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By Tavleen Kaur May 3, 2021

Divi Modules: How to Design Your Funnel Pages Using Modules

Want to build beautiful sales funnels using Divi? Divi gives you a range of modules for creating your pages and blog posts. But none for building different components of a sales funnel such as opt-in pages, checkouts, one-click upsells, and more. Here's a piece of good news for you!WooFunnels now deeply integrates with the very[...]
By Tavleen Kaur Apr 23, 2021

How to Use Divi Templates to Create Optimized Sales Funnels

Looking for beautiful Divi templates to create sales funnels? We got you! After the huge success of Divi's deep integration with our checkout pages, we are proud to announce that WooFunnels now offers you Divi templates to build every page in your sales funnel. From opt-in page to one-click upsell and thank you page, you[...]
By Tavleen Kaur Apr 9, 2021

Checkout Field Editor: How to Customize Your Checkout Form without Writing Code

Looking for a WooCommerce checkout field editor to modify the fields on your checkout page? As a WooCommerce user, you may have several requirements from your checkout page. You may want to remove some fields, add custom fields, change their order, or even split your checkout process into multiple steps. But making any of these[...]
By Tavleen Kaur Apr 3, 2021

WooCommerce Skip Cart: How to Skip Cart Pages & Redirect to Checkout for Better Conversion

WooCommerce Skip Cart has changed the online shopping game for the better, and we'll show you how. The checkout flow of a WooCommerce store determines the impression created on the potential customers. If the process is long and tedious, the users are more likely to abandon the cart and not complete the shopping transaction. Thus,[...]
By Tavleen Kaur Apr 2, 2021

WooCommerce One Page Checkout: How to Create Single Page Checkout using Elementor

Harvard Busines Review conducted a study on 7000 consumers to find out what makes people complete an intended purchase. And they came back with a definitive answer - that is 'decision simplicity'. The single biggest driver of sales is the ease with which people can gather all the details about a product. A WooCommerce one[...]
By Tavleen Kaur Apr 2, 2021

WooCommerce ActiveCampaign Integration: Set Up ActiveCampaign for WooCommerce

WooCommerce ActiveCampaign integration is one of the most sought connections in the WordPress community. ActiveCampaign is a customer experience automation platform. It can help WooCommerce store owners connect and engage with customers through automated emails and broadcasts. WooCommerce store owners can automate behind-the-scenes marketing, sales, and customer support processes with ActiveCampaign. The only problem is[...]
By Tavleen Kaur Mar 25, 2021

How To Create A High-Converting WooCommerce Custom Thank You Page

A WooCommerce custom thank you page has become a game-changer for online shopping stores. WooCommerce custom thank you pages can be a game-changer for your business. They can help boost your brand, increase retention and spread a good word of mouth. But most store owners are busy working on the other pages and not the[...]
By Tavleen Kaur Mar 23, 2021

How to Create an Elementor Sales Funnel in WordPress that Converts

If you sell products online, you need WooFunnels to build an Elementor sales funnel on your WordPress website to maximize sales. A sales funnel guides the prospects through a clearly defined path that converts them into paying customers. Each step filters out the disinterested users and only retains the true prospective buyers on the website.[...]
By Tavleen Kaur Feb 21, 2021

WooCommerce Upsells: How to Create Post-Purchase Offers that Boost AOV

WooCommerce Upsells and cross-sells are a great way to boost your average order value. But having the right strategy in place and not interfering in user's purchase flow is the key to more conversions. Pre-purchase cross-sells often confuse users with too many options, resulting in cart abandonment. Thus, post-purchase upsells are relevant and timely. The[...]
By Tavleen Kaur Jan 22, 2021

How to Connect WooCommerce with ActiveCampaign to Automate Post-Purchase Emails

Want to connect WooCommerce with ActiveCampaign? Connecting your store to your CRM allows you to manage your contacts well, run automations, add tags based on items purchased and much more. One of the ways to do it is through Deep Data integration. It's a popular method but is limited in its abilities. For example, you[...]

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