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Overview of the Funnel Builder

WooFunnels gives you opt-in pages, sales pages, checkouts, order bumps, one-click upsells, and thank you pages to create your funnels in WordPress. You also have the ability to A/B test everything.

Plus it includes Contact Activities Insights, Analytics, and Performance Dashboard.

Two Ways to Create a Funnel Using WooFunnels

There are two ways to create a funnel using WooFunnels.

#1: Import a Pre-Built Funnel Template

On importing a pre-built funnel template, a set template gets imported for each step in your funnel.

To import a pre-made template, click on 'Add New' at the top:

Add new funnel

Enter the name of your funnel.

Name your funnel

Once done, click on Add.

Next, choose a template to import:

Pick the funnel types, page builder and template of your choice

You can segregate the funnels by sales and opt-in.

Just select any template that you like and import it with one click. After you import one of the above templates, you'll see all the pre-created steps:

A sales funnels steps in the WooFunnels

Every pre-created step has a template that you can customize to your liking.

#2: Create Your Own Funnel

To create your own funnel, click on the Start from Scratch button:

Start from scratch

On clicking it, a blank canvas will get imported. You can add whatever steps you want:

Add new step on your funnel

You can choose a step from the following:

All the available steps for your funnel

You can add any step from the list and re-arrange them using drag & drop. You're free to design your funnel the way you want!

Some Funnel Examples

Here are a few examples of marketing funnels.

1. Opt-in Funnel

The opt-in funnel starts with the opt-in page or the lead capturing page. This is where you ask users to sign up for a free offer. You can further direct leads to a sales page to make a relevant paid offer or to the thank you page.

In case you direct them to the thank you page, you can nurture leads via emails.

2. Sales Funnel

A sales funnel starts at the sales page where you explain to people everything about the product. Further, you lead them to the checkout where they make a transaction and go to the thank you page.

You could even have a sales cum checkout, also called the one-page checkout page.

3. Global Checkout Funnel

This is the type of funnel that will work best for you if you have a storefront and are selling multiple products.

This funnel starts from the product page. You can create a global checkout page with rule-based order bump and one-click upsells.

For example, a specific order bump like a wristband will only show to people buying from the sports category in your store.

Well, you can create all these funnels easily with the Funnel Builder. Be sure to check the documentation to start building your funnel pages.

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