Save Hundreds of Dollars

Your growing business requires a bunch of plugins that need to be duct-taped together. Plugins for abandoned carts, subscription failures, connection with CRM, workflow automation & more. See how many plugins Autonami replaces.
Let's do the math.
WooCommerce Cart Abandoned - 
Not needed
WooCommerce Twilio -  
Not needed
WordPress based CRM - 
Not needed
WooCommerce Zapier - 
Not needed
WooCommerce Follow Up - 
Not needed
Workflow Automation - 
Not needed
CRM Integration Plugin - 
Not needed
......  And many more. You get the drill?
You'll save at least 
Autonami starts at

That's not all, no more:

Wasting time on finding different plugins
Managing updates and code conflicts
Going to different companies asking for integrations.

Autonami Puts the Combined Power of All these Plugins in Your Hands

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"Already recovering 7% of my abandoned carts!"
Thank you for Autonami, Daman, Tavleen and team! Connected Zapier to InfusionSoft, 3 emails and 2 text messages with 10% off coupon in the last email/text. FYI there’s one more purchase of over $400 which I know for a fact was recovered using Autonami. I hope to get my recovery rate up to 20% but I’ll take the ~7% as a good start!
Wardee Harmon
Founder, Traditional Cooking School

Integrates with 40+ Plugins & Applications

Take a look at its rich world of integrations
If your integration is not listed here, then please contact us.
"Using email and SMS both to recover carts, working flawlessly!"
I’ve been using Autonami for 24 hours and so far recovered 20% of my average daily revenue. I’m using SMS and email for cart abandonment automations, both work flawlessly. I’m also using the 'Send to Zapier' option to collect data on a Google sheet. I compared my website’s loading speed with and without Autonami, it didn’t affect the load time all that much! Very happy with the product so far.
Photo of Borja Obseso
Borja Obseso
Founder, CreativiU Elite

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"It's working like clockwork! Genius product!"

Autonami is EXCELLENT! I am using it mainly for the subscription side of things to ensure I get people back to the site after failed payments and reduced rates for cancellations. So far it is working like clockwork! I have many more emails I want to set up with it, but I am swamped. It came out at just the right time. Genius product, I am loving it. Now to integrate Autonami with those checkouts for abandoned carts You ladies and gentlemen are awesome!

Blake Rudis

Owner f.64 Academy

Got Questions? We've Got Answers

Here are some of our most frequently asked questions. If your question is not listed here, then please contact us.

Q1. Is Autonami a replacement for my CRM?

Yes, Autonami is a full replacement of your CRM.

Q2. Is there a limit on the number of emails I can send out?

No, there’s no limit on the number of emails because all the emails are routed via WordPress SMTP or your CRM. We recommend you to use services like Amazon SES, Mailgun, Sendgrid.

Q3. How is Autonami able to replace multiple plugins for me?

Autonami has a workflow automation builder at the heart of it. It connects various WordPress plugins with each other and your site with your CRM. It can pull off typical use cases. For example, when a Gravity form gets submitted, create a coupon in WooCommerce and update a custom field Active Campaign. You don't need different plugins for this!

Q4. Will Autonami affect my site’s performance?

Not at all. Autonami is engineered in a way that it doesn’t store data in the WordPress database. Instead, it keeps them in a custom database. Autonami does not run any queries on the front-end; hence never impacts your load time in any way.

Q5. How many CRMs does Autonami connect with?

Autonami connects with many CRMs right now, and we’re continually adding new to the list. Drip, ActiveCampaign, Convertkit, MailChimp, and InfusionSoft are to name a few.

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