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The Contacts is a powerful feature of WooFunnels. It gives an overview of what's happening in your funnels.

View how every user interacted with your sales funnel, the offers accepted by them, the amount spent at each step, and more.

Take a look at the Contacts tab:

The Contacts Overview

The colored dots next to the person's name and email show which offers they accepted and which ones they didn't. More specifically:

  • Grey: This means that the page or offer was not a part of the funnel. The user didn't see it.
  • Red: This denotes that the user declined the offer made to them.
  • Green: Any accepted offer is highlighted with a green dot.

Further, when you click on a specific contact, you can see more details about them.

On the side panel shown above, you can see their contact ID, creation date, and conversion history- the exact offers accepted/rejected and the amount spent on every page.

As soon as people start signing up for your offer, you'll start seeing it in the Contacts section.

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