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How to Recover Abandoned Carts with Autonami

Want to recover abandoned carts using Autonami?

In this section, we’ll learn how to set up a cart recovery sequence to do just that. 

But before that, let's see how Autonami captures abandoned carts.

Watch this video to learn how to recover abandoned carts using a Smart Revenue Recovery System in Autonami:

Capturing Abandoned Carts

Autonami captures emails of the users as soon as they enter it on the checkout page.

So, when they enter their email and move on to the next field (or become inactive), their emails are captured in the backend immediately.

This will help you reach out to more and more abandoners even if they don't fill out the entire checkout form.

Here's how it works:

Step #1: Enable Cart Tracking in Autonami

Go to the 'Settings' tab in Autonami, and enable the cart tracking option.

This will live capture your buyer's emails which means as soon as a user fills out their email - it will be captured for running an abandonment sequence.

The waiting period means for how long Autonami should wait before calling it an abandoned cart.

Step #2: Abandon a Sample Cart to See Capturing in Action

Select a demo product and proceed to checkout. Then, type in your email address and exit the checkout: 

Next, go to Autonami >> 'Carts' tab >> Click on 'Recoverable Carts'

You'll see your cart captured here:

So now the email is captured.

This cart will be marked as 'In-Progress' after 15 minutes of getting captured (since this is the default setting, you can change that).

This means that the cart is now abandoned, and all the live automations created using the 'Cart Abandoned' event will start running.

Step #3: Set the Wait Period (Optional)

You can set the waiting period for a cart to be marked as 'abandoned' or leave it on the default setting.

Here's how:

Go to the 'Settings' tab in Autonami >> Click on 'Carts' >> Set the desired wait period

With that set, now let's see how to create an automation for recovering abandoned carts.

Creating a Cart Abandonment Automation

We’ll be creating a 3-part email sequence where the first one checks in and encourages them to complete the purchase. The second email offers a discount coupon code and the final email follows up with them to use the coupon code. 

So let’s look at the step-by-step process to set this up. 

Step #1: Select ‘Cart Abandoned’ as the Event

When the WooCommerce cart gets abandoned, it will be recorded as an event and the subsequent actions will get triggered. 

Step #2: Select Direct Action by Clicking on the Plus Sign

When you click on the + sign to add action, you will see two options: 

Direct Action  - When you want the action to executed immediately 

Conditional Action - When you want an action to be executed after a specified condition is met 

In this case, you can select direct action and proceed. 

Step #3: Select ‘Send Email’ from the Actions drop-down

Just select ‘send email’ from the drop-down and the side panel with all the options to write your email will open up. 

Here’s how:

This is the side panel which is displayed when you select “Send Email”:

Step #4: Craft the Email Using Personalization Merge Tags

You can use personalization merge tags such as for the first name, cart item(s) abandoned, cart total and more personalize your email. 

Here’s where you’ll find them:

The merge tags will allow you to make your email personalized hence increasing your open rates and click-through rates.  

Step #5: Set up a Delay in your Email

Here’s where you’ll find the option to set up the delay:

Click on ‘Change’- written right next to “perform this action immediately”. 

Next, select ‘after a delay’ from the drop-down.

Set up the delay here minutes, hours and days.

Set the delay for your email ranging from 30 minutes to 4 hours of cart abandonment.

You can also delay sending the email until a specific time of the day or day of the week. This feature allows you to choose your best sending times - when you know that your open rate and clickthrough rates are the highest. 

Delay it until a specific day of the week if you want your email to go only on a chosen day of the week. So if you choose Monday and the cart was abandoned on Friday - then that specific email will not go until Monday. 

Step #6: Create a Coupon Code (from actions) to Send it in the Email

Select “Create Coupon” under WooCommerce from the Actions drop-down menu.

Autonami’s coupon customizer allows you to customize a coupon code - but the code has to be created in WooCommerce. 

So after you’ve created one, select the base coupon from the drop-down. 

Next use merge tags such as customer first name - to personalize your coupon code.

You can then set up a coupon expiry in minutes, hours, days. It’s best to limit the duration of the coupon usage to create urgency. 

Here’s how:

Deadlines work best and you can mention the deadline clearly in your email. 

Further, restricting the coupon usage to a person will bind the code to that email. 

Note: This coupon will inherit all the properties of the base coupon that you created in WooCommerce. 

Step #7: Create Two More Emails for Sharing the Coupon and Following up

In this step, you can add two more actions to your workflow for sending out follow up emails. 

Note: Before every action in a cart abandonment automation, Autonami checks if a cart has recovered or not.

For example, if a cart gets recovered on the first email, then the rest of the actions in sequence will not get executed.


Here’s how your workflow should look:

Paste the coupon code created in the previous step here to give people an incentive to buy. 

Here’s how your email will look:

Be sure to set up the delay in your subsequent follow-up emails. 

As per best practices - the first email should go within 30 minutes of abandonment, the second within 24 hours and the third one within 48 hours. 

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