Build Smart Workflows That Engage & Sell

Reach out to your customers at the right time with the right message using behaviour-backed triggers.


Have you ever thought why some businesses have a greater recall...

Read this to know their secret...

It's not because their products are better or their store looks classier...
But because their marketing is more personalized, segmented and response-evoking.

  • They're not missing a single opportunity to engage with their customers.
  • They're not relying on lazy blast emails...that's so 2000.
  • They're talking to smaller & segmented lists through email & SMS

And they're doing this by....

...leveraging the power of marketing triggers such as a new purchase, high-value order, abandoned cart, new paying subscriber etc. We call these 'behavior-backed triggers'.

A new buyer after a week of purchase gets this message from you-

'How was your experience shopping with us, I am curious...'

After 3 months of not purchasing, gets this message-

'Where have you been? You haven't stopped by to shop in a while. Here's a deal you may like...'

Or after a prospect abandons the cart, she gets the message

'Was there any problem checking out? Can we help?'

All on autopilot while you are launching a new product or attending a conference. Ready to up your marketing game? You need behaviour-backed triggers.

Behaviour-backed triggers are everywhere

all you need to do is to spot and use them for engagement

Autonami unlocks the hidden potential in your favorite plugins

Cart got abandoned

Send out automated emails and time-bound coupons at the right time to convert prospects into buyers

You got a new sale

Add a tag in your CRM, trigger an automated post-purchase sequence using your CRM or WordPress email sender

A customer hit a
lifetime spend of $100

Show gratitude by sharing a discount coupon when they’ve spent $X in your store

3-month purchase

Send a celebratory offer when it’s been 3 months since their last purchase

A new review was

Thank people when they reviewed an item on the store

A customer hasn’t
bought in the past 6

Set up automation to bring back disengaged customers

Item Stock Reduced

Get a notification when the stock gets reduced and falls below a set threshold.

Cart just got recovered

When a cart gets recovered, choose to get notified via email, Slack or SMS. You can also track the statistics in real-time.

High-value cart got abandoned

Generate a personalized time-limited coupon code to recover high-value carts. Use discounting more wisely and successfully.

A new subscription got created

When a new subscription gets created, send rapport-building emails to keep retention high.

Subscription trial ended

Send out follow-up sequences to turn the free trial users into paid subscribers on autopilot.

Subscription renewal coming up

It’s best to remind people to renew their subscription well in time so that they don’t forget to do it.

Renewal payment successful

This is a great opportunity to engage with them and build goodwill through a series of educational emails

Renewal payment failed

Let your subscriber know that their payment has failed, explain reasons why and persuade them to try again- all on autopilot

The card on file set to expire

Inform your user to update the card on file well in time so that the charges can be deducted

Application got approved

Welcome your new affiliate into the family, educate them on how they can increase their earnings with your product.

Application got rejected

Share the common reasons for rejection and tell them what they can do next.

The affiliate makes a sale

Congratulate them and encourage them to keep the momentum.

Affiliate Digests

Send out weekly and monthly digests to keep them engaged, highlight their milestones and give them more reasons to focus on your brand

Received new application

Engage with the prospective affiliate on autopilot. Thank them for signing up and set their expectations right from day 1.

Referral got rejected

Share the common reasons for referral rejection and guide them on how to improve their strategy.

Form got submitted

When a form gets submitted you can perform an action in WordPress, Zapier, WooCommerce, Twillio, Slack & your CRM.

Field value matched

When a form field value matches the defined value, set the automation to perform an action

Form submitter should be made a WordPress user

Based on what was submitted and who submitted the form, make the user a WordPress user.

Form got submitted for a coupon code

Communicate with WooCommerce to create a personalized coupon code for that user.

User data should be sent to CRM

Tag the user, remove a tag from the user, add the contact to a list or automation and more by communicating with your CRM effectively.

Got a new student enrolment

Send out automated emails welcoming them and instructing them on their next steps.

Student completed a course

Congratulate them and talk about the action steps or pitch an upsell if you have.

Student completed a lesson

Encourage them to build on the momentum so that they do not drop off and keep moving instead.

Student completed a quiz

Send them a note of appreciation for attempting the quiz and taking up the lessons seriously.

Student passed/failed quiz

Send out an automated email telling them about their results and what it means for them. Reset user attempts if needed.

Student removed from a course

If a student was removed from the course, remove from any groups associated with the course, send email to admin and more.

And Much More...

Cart got abonded

Send out automated emails and time-bound coupons at the right time to convert prospects into buyers

Cart got abonded

Send out automated emails and time-bound coupons at the right time to convert prospects into buyers

Cart got abonded

Send out automated emails and time-bound coupons at the right time to convert prospects into buyers

Cart got abonded

Send out automated emails and time-bound coupons at the right time to convert prospects into buyers

Cart got abonded

Send out automated emails and time-bound coupons at the right time to convert prospects into buyers

Cart got abonded

Send out automated emails and time-bound coupons at the right time to convert prospects into buyers

Cart got abonded

Send out automated emails and time-bound coupons at the right time to convert prospects into buyers

Cart got abonded

Send out automated emails and time-bound coupons at the right time to convert prospects into buyers

Cart got abonded

Send out automated emails and time-bound coupons at the right time to convert prospects into buyers

Connected Zapier to my CRM, already recovering 7% of my abandoned carts using Autonami!

Thank you for Autonami, Daman, Tavleen and team! Connected Zapier to InfusionSoft, 3 emails and 2 text messages with 10% off coupon in the last email/text. FYI there’s one more purchase of over $400 which I know for a fact was recovered using Autonami. I hope to get my recovery rate up to 20% but I’ll take the ~7% as a good start!

Wardee Harmon Founder, Traditional Cooking School

Make the apps & services you love to use, even more powerful

Imagine the possibilities when you use Autonami with these power connectors

Here's a quick glimpse at some actions you can perform using these connectors

Send enriched custom fields to your CRM

Send dynamic coupon code to your CRM

Tag users based on their total spend, purchase count

Trigger SMS-based campaigns with Twilio

Connect with hundreds of external apps through Zaps

Get notifications on private Slack channel

Build smart, automated workflows in just a few clicks

When you set up Autonami on your site, here's what you'll be able to do...

Run Smart Campaigns With Rule Builder

Autonami lets you set up rules to run automation. For example, in the case of an abandoned cart, you can trigger sequences based on cart total, item category, item(s) in the cart, and more. The same goes for subscriptions, memberships, affiliates, and all the others.

Set Delays & Send Emails at Specific Time of the Day

Use Autonami's intuitive interface to trigger email sequences after delay periods. You can set up delays in hours and days and even wait to send out emails on certain days of the week and time of the day.

Create Dynamic Coupon Codes With Deadlines

Make WooCommerce coupon codes dynamic by using merge tags to personalize them (for example, in the name of the recipient) and set up expiry periods for the coupon code. Unlock the power of urgency to drive more evergreen sales.

Communicate with your CRM More Effectively

Autonami lets you take actions in your CRM such as add a tag, remove a tag, update the contact field, start the automation, and more. All thanks to its deeper integration with the CRMs you use and love.

Unlock Insights by Tracking Abandoned & Recovered Carts

One quick look at your dashboard will reveal to you all the data you need to make decisions. Know about the abandoned carts, recovered carts, potential revenue, recovery rate, and more. Use this data to tweak your sequences for a more significant impact.

Using email and SMS both to recover carts, working flawlessly!

I’ve been using Autonami for 24 hours and so far recovered 20% of my average daily revenue. I’m using SMS and email for cart abandonment automations, both work flawlessly. I’m also using the 'Send to Zapier' option to collect data on a Google sheet. I compared my website’s loading speed with and without Autonami, it didn’t affect the load time all that much! Very happy with the product so far.

Borja Obseso, Founder, CreativiU Elite

Done-for-you automated workflow recipes

Put these power sequences into play and watch your revenue skyrocket

Cart Abandonment Sequence

Discover how to send out personalized cart abandonment emails to achieve higher than ever cart recovery rates.

Post-Purchase Sequence

Get some mind-blowing ideas on engaging with your customers post-purchase.

Engage with Subscribers on Autopilot

See how you can engage with your subscribers based on where they’re in their journey.

Leverage the Power of Affiliates

Watch to know how you can engage with your affiliates and increase their earnings with your business through milestone-based emails.

Take Smart Actions When a Webhook is Received From Autoresponder

See how Autonami can receive webhooks from various CRMs to take actions. For example – creating a personalized coupon code on the fly!

Do More With Forms (Gravity, Elementor & WP Forms)

See how you can create automation based on the data which people enter in the forms.

Connect with AeroCheckout to Capture Abandoned Carts

Discover how you can capture abandoned users’ details on a 2-step Aero checkout form.

Genius product, I am loving is working like a clockwork!

I grabbed a copy of Autonami! It is EXCELLENT! I am using it mainly for the subscription side of things to ensure I get people back to the site after failed payments and reduced rates for cancellations. So far it is working like clockwork! I have many more emails I want to set up with it, but I am swamped. It came out at just the right time. 🙂 Genius product, I am loving it. Now to integrate Autonami with those checkouts for abandoned carts 🙂 You ladies and gentlemen are awesome!

Blake Rudis, Founder, F64 Academy

Turn Your Business Into an Engagement Powerhouse
Pick a Pricing Plan That Fits Your Needs


normally $144/ yr


/ yr
$45 savings
“Drive-up your engagement and increase the customer lifetime value via emails.”

Get Started

  • Unlimited Automations
  • Unlimited Emails
  • Engage your Customers using
    • WooCommerce
    • WooCommerce Subscription
    • WooCommerce Membership
  • Engage your Affiliates using
    • Affiliate WP
  • Engage your subscribers using
    • Gravity Forms
    • Elementor Forms
    • WP Forms
  • Engage your Students using Learndash (Coming Soon)


normally $204/ yr


/ yr
$55 savings
“Unleash the full power of your CRM & other important apps to create email & SMS campaigns.”

Get Started

Everything in Basic Plan Plus

  • Connect with External Applications
  • SMS Campaigns using Twilio
  • Connect with your CRM
    • Integrates with ActveCampaign, Drip and Convert Kit.
    • Perform actions such as sending enriched custom fields, tag users, segment users etc. 
  • Use it upto five sites


normally $399/ yr


/ yr
$150 savings
“For powerhouse players who want to use Autonami as their full-blown, built-for-WordPress CRM.”

Get Started

Everything in PRO Plan Plus

  • Rich contact profiles (Coming Soon)
  • Create broadcast campaign for Email SMS (In roadmap)
  • Advanced Connectors
    • Send data to google sheet
    • and much more
  • Priority Support: Get faster responses by skipping the queue
  • Use it upto twenty five sites

Backed By Full Confidence & 100% Money Back Guarantee

Autonami for us is 14 months of research, rigorous coding and relentless testing. So we’re confident that it will impact your bottom-line. If you’re not satisfied with for any reason, write to us within 14 days of your purchase and we will refund you the full amount. It’s as risk-free as it can get.

All pricing is in USD. You can change plans or cancel your account at any time.

Questions that other smart marketers ask us

Don't these tiny objections come in the way of making your marketing ROI-driven.
Get your answers right now. Right here.

Autonami is not built to send out blast emails. For that, use your CRM.

It uses WordPress SMTP or your CRM to send triggered emails to segmented customers. Autonami beautifully integrates with Active Campaign, Drip and Convertkit to do the job. 

No, there’s no limit on the number of emails because all the emails are routed via your website’s SMTP or your CRM. 

Since Autonami uses WordPress’s SMTP services like Sendgrid, Mailgun, AmazonSES to send emails – these platforms take care of deliverability-related issues.

And when you use your CRM to send emails, it’s of course your CRM’s job. 

Your content must also follow the deliverability best practices. 

Autonami live-captures emails of the user, which means as soon as they enter it on the checkout page, Autonami captures it to run the campaign. 

Apart from that, you can send emails/SMS to segmented users, based on their cart value, item(s) in cart, coupon used and more. 

There’s also built-in cart recovery tracking. 

Autonami beautifully communicates with Aero Checkuout. You can direct your users back to the exact checkout page abandoned and not the cart page. 

In case of dedicated product-specific checkouts – this feature is a boon! 

The abandoned user will also see their filled date restored on the recovery link. 

Become a Customer-Focused Marketer.

In 2020 and beyond, those who build an engaging brand by leveraging behaviour-backed triggers will thrive. The rest will only survive.

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