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By Tavleen Kaur Feb 21, 2021

WooCommerce Upsells: How to Create Post-Purchase Offers that Boost AOV

WooCommerce Upsells and cross-sells are a great way to boost your average order value. But having the right strategy in place and not interfering in user's purchase flow is the key to more conversions. Pre-purchase cross-sells often confuse users with too many options, resulting in cart abandonment. Thus, post-purchase upsells are relevant and timely. The[...]
By Tavleen Kaur Jan 22, 2021

How to Connect WooCommerce with ActiveCampaign to Automate Post-Purchase Emails

Want to connect WooCommerce with ActiveCampaign? Connecting your store to your CRM allows you to manage your contacts well, run automations, add tags based on items purchased and much more. One of the ways to do it is through Deep Data integration. It's a popular method but is limited in its abilities. For example, you[...]
By Tavleen Kaur Dec 28, 2020

WooCommerce Automated Emails: The Ultimate Guide To Boosting Profits With Automation

Setting up WooCommerce automated emails is the practical answer to boosting your online store's profits automatically. Automated emails have 70.5% higher open rates and 152% higher CTR as compared to 'business as usual' emails. Triggered emails produce far better results than email blasts because they're based on the user's action and interest. There are elements[...]
By Tavleen Kaur Dec 22, 2020

How to Build a Global Checkout Using WooFunnels

Looking to replace your default WooCommerce Checkout page with a global Checkout? The default Checkout looks bland, isn't mobile-optimized, and lacks elements that drive conversions. A custom Checkout-built for the storefront can change your game. This post will deeply dive into Global Checkouts and see how you can create one using WooFunnels. Let’s dive in![...]
By Tavleen Kaur Dec 16, 2020

How to Create an Opt-in Page that Converts in WordPress

Want to create an Opt-in page that converts more visitors into leads? WooFunnels allows you to create conversion-optimized Optin Pages in WordPress with complete ease! One of the first pages of any sales funnel is an Opt-in page. It's where a user's journey begins. Once a user signs up, you can leverage email marketing's power to[...]
By Tavleen Kaur Dec 14, 2020

WordPress Sales Funnel: The Ultimate Guide 2021

A WordPress Sales Funnel generates leads for your business and converts them into buyers. While your website showcases different products, a sales funnel focuses on a select few. Funnel components, such as order bump (checkout page offers) and post-purchase one-click upsells, help increase the average order value.  This post will look at how a funnel[...]
By Tavleen Kaur Nov 27, 2020

Introducing the Ultimate Funnel Builder for WordPress

Looking for a funnel builder? It's no secret that the average order values are consistently going down and the competition is driving ad costs up. That's why you need a system that attracts a stream of traffic and takes it on a journey that maximizes the average order value. Introducing WooFunnels: The ultimate funnel builder[...]
By Tavleen Kaur Oct 15, 2020

Divi WooCommerce Checkout: Now Customize your Checkout Pages with Divi Modules

If you love Divi & use WooCommerce, we've got some news for you! After we rolled out Elementor's deep integration with AeroCheckout, there was one question that we got repeatedly asked by you: "When will I be able to customize my WooCommerce checkout page using the easy-to-use Divi?" The answer is now! Here's the big[...]
By Tavleen Kaur Sep 29, 2020

Use Twilio SMS Notification with WooCommerce to Engage Better with Your Customers

Are you familiar with Twilio SMS notifications and how the Twilio app connects seamlessly with WooCommerce? If your marketing emails are not getting the open rates and click-through rates that you once got, it's exactly what you should be reading about right now. Email inboxes are busy, and it’s crucial to explore SMS as a[...]
By Tavleen Kaur Sep 28, 2020

WooCommerce Cart Abandonment Guide: How To Recover Abandoned Carts

Have you nailed your WooCommerce cart abandonment strategy yet? Are you sending out well-timed abandoned cart emails or SMSs to recover carts? The cart abandonment rate has risen to an all-time high of 69%+ and it's not coming down any time soon. Gone are those days when just having a cart abandonment email sequence was[...]

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