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Setting Up A/B Test

You can A/B test all the components of your sales funnel.

A/B testing allows you to know which of your variants have a higher conversion rate. You can scale your winning variant.

With A/B experiments, you can test your opt-in pages, checkout pages, one-click upsells, and order bumps.

In this documentation, we will look at how you can do that.

Step 1: Go to WooFunnels → Experiments

Click WooFunnels - Experiments

Step 2: Click on “Create Experiment”

Or if you already have created an experiment before, it will get displayed like this:

Click on Add New from here.

Step 3: Choose the Funnel Element/Component You Want to Test

As mentioned above, you can test your opt-in pages, one-click upsells, custom checkout pages, and order bumps. 

Let's select one-click upsell as an example.

Now, click “Save & Continue”

Step 4: Select the Original Variant and Name the Experiment

Define the original variant - Original variant is the version of the one-click upsell you'd like to test. Entering a description is optional.

Once done, click on “Create Experiment”.

Your experiment will get successfully created.

Step 5: Create a Variant

You get two options here: 

  • Duplicate Variant - Either duplicate your variant from the original and then start editing it
  • New Variant - Create a new variant right from scratch

Let’s select the duplicate variant for this example.

Step 6: Click on “Configure Traffic”

After duplicating the variant, configure traffic.

Step 7: Assign the Traffic Weight Distribution to Your Variants

Here, you get an option to set the traffic weight to each of your variants. We recommend you set a 50-50 distribution for an optimal A/B test. 

Click “Make Equal Weight” to set a 50-50 distribution to each of your variants. Once done, click on Continue.

Step 8: Click “Edit” on Your Duplicate Variant

You can edit the part that you wish to test. For example, you can create offers, add more products, edit order quantities, change the discounts, apply shipping rates, modify the design, and more.

Step 9: Click on the Name of Your Experiment

On clicking, you will be directed back to the interface for setting up the A/B test. You'll see your variants listed one below the other.

Step 10: Hit “Start” to A/B Test Your Funnel

Step 11: Click “Start Now” to Run Your Experiment Now or “Start later” to Schedule

As you click on Start now, it’ll activate your experiment.

You can also pause it anytime and make the edits you want.

This is how you can set up the A/B test experiment.

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