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Autonami integrates seamlessly with Slack so that you create and run automations to socially connect with your teammates and update them on important issues like - when an item in your stock gets reduced, and so on.

In this documentation, you'll learn how to sync your Slack account with Autonami.

Connecting Slack with Autonami

Slack allows you to socially connect with your team by sending out messages to an individual user or a group.

To use Slack with Autonami, we first need to establish a connection between the two.

Here’s how to do that: 

Step 1: Sign in to your workspace on Slack

Enter your workspace URL on Slack and hit the “Continue” button:

Step 2: Connect Autonami with Slack

Go to the “Connectors” tab in Autonami >> Hit the “Connect” button.

You’ll find it here:

Next, hit the “Connect” button that appears in the popup:

Connect button to connect slack to Autonami

Step 3: Grant permissions to Autonami for accessing your info from Slack

When you hit the “Connect” button, it will open up a window as shown below:

Click on “Allow” to give permission to Autonami.

Once you hit this button, Autonami will instantly get connected with your Slack account.

Step 4: Sync Autonami with Slack

Hit the "Sync" button under the Slack block in the "Connectors" tab.

You've now established a connection between Slack and Autonami.

You're now ready to create and run automations in Autonami using Slack.

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