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How to Create Opt-in Page?

An opt-in page helps you collect email addresses from your customers in exchange for a freebie or a lead magnet.

If you import an Opt-in funnel, you begin with an Opt-in page and an Opt-in Thankyou page, but you can always add the two pages separately.

Let's learn how to add just an Opt-in page separately to a funnel.

Step #1: Create Your Funnel

Add a new funnel by clicking on Add New.

You may choose to build your funnel from scratch or import an offered funnel template.

Building from scratch gives you a plain canvas to add steps to your funnel one at a time and build a custom funnel fit for your business requirements.

Let's select Create Your Funnel here to build the funnel as we want.

Step #2: Add a New Step

After you click on the Create Your Funnel option, you will land on this interface to add a new step to start building a funnel.

Next click on add new step and choose a step from the list.

From the list above, choose 'Optin'.

Step #3: Name your opt-in page & edit

You'd be prompted to name your Opt-in page next. So, name your page and press on Create to add it to your funnel.

To begin editing, click on the pencil icon.

On clicking edit, you will see two options here to create your opt-in pages:

  • Inline: The sign-up form is embedded on the page
  • Pop-up: The sign-up form is embedded on the pop-up that opens with the click of a button

Choose the kind of optin template you wish to embed in the page.

Step #4: Select a Template and Customize

Once you’ve chosen the template you like, import it with just one click.

To open up the imported template in Elementor, simply hit edit.

The template will then open in Elementor, allowing you to customize it and make it look the way you want.

You can customize the page and the form using all the widgets and editing options provided on the screen.

You can change the text copy, images, and even the button displayed on the page.

There editing settings available for the popup that comes up when you click on the CTA button.

You can customize the progress bar displayed on the top of the pop-up, the heading, the Opt-in form, and the CTA button here.

Not only that, you can also choose the effect with which the the form would pop-up on the screen.

In addition to all this, WooFunnels also has two specially designed widgets at your disposal. These are - Optin Form and Optin Popup.

While the Optin Popup Form will only show a signup CTA button on the page, the Optin Form will have the form fields displayed on the Optin page itself.

So you can add the In-line form to a previously selected pop-up template if you want, and do not need to start over.

Just drag & drop the OptinForm widget or any of the other widgets available to the workspace to customize the page and make it on-brand for your business.

Once you're done and happy with how the page looks, click on the green Update button to save the changes made.

There you go! You're all set.

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